Can You Buy Havana Club Rum In America

Can You Buy Havana Club Rum In America?

For all the rum lovers out there, this blog post is for you! Havana Club Rum is iconic and legendary around the world. This luxurious Cuban spirit is known as a sweet yet sharp drinking experience that should not be missed. Even though it’s made in Cuba, many people want to know if it can be found in America. By the end of this blog post, you will have your answer: Yes, you can buy Havana Club Rum In America. Keep reading to learn more about how and where to get your hands on some authentic Havana Club products.

Can You Buy Havana Club Rum In America
Can You Buy Havana Club Rum In America

Havana Club Añejo Especial has a deep golden color and a smooth, rich flavor that sets it apart from other rums. On the nose, this Cuban rum is characterized by aromas of molasses and sweet spices, with subtle notes of vanilla and oak. The palate is complex yet balanced, with flavors of toffee, caramel and orange zest. The finish is long and smooth with a hint of sweetness for balance. Its aroma and flavor make it an ideal base for classic cocktails or an enjoyable sipper on its own.

For decades, the 1960s trade embargo between Cuba and the United States meant that American consumers were unable to enjoy Havana Club Rum. However, in 2016 a major breakthrough occurred when the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) granted permission for Bacardi USA to begin selling their own version of Havana Club rum domestically.

This was possible due to the fact that Bacardi USA had purchased the trademark for Havana Club rum in the United States before 1960, therefore being able to legally produce and sell it within America.

Havana Club rum has been a staple in Cuba for 50 years, but it wasn’t until recently that it was available in the United States. The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued a ruling that allowed American companies to import Cuban rum and cigars into the US, making Havana Club rum accessible once again.

Cuba’s 100% locally grown cane molasses is the key ingredient for its renowned rum – Havana Club Especial. This unique blend of lightness and complex fruit flavors makes it a favorite among rum enthusiasts. Cuban Smoky is another popular brand of Cuban rum, known for its smoky flavor that comes from careful aging in oak barrels. The smoothness and depth of flavor makes it an excellent choice for mixing in cocktails and enjoying neat.

The Havana Club 15 AOS is an exquisite rum blend that has been aged in White Oak barrels for a minimum of fifteen years. The warmth and humidity of Cuba’s tropical climate has given this special rum its unique flavor and aroma. To celebrate this exquisite rum, the Cuban cigar brand Un Havana Club Uni*n created the world’s first rum specifically designed to be paired with a fine Cuban cigar. This limited edition partnership is unlike any other and celebrates the artistry of the Cuban cigar makers and Havana Club distillers.

When visiting Cuba or other countries where Cuban cigars are sold, it is important to remember that these purchases cannot be taken back into the United States. Any attempt to do so will be seen as importing Cuban products, which is an illegal activity. While you can purchase Cuban cigars and rum for your own personal consumption while in these countries, they must remain within those countries.

Havana Club is one of the oldest rum brands in the world, having been created in 1934 by José Arechabala S.A. in Crdenas, Cuba. For more than 25 years, it was exported to many countries around the world and was a beloved brand among those who appreciated its unique and high-quality taste. However, after the 1959 Cuban Revolution, the brand was nationalized and production stopped.

The Rum Cuba Club is dedicated to providing connoisseurs and aficionados alike the finest Cuban-style rums from around the world. While Ron Ricardo and Havana Club may be the two most widely known brands, there are other great options available. From Bacardi 8 to Casa Bacardi and now BacardiRL, these premium rums offer a unique and exquisite taste.

Havana Club Rum is widely acclaimed for its quality, rich flavor, and smooth finish. It has been distilled according to traditional Cuban methods and aged in white oak barrels giving it a distinctive flavor profile. The rum’s character is enhanced by the terroir of the Caribbean island, creating a complex and balanced rum which has become a favorite among rum connoisseurs. The brand’s core expressions offer a wide range of flavor possibilities, from subtle to intense, and are sure to please any palate.

Can I Buy Cuban Rum In The Usa?

When selecting a Cuban rum, it is also important to consider the price. Cuban rums can range from very affordable to quite expensive, depending on the brand and quality of the rum. Those who are looking for an experience that is both delicious and economical should definitely give some of the more affordable options a try! Of course, there are many premium Cuban rums that offer a more complex and sophisticated flavor profile.

