🥇[TOP 6] Best Wine Fridge Cabinet Reviews in 2021

Top 6 The Best Wine Fridge Cabinet Reviews in 2021

Most of us cannot afford to have high quality wine cellars in the home, so we are forced to find other alternatives. The solution is a wine fridge cabinet or wine cooler cabinet that ranges cost from cheap to thousands of dollars. The consumer should select a product appropriate to their budget as well as current and planned collection size.

Wine Fridge Cabinet

The most basic storage units are wine fridge cabinets, and these can be found online and in retail stores. The structure includes a series of shelves with indentations where a bottle should be horizontally placed. Some also include a table surface, drawer, and shelf for holding glasses. These units are very inexpensive, starting at around $100.

The wine refrigerator cabinet or wine cooler cabinet is a product that provides both housing and temperature control. Moreover, they come in various sizes, ranging from those that hold just a few bottles to some that hold hundreds. Besides, the most expensive wine refrigerator cabinet includes multiple temperature zones that allow different storage bottles to be stored at different temperatures. So, the cost of these coolers starts at several hundred dollars and goes as high as several thousand dollars.

Below is the top 6 best wine fridge cabinet list that we would like to recommend to you.

Top 6 Best Wine Fridge Cabinet Coolers:

Product's Name
Aobosi 28 Bottle Wine Fridge Cabinet
Antarctic Star 36 Bottle Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator
Antarctic 24 Bottle Wine Fridge Cabinet
Nutrichef PKCWC120 Wine Cooler Cabinet
Colzer Upgrade 32 Bottle Wine Fridge Cabinet

The Best Wine Cooler Cabinet Reviews:

1. Aobosi 28 Bottle Wine Fridge Cabinet

One of the best features of the Aobosi is that it can function as a built-in wine cooler or freestanding unit. It is also a dual-zone cooler, which allows you to maintain both your red wine and white wine at an offering temperature. This is the current-production upgraded variation that features upgraded cooling features, looks, as well as building.

This wine dispensing cooler looks more impressively, than described above. Be assured that wine in it will keep the bouquet of taste even throughout three weeks after opening the bottles. At the equipment of a bar you can put some such devices in a continuous line, it certainly will be pleasant to your clients. It is not obligatory to use similar dispensers only for wine pouring – in a hall of your establishment it is possible to offer visitors and employees, for example, cold tea.

  • Powerful compressor, fast cooling.
  • Advanced circulation system
  • Lock screen function
  • Seamless stainless steel door frame
  • The digital panel set inside forces the user to open the door of the wine cooler to adjust the temperature


2. MOOSOO 15 Inch 30 Bottles Wine Fridge Cabinet

The MOOSOO 15 Inch 30 Bottles Wine Fridge Cabinet has slide-out shelves which allow you to present your wine bottles easily. It also has a digital thermostat so that there is always a display showing the correct temperature. Moreover, it is encased in a beautiful black cabinet with tinted double pane glass. Besides, there is a security lock on the unit and it even has an inside light that allows you to view your wine collection without opening it.

The perfect wine storage temperature is around 55°F. So, you definitely do not want your wine to get too hot as it can completely change the taste and ruin the wine. You also want to make sure the humidity is kept at a particular level. Having a higher humidity will keep the corks from allowing oxygen in and shrinking. It will also help keep the wine from oxidizing. Besides, you want to keep your humidity level between 65% and 75%. So, the great thing is that the MOOSOO Wine Fridge Cabinet can help you with all of these things and more. Not only is it a beautiful addition to your décor, but it will keep your wine safe from heat, cold and humidity.


  • Large capacity
  • Wide application range
  • Stainless steel edging design
  • Tempered glass door
  • High-end wine aperitif kit
  • Heavy


3. Antarctic Star 36 Bottle Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator

Investing in expensive wines is not only a commitment to buying the expensive bottles. But, also to properly caring for them. Moreover, if fine wines are not stored at precisely the correct temperature, it can have significant harmful effects on the aging process. Also, for the best in wine storage, many enthusiasts prefer an Antarctic Star 36 Bottle Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator.