Cuba has a long history of producing some of the world’s best cigars and rum. After more than 50 years, American residents are now able to purchase Cuban products due to the recent changes in U.S. government regulations on trade with Cuba. As part of these relaxed restrictions, Cuban cigars and rum can be exported from Cuba back to the United States. Cuban cigars, in particular, are highly sought-after and appreciated for their unique flavor and quality.

Once you have had a chance to explore Cuba and take in its culture, it’s time to move on. As you look to enter the US, customs controls and limits will need to be taken into consideration on both sides of the border. There are 50 countries represented at the annual Festival del Habano – an international cigar fair held each year in Cuba. Taking part in this event is a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with the local industry, as well as gaining an insight into Cuban culture. It’s a great way to experience the island before leaving for the US.

The Trump administration’s decision to halt travel to Cuba is a major step in curtailing American tourism there. The new regulations state that all Americans who go to Cuba must have a valid reason for their trip and provide evidence of it before traveling. This means that leisure or recreational trips are not allowed and could lead to fines, imprisonment, or both.

Despite the Trump administration’s concerns, Cuban officials have long maintained that the health risks posed by these products are minimal. As such, they have not imposed any restrictions on the importation of them to their country. In fact, they have actively encouraged tourists and locals alike to bring in items such as e-cigarettes and other vaping devices.

Although Cuban rum and cigars will no longer be legally available for purchase in the United States, travelers to Cuba can still do so. However, bringing them back is less clear. Customs may or may not enforce the ban, meaning if you bring them back they may or may not be confiscated.

Can I Buy Cuban Rum?

Cuban rum is renowned for its distinctive flavor and aroma. It has notes of sweet caramel, vanilla, oak, and dried fruit. People often describe it as having a smooth and velvety texture. Cuban rum is not only popular for drinking on its own but also makes an excellent addition to cocktails like the classic Daiquiri or Mojito.

Havana Club Añejo 3 Year Old is a light, crisp Cuban rum that is highly regarded for its exceptional taste. This distinctive spirit was crafted in accordance with a request from the Spanish Crown for a specific style of Cuban rum. To create this blend, molasses and sugar are extracted from sugarcane and boiled to extract guarapo (juice). The rum is then aged in bourbon casks for three years and filtered to achieve the desired flavor.

The combination of Aj de la que sweet chilli pepper, Cuban rum, spices and coffee make Black Tears Spiced Rum a unique and flavourful drink. Carta Ron Santiago A Blanca rum is rich with flavor from being aged in oak casks before bottling.

Ambar Claro is a unique rum from the Dominican Republic, aged for three years in whisky casks to develop its distinct flavor profile. On the other hand, Ron Dorado from Legendario is a delicate, sweet Cuban rum with an alluring aroma. Both of these premium rums are 70cl, and 38% alcohol by volume (ABV). For those seeking something unique, the Ron Mulata Blanco Reserva may be for you! It is a three year old Cuban rum made from sugar cane rhum and aged in American oak. This 70cl bottle has an ABV of 38%, making it a great choice for any occasion.

The 2015 Obama administration economic sanctions lifted on Cuba have resulted in a surge of Venezuelan tourists, yet the Treasury Department’s new regulation is likely to deter American tourist visits. The restriction does not affect the sale of Cuban cigars, which remain popular among tourists visiting the country. With this new regulation in place, it is unclear how much longer Cuba will be able to continue its tourism industry and whether American travelers will opt to travel elsewhere instead.

The 50% increase in cigar sales in Cuba is a cause for concern for the U.S. cigar industry. The ban, which aims to restrict the flow of Cuban goods and cigars into the United States, could potentially lead to higher prices for cigarettes and impede the growth of the industry as a whole. Despite this, tourists are likely to continue to bring Cuban cigars into the United States, as it is not a prosecutable offense as long as they are not used for commercial purposes.

The Trump administration’s travel ban on Cuba has been met with opposition from human rights organizations, members of Congress, and the Cuban government. They argue that the travel restrictions are unjustified, unnecessary, and lack a clear purpose or benefit for either country. The Cuban government has called the ban “harsh” and “unacceptable,” while human rights groups have argued that it is an infringement on people’s right to travel.

What Rum Is Similar To Havana Club?

Havana Club light rum is an excellent choice for cocktails, as its smoothness and subtle sweetness complements other flavors without overpowering them. It can be used to make Mojitos, Cuba Libres, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris and many other delicious drinks. Additionally, the light flavor of Havana Club makes it a great addition to fruity punches and spritzers.

Bacard is a leader in the rum industry, producing over 17 million cases of rum in 2019. This made it the world’s second-largest rum producer and fifth among the top ten wine brands, with more than 4 million cases sold that year. However, since 2019 U.S. embargo prevented them from selling an alcoholic beverage branded as Havana Club, which they own.

The $1.25 million deal between Bacard and the Arechabala family has been a major breakthrough for Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government, who have now begun production and export of rum around the world. Through this collaboration, Bacard has gained access to some of Cuba’s oldest distilleries, all of which were originally owned by the Arechabala family.

The Havana Club 3 Year is a superior rum that has garnered the attention of enthusiasts and bartenders. It’s crafted by renowned Cuban master ronero or maestros who understand the nuances of creating a great-tasting, versatile spirit. The rum offers a tannerate aroma with subtle vanilla notes and maintains its dryness despite its thirst-quenching qualities. According to VinePair writer Nick Hines, it is the best affordable rum brand available today.

Havana Club 7 A*os rum is the perfect addition to any special occasion. Its complex and intense flavor, along with its smooth finish make it an ideal choice for a celebratory tipple. This dark rum is carefully crafted from the oldest and most refined of Havana Club’s rums and has been aged in ex-Bourbon barrels for extra flavor. Its balanced mix of citrus and spice notes makes it the perfect sipping rum or addition to any cocktail.

The Production Process Of Cuban Rum

After the distillate has been heated, it is then slowly cooled and funneled into oak barrels where it will age. Depending on the type of Cuban rum being produced, the aging process can vary from one to five years or more. During this time period, the alcohol molecules transform and interact with the wood, gradually developing flavor compounds that give Cuban rum its characteristic flavor.

Is Bacardi And Havana Club The Same?

Bacardi and Havana Club rum are two of the most popular brands of rum in the world. While they both come from sugar cane, there is some debate about whether or not they are indeed the same product. Some suggest that Bacardi has a sweeter flavor profile than Havana Club, while others maintain that their taste profiles are relatively similar.

The year 1959 marks the beginning of a new era in Cuba with Fidel Castro taking power. As a result, the Arechabala family, the inventors of rum, had to flee the country for safety. However, before then in 1934 Ramn and Amparo Arechabala founded Havana Club—a brand that has become synonymous with Cuban rum.

The 1959 Cuban revolution saw Fidel Castro come to power and seize control of the Havana Club rum company. The company’s recipe for creating the perfect rum was locked away from the public, leading to its disappearance from shelves all over Cuba and the United States. In 1993, Pernod Ricard and Cuba Ron decided to revive the brand and bring it back to the market. The result was a rum of unparalleled quality and taste, popularizing the brand once again in both Cuba and the United States.

In 1974, the Arechabala family lost their Havana Club trademark registration and Bacardi acquired the recipe. This triggered a legal battle between Pernod Ricard and Bacardi, after the latter launched their version of Havana Club in the United States. The case has been ongoing for years and is still unresolved, with both companies claiming exclusive rights over the Havana Club brand.

Bacardí’s Havana Club trademark has been at the center of a heated legal battle in Spain, with Pernod Ricard being accused of wrongfully obtaining it. To honor its legacy, Bacardí is launching a limited edition run of “Amaparo,” an exquisite blend that pays tribute to the classic Cuban rum. The first performance of “Amaparo” will be held in Miami this year, and only a limited number of bottles will be available for purchase.

Rum is a great addition to many desserts. It gives ice cream an extra kick of sweetness and can be used to make a delicious rum-infused cake or pudding. For those who enjoy baking, you can use rum in the batter for cookies, breads, and cakes. You can also mix it with fruit juices or other alcohols such as vodka and whiskey to create a unique flavor.

The early 1800s saw an increase in the consumption of rum in the United States. George Washington established the first rum distillery, known as Mount Vernon, in 1703 and exported it to other parts of the world including Cuba. In 1848, a law was passed by the Cuban government that prohibited the production of distilled beverages other than Havana Club Especial. This law, which has been in effect since 1848, helped to guarantee the quality of Havana Club Especial for many years.

Havana Club Especial is a premium, classic liqueur made from the finest Jamaican rums and aged Puerto Rican rum. The unique blend of these two types of rum creates an opulent aroma and sweet flavor that delights the palate. All Havana Club Especial products are aged in oak barrels for at least three months to bring out the full flavor of the rum. This aging process also allows for a consistent and uniform quality in each bottle.