The Antarctic Star 36 Bottle Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator is extremely spacious despite its compact size and its pull-out shelves are the height of convenience that are sure to make you look forward to breaking out that next bottle of wine. A helpful light within the cooler adds to the ease of the process. Purchasing a wine cooler cabinet may not seem like a great feat but the advantages that are to be gleaned off something so simple are mind-boggling.

  • Can store other things, not just wine
  • Able to keep food warm
  • Easy-to-control layout
  • No vibration and quiet
  • Sometimes the cooler does not get cold enough


4. Antarctic 24 Bottle Wine Fridge Cabinet

Wine lovers do not even need to have an elaborate wine cellar in their home to benefit from these state of the Antarctic 24 Bottle wine fridge cabinet. The Antarctic 24 Bottle wine fridge cabinet unit can be placed in any room of the house so that a great bottle of wine is always on hand. Besides, it can hold forty-six bottles on its five shelves and the top can even be customized to match the décor in any room.

In fact, if there is some extra space in the kitchen, it may be a good idea for considering the Antarctic wine cooler cabinet. So, it features a display shelf for the most impressive bottles in the collection with movable black shelves, a glass door, and adjustable leveling legs.

  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Great capacity
  • No vibration and quiet
  • A bit bulky
  • Slightly expensive


5. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Wine Cooler Cabinet

Above all, for the real wine enthusiast who needs to store many bottles, the best choice may be the Nutrichef PKCWC120 Wine Cooler Cabinet. Besides, it can hold an impressive 12 bottles. Also, the versatile design can match the current decor of the room.

For a wine lover who cares enough to buy the very best wine bottles, only the best in wine storage will do. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Wine Cooler Cabinets offer the very best in both function and appearance. They come in sizes that can fit any space and are designed to fit in with most design concepts. This is the only option for the wine connoisseur who truly cares about maintaining their wines.

  • Fashionable and neat
  • Accurate temperature controls
  • Affordable and comes with great values
  • There was customers’ feedback that the model did not always work properly
  • Customer support could be unsatisfactory at times


6. Colzer Upgrade 32 Bottle Wine Fridge Cabinet

Colzer a brand that lots of wine lovers may currently be familiar with. They are a credible company committed to creating premium coolers and also fridges. The 15-inch wine cooler cabinet in question can be built-in or freestanding and is suitable for all sorts of atmospheres from residences, offices, clubs, and bars. This is a popular choice with several wine enthusiasts as well as is a reputable premium option.

The Colzer 15 inch wine cooler cabinet has a temperature range of 41-72°F, enabling it to keep all types of wine. It has a dual-pane toughened up glass door, which is robust and also insulates well. Besides, a stainless-steel door trim, magnificently created oak wine rack, and pole design handle make the fridge look premium and modern-day.

The wine cooler cabinet attributes adjustable height closet feet, detachable and flexible shelves, and a solid and durable load-bearing capability beech.

An internal carbon filter keeps the wine better for longer, while a door lock with an extra collection of keys keeps the components safe, secure, and risk-free. Specially-treated oak makes the cooler cabinet more powerful and extra resilient and uses a distinctive yet light scent. So, the Colzer cooler is all created with worldwide conventional manufacturing innovation.

  • Sturdy beech shelves with grooves
  • Unique vibration absorption system
  • Compact wine fridge design
  • Blue light ensures clear display
  • Large bottles will not fit


Buying Guides:

A wine refrigerator cabinet may seem like a frivolous expense that only rich people and wine snobs would concern themselves with. But, in truth, if you enjoy entertaining and you enjoy wine, it can be a great addition to your home appliance collection-especially if you are someone who likes to collect and serve vintage wines. So, a wine cooler cabinet as this refrigerator is sometimes called, keeps the wine at an ideal storing and serving temperature. It is a lot less expensive and takes up a lot less space than a wine cellar. So, it is affordable for even beginning wine enthusiasts.

Moreover, if you want to have a rich collection of good wines, you must just know the rules of wine storage. Basic requirements aren’t so many. There are just six of them. Below are the most important wine fridge cabinet conditions.

Wine fridge cabinet temperature

Above all, it’s very important to store wine at a certain temperature and maintain the steady temperature all the time. Wine must be stored at 50-57F. Also, any of the wine storage coolers will dispose you of the necessity to control the temperature.

Besides, to guide you in what temperatures you should store and serve wines here are some basic guidelines: Blush, rose and dry white wines should be stored in your wine fridge cabinet at around 55 degrees and served at between 46-57 degrees. Champagne and sparkling wine should not be stored at all, but should be served at 43-47 degrees-think of the ice bucket. Light red wines should be both stored in your refrigerator and served at 55 degrees. Full-bodied wines should be stored at temperatures below 55 degrees and served at 59-66 degrees.

Safeguard against light

Light can cause irreparable harm to wine. It provokes irreversible chemical reactions spoiling the wine. Ultraviolet is especially dangerous. The wine was always stored in cellars in the past. So, today you can just buy a wine storage cabinet with protective glass, that doesn’t let ultraviolet through.

Natural ventilation of wine storage racks

Wine absorbs external smells through the cork therefore it’s important to keep fresh and pure air in the refrigerated wine storage.


Heat and humidity are also important to the welfare of your wine, for longer storage humidity should be around sixty percent and will keep the corks fresh and expanded. An ideal temperature range for the long term storage should be at about 55 degrees, for storage of up to six months 55 to 70 degrees should be ok, it’s important to realize that wines can be stressed by variations in temperature so try to keep it stable by cellaring.

In fact, if humidity is not enough the cork may dry out and let additional air lick into the bottle causing wine oxidation. Excessive humidity can spoil labels on the bottles. Also, modern wine storage cabinets maintain humidity at about 70%.

Absence of vibration

Above all, vibration causes some biochemical processes which are harmful to some categories of wine. Proper wine storage intends a complete absence of any vibration. This also means that you shouldn’t put your audio system on the top of the wine fridge cabinet.

Keep the bottles motionless

This is not a good idea to constantly move the bottles of wine from one place to another. You should have enough wine storage racks to place each bottle into its own permanent niche.


When you are shopping for your first wine fridge cabinet you may wonder what size you should get. There are models that hold only six bottles and will fit nicely on your countertop, and also models that hold twenty or more bottles and would not fit on your countertop. But, would allow for different temperatures in the different sections of the wine refrigerator for the different types of wines.


The wine begins to spoil the moment it is opened. While short-term exposure to oxygen or “breathing the wine” can open the aromas and flavors of various red wines, any contact with oxygen before opening a bottle and its all over, down the sink.


When the wine is in an upright position as many are at your local liquor store for months and sometimes years, the drying out of the cork will have disastrous effects due to oxidation. So try to buy wines that are stored lying down, or as becoming more popular, screw-capped bottles. Store your wine at home in a wine rack or if you are serious about your wine collection. Besides, keep it in a temperature-controlled wine cellar cabinet or wine cooler cabinet.


Ultraviolet light affects your wine! That new wine rack you have in your dining room, sure it looks great in the afternoon sun but doesn’t expect the wine to be that way, keep your wine away from fluorescent lights, sunlight, and from heat sources such as the furnace, hot water heaters, water pipes, other appliances, and especially the top of your fridge!


It’s clear that proper storage of your wine is critical for day to day wine and high-quality wine that you want to enjoy in years to come. Besides, a wine cellar cabinet is your best choice if you have space. Why not make it a special place incorporating a bar and tasting facilities. If you can’t cellar your wine or prefer to buy wines that are ready to drink a good quality wine rack kept in the basement, under a stairwell, or another cool area of your home is a must.

There are so many things that can ruin a great bottle of vintage wine once it’s opened and also before it’s opened. You should understand some of these simple techniques so as not to, shall I say it, throw away your wine. What a horrible thought that is… but it does happen. This article is a good start to understanding what needs to be done for proper wine storage before and after opening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is It Different Than A Regular Refrigerator?