Havana Club Especial and Cruzan rums may have the same name, but these two spirits couldn’t be more different. While both brands were founded at the same time, they are now owned and operated by two distinct companies in different parts of the world. When it comes to flavor, Havana Club Especial is a premium golden rum characterized by its smooth and well-rounded taste.

Does Bacardi Make Havana Club?

In 1995, Bacardi brought the original Havana Club recipe and brand back to life in an all-new American edition. Ramon Arechabala’s personal recipe was re-launched with a new era of Golden Age style – swanky night spots, pulsating Latin music, and svelte nights. The 1995 release helped to restore the glamour and romance of the Havana Club name, symbolizing a new era for Cuba’s beloved spirits.

Bacardi: A Good Average Rum

Bacardi Gold is a fantastic choice for those looking to add a hint of sweetness and complexity to their favorite cocktails. With its light structure, it goes great in mixed drinks like daiquiris and mojitos, adding just the right amount of flavor without overpowering the other ingredients. It’s also adaptable enough to be enjoyed on its own, or even as a shot. The smooth and creamy finish make it the perfect drink for any occasion.

What’s The Difference Between Bacardi And Rum?

Bacardi Gold is a handcrafted rum that stands out from other dark rums thanks to its distinct flavor and aroma. This medium-bodied rum has been aged for two years in ex-bourbon barrels, giving it notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel with a hint of smokiness. The aging process also results in an attractive golden-amber color and a smooth, full-bodied finish. With its complex character and sweet, slightly smoky taste, Bacardi Gold is an ideal choice for sipping neat or in cocktails.

The short answer to this question is yes and no. The brand Havana Club rum, made by Cuban distillers, can be purchased in some parts of the United States. However, due to long-standing trade embargo between the US and Cuba, it cannot be legally imported into America from Cuba.

The Different Types Of White Rum

This 100% pure and natural drink is a must-have for any mixologist or cocktail enthusiast. Its clean, crisp flavor of apple and vanilla makes it a perfect addition to any drink. It’s also great enjoyed as an ice-cold refresher on its own! The 100% pure sugar cane juice used to make this delightful beverage gives it a unique and unmistakable taste that will be sure to tantalize your taste buds.

White rum is one of the most popular types of rum, and is often used in cocktails such as mojitos, daiquiris, and cuba libres. Its clean taste and mellow flavor also makes it great for sipping neat or on the rocks. White rum can be aged in oak barrels for a few months or even years, which brings out its full flavor profile and adds complexity. The aging process also gives white rum a golden hue, making it an attractive choice for cocktails.

White rums are light, subtle and mild in flavor. They often have sweet, fruity flavors such as coconut, pineapple or mango. White rums are great for making cocktails because they do not overpower the other ingredients. Mojitos, daiquiris and piña coladas are all popular drinks that use white rum as their base. White rum can also be sipped neat or on the rocks. Its light flavor makes it a great choice for those who are new to drinking spirits.

White rum is an essential component of any bar. It mixes easily into a variety of cocktails and can be enjoyed by those who are just beginning to explore the world of spirits. Its light flavor means it won’t overpower other ingredients, making it the perfect base for drinks such as mojitos, daiquiris and piña coladas. For those who prefer to sip it neat or on the rocks, white rum offers subtle and sweet flavor notes of fruit such as coconut, pineapple and mango.

Havana Club Rum Review

Havana Club Rum is made from the finest sugarcane in Cuba. The sugar cane is carefully selected and then aged in white oak barrels. The result is a smooth, flavorful rum that has become a favorite of mixologists and connoisseurs alike. Havana Club Rum comes in many varieties, ranging from light and crisp to dark and full-bodied.

Havana Club Rum is a great choice for rum lovers. It’s made from a blend of sugar cane and molasses, which are then aged in oak barrels for three years. The result is a smooth rum with sweet, fruity flavors and hints of vanilla and caramel. It’s perfect for making cocktails or sipping on its own. I give Havana Club Rum 4 out of 5 stars, making it an excellent choice for any rum lover.

The 7 antes, also known as the Havana Club, is the first of the Havana Club series to be specifically designed for sipping rather than mixing. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that 40% rum from this series is normally priced between £23-28 in the UK but I was able to buy one for only £20!

It has a deep amber color with an oily texture and floating particles. On the nose, you’ll find notes of sweet molasses, leather, spices and tobacco. It has a medium-to-full body with rich flavors of oak, roasted nuts and ripe fruits that linger on the palate. There’s also a hint of peppermint that lingers long after the sip. The finish is smoky and pleasantly bitter, with a final note of tobacco that stays on the palate.

Rum tasting is all about finding the right flavors and notes that fit your individual preferences. When it comes to Havana Club 7, I can’t say I’m a big fan of its flavor profile. It presents an array of aromas and tastes but for me, it lacks depth and complexity. On the other hand, Bermudez Aniversario is far more flavorful and has a more robust character. It offers intense notes of oak, nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice that create a warm, inviting flavor.

The Havana Club 7 is a great option for those looking to enjoy a smooth and sweet rum. It’s light and easy to drink, with subtle notes of vanilla and almond that make it perfect for sipping neat or as part of a cocktail. If you’re in the mood for something with more pronounced flavor, consider one of the other brands of rum. From amber rums with notes of oak and spices to darker, richer varieties, there’s a rum for all tastes.

Havana Club Drink

Havana Club is renowned for its distinctive flavor and quality. The rum has a golden-amber color, a smooth finish and delicate aromas of vanilla, honey, oak and tobacco. It makes a great addition to any drink or cocktail, bringing out the sweet flavors of sugar cane in each sip.

The Havana Club cocktail is a perfect representation of Bacardi’s commitment to quality and innovation. With its unique blend of flavors, it offers something for everyone: from the subtle sweetness of honey and vanilla cream to the boldness of cinnamon and orange peel. The smooth, creamy texture makes it an ideal drink to enjoy on its own or as a part of a larger cocktail. The caramel-like flavors and the spiced oak finish add complexity and depth to the drink, making it truly unique. This well-balanced combination is sure to be a hit at parties or with friends.

Havana Club Rum Alcohol Percentage

Havana Club rum is a premium Cuban spirit that has been made for over 100 years. The 40% ABV rum is aged in oak barrels for at least three years, giving it a smooth and complex flavor full of notes of dried fruits, vanilla, and caramel. The sugarcane used to make the rum is grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, which is renowned for its fertile soils and ideal climate. The combination of the aging process and the quality of Cuban sugarcane gives Havana Club rum a unique taste that sets it apart from other spirits.

Havana Club International S.A. was created in 1993 as a joint venture between Cuba Ron SA and the French company Pernod Ricard, to give rum drinkers around the world access to classic Cuban Rum produced with superior quality and craftsmanship. The brand became an international success, quickly becoming the third most popular international rum in countries outside of the United States.

Havana Club Mximo is a rarity in the world of rum. It is 22nd in its 100 Best Rankings in 2019 with a sales volume of 4.7 million cases, making it one of the most sought-after rums available. The amazing flavor and aroma of this Cuban spirit come from a careful selection process by Masters of Rum. Each year, these experts gather to evaluate and select the best and most exceptional rums on the market with only 1,000 bottles of Havana Club Mximo produced annually.

Club 7 A*os is an exceptionally smooth and well-rounded dark rum. With its distinctive notes of oak and caramel, it is a great choice for sipping or making classic cocktails. It’s also perfect for creating unique and flavorful creations like mojitos, piña coladas, and even rum rocks. This versatile spirit can be used in a range of drinks from light and refreshing to bold and intense.

The HEC RESERVA is a unique rum that combines 40% Alc. The smoke 27%, creating a rich and flavorful spirit perfect for sipping on its own or mixing with other drinks. Cuban Smokys, at 40% alc, are also included to add smoky notes and complexity to the flavor profile of the rum, making it a great choice for those who prefer more complex spirits.

The HC VERDE 35% ABV Per dose (30ml) is a great choice for an afternoon cocktail or a nightcap. With flavours of toasted coconut and sweet citrus, it’s the perfect blend for sipping on its own. When mixed with your favourite mixer, the lightness of this rum creates the ultimate refreshing drink.

Bacardi Havana Club

Bacardi Havana Club Rum has become an icon of Cuban culture, celebrated for its unique flavor and aroma. The rum is made with a combination of traditional Cuban distilling methods, using sugar cane juice that has been aged in oak barrels for at least three years. This time-honored process produces a light-bodied spirit that is smooth, with a sweet taste.


So there you have it, an accessible and quick guide on Can You Buy Havana Club Rum In America? We hope that this blog post has given you the confidence to go out and explore the world of authentic Cuban spirit. There are many ways to enjoy Havana Club products, so experiment and find what works best for you. As always, drink responsibly!


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