A wine refrigerator cabinet is different from your regular refrigerator in many important ways. Besides, this is why many people choose to get a special refrigerator for their wine. Your food refrigerator is kept at well below 50 degrees-this is well below the ideal temperature for storing wines. Also, the refrigerator in your home is opened and closed several times each day which alters the temperature many times which is bad for the wine storage cabinet. Moreover, a wine refrigerator cabinet maintains the temperature at the perfect level for wine. And it is not opened and closed several times every day.

2. What About A Wine Cellar?

A wine cellar is actually a room in your home that acts as a big refrigerator. It does not necessarily have to be in the cellar, but it should be dark. Also, it should have humidity. A wine refrigerator does not provide the humidity for storing wine that a cellar does.

The ultimate wine cellar will have different climate zones for different types of wine. And when a connoisseur is storing and serving wine he can bring a bottle from one zone to another to prepare it for serving which you cannot usually do with a wine refrigerator. Although all of this may sound very appealing to some, it is very expensive to carry out. The construction of the cellar itself is expensive and unlike a wine refrigerator. You also need to have the extra room in your home to build a cellar. The refrigerator is much easier to accommodate.

3. Where To Purchase Wine Fridge Cabinet?

When you are ready to buy a wine fridge cabinet for your wine there are several places that you can look to for purchase and also for information. Besides, you can go online to a manufacturer’s website and get particulars on different makes and models. Also, many home improvement stores and appliance stores now offer Wine coolers as part of their regular inventory. Moreover, comparison shop for size and storage capability to find the wine fridge cabinet that will best suit your needs. So, don’t let a salesperson talk you into something that you can’t afford and don’t need. Once you have found your perfect wine fridge cabinet, celebrate with a glass of perfectly chilled wine.

4. What are Wine cabinets?

Wine forms an integral part of entertaining and thus it is no surprise that more homes are cultivating a collection of delicious wines to serve to their guests. Wine cabinets are thus a great investment as they allow you to store your collection safely and in the right environment. Obviously the quality of any wine depends heavily on its surroundings. These cabinets will allow you to preserve the delicate nature of your wines without any fuss.

The first step is to choose the right model for your home. So, this will depend on how much space you have, how large your collection is and what exactly your preferences are. If space is limited you should obviously look for sleeker models which can fit into nooks in your home. If however space is not a constraint then you are free to look into larger models that can store more bottles.

The size of your collection is also an important determining factor. Wine cabinets come in a wide range of capacities to suit very small and very large collections. So, you can definitely find one that is in keeping with the size, and projected size, of your collection. If you’re starting anew with wine collecting then a small 6 bottle holder should hold you in good stead until you purchase more wines. But if your collection is massive then accordingly a massive wine cabinet is your best bet. The market is replete with models that offer large storage without being too bulky and ugly.

5. Are wine cabinets worthy to buy?

Modern wine cabinets are extremely advanced in that they offer effective thermostatic control. So, this means that you can set the exact temperature of the cabinet to suit whichever wines you store. This mechanism goes a long way in promoting the taste and flavor of your wines and is thus definitely worth investing in.


Above all, the wine fridge cabinet is the most high-end storage unit available. And they are considered pieces of furniture that compliment the décor of the home. They include cooling units and can be ordered with features such as ultra violet-resistant glass doors. These credenzas may also accommodate storage two bottles deep, maximizing their capacity. The consumer who opts for this type of unit should be prepared to spend at least $2,000.

Racks, wine fridge cabinets, and wine cooler cabinets are the most common forms of wine storage cabinets. Wine racks will only provide storage, while wine fridge cabinets and wine cooler cabinets will also control temperature and humidity. The consumer should make a product selection based on both budget and size of the collection. So, there is an attractive and functional solution for every price range.

There is a lot to learn about Wine coolers and I agree with the statements made in the article. However, you really need to make sure of one thing, most consumers purchase these appliances to cool their wines to proper drinking temperature, which is the general idea but they do forget about the future. Most wine drinkers and collectors will buy a wine cooler system that is too small. All I’m saying is to plan ahead.

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