🥇[TOP 5] Best Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Reviews in 2021

Top 5 The Best Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Reviews in 2021

Wine is enjoyed by many, for its refined qualities and its ability to go with practically any occasion. For those who enjoy it on a regular basis, such as for entertaining others or just a glass with an evening meal, it is customary to keep a selection of favorites on hand for those opportunities. That means you need a way to effectively maintain them and guarantee their availability when needed. That is where the Wine Enthusiast wine cooler comes in. They are perfect for handling your needs.

This company has been manufacturing trusted products for over 40 years. So they know what the customer likes and how to meet that need. That includes these devices that are available as stand-alone units or built-in ones. There are many different models to choose from, but no matter what you can always count on two constants: that the temperature remains between 64 and 48 degrees, and that the humidity is always kept under control at a constant 40 percent. Extensive research has proven that these are the ideal conditions.

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler

As for selection, there are models that go from 12 bottles to the maximum load of 620 bottles. Besides, this is done efficiently, and more importantly attractively. Also, there is no need to have bottles crammed into a confined space just to meet your needs. No matter what size, they are displayed well and each bottle is positioned to receive maximum exposure from the cooling process.

Another one of the great features of these units is the option for independent temperature zones. If you have red and white wines you can select custom temps for each and not affect the other type. This is accomplished by a digital thermostat through the door, without having to open the unit.

Top 5 Best Wine Enthusiast Wine Coolers:

Product's Name
Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Wine Cooler
Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Wine Cooler
Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Wine Cooler
Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler
Wine Enthusiast Classic L 80 Bottle Wine Cellar

The Best Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Reviews:

1. Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler provides a sleek and lustrous casing to your favorite wines. However, this is not the best feature of the product. The greatest advantage of the cooler is that the gadget maintains your precious wine at various temperatures.

The cooler is thus absolutely perfect not only for sparkling and white wines, but for rose wine, red wine, champagne, mulled or warm wine, and for sake as well. You can regulate the temperature of your wine between 41degrees and 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides the power off/on the button, the cooler also comprises an LED indicator that clearly informs you about the temperature at which your liquor is being cooled. The cooler is also capable to accommodate wine bottles to 3.4 inches in diameter. The product is available with a limited warranty of one year and sealed system parts only for 3 years.

  • Quiet in operation
  • Reliable device
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive price


2. Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Wine Cooler aims to preserve your wine under the perfect temperature all throughout your party so that you never witness any difference in taste between the last and the first glass that is served. The product is an attractive buy and would surely turn heads when you host your next dinner at your home.

The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler is undoubtedly the best answer for those wine enthusiasts who simply love their wine but have limited space to accommodate a chiller to maintain the wine’s perfect taste.

Besides, connoisseurs and novices alike would savor the unit’s ability to rapidly chill the wine according to its correct serving temperature. This single bottle wine chiller comprises a thermoelectric cooling system.

  • Easy to use
  • Energy-efficient feature
  • Quiet operation
  • Luxury design
  • Cheap plastic hinge


3. Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Wine Cooler can be run in the usual electric supply at your home. From there, you can chill a variety of delicious wines for dinner parties with your friends. Besides, the temperature of the chiller can be controlled digitally.

The temperature control facility of the unit ranges from 41 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED display unit lets you monitor the cooling temperature.

Also, you can set or program the chiller to the precise temperature that has been recommended by the wine manufacturer. The product doesn’t have any compressors. It thus has no vibration and emits limited noise. The chiller is capable to hold wine bottles up to a diameter of 3.4 inches. It measures 32-3/4″ high x 13-3/4″ wide x 19″ inches in dimensions.

  • Quiet operation
  • Stylish look design
  • Maintains the right temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • Slow to reach the required temperature


4. Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

There are many types of wine coolers on the market so picking the right one can be difficult. If you want an elegant way to present your wine and also keep it cool, then the Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler may be a good choice for you.

It has some excellent reviews on Amazon and is a popular choice for many. Here is the main features of this wine bottle cooler. Overall, we think this tabletop wine cooler is great value for money and offers a quick and elegant way of displaying wine to impress friends and family before consumption. So, if you have purchased this Wine Enthusiast wine cooler, please let us know what you think about it in our comments box.

  • Compact design
  • Great cooling
  • Good performance
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable only for standard-sized bottles


5. Wine Enthusiast Classic L 80 Bottle Wine Cellar

A product with a superb design that perfectly matches your wines, the Wine Enthusiast Classic L 80 Bottle Wine Cellar sports a stunning luxury design. Combining performance with style, the Wine Enthusiast wine cooler comprises great features that you are bound to love, particularly if you are one of those who love to host parties at home.

The Wine Enthusiast wine cooler effectively chills your precious bottles as quickly as within five minutes. Amazing it may sound, the product can also be used to chill beer, soda, and your white wines. So, you can thus enjoy your party without any worries of your precious wine tasting peculiar after some amount of time. It is a perfect complement to all your parties.

  • With the Blue LED lights, you can have a point of view of your wine collection.
  • Vibration-free and silent operation
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Maintains the right temperature
  • Large capacity
  • Heavy to move


Buying Guides:

A Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Needs to Protect Your Wine


The first thing to find when getting a Wine Enthusiast wine cooler ready involves seeing that the design for your refrigerator is made with the best possible features. This includes features used to keep your wine protected.

You’ll need to find a design that has several racks on it. Also, a typical Wine Enthusiast wine cooler will contain a series of shelves for you to lie your wine bottles down on. Besides, some grooves should be used on the shelves to ensure that your bottles will not roll around. Additional grooves may also be used to support the neck parts of the bottles. The key is to keep your fragile bottles protected so they will not be at risk of falling apart.


Racks that can be adjusted can work too. This is needed if you have bottles of varying widths. These racks must also be capable of being locked into their spots so they will not shift around.

The design must also ensure that the inside of the refrigerator will not let in a large amount of light. In fact, some refrigerators can be made with designs that feature strong UV filters that will keep UV rays from light from impacting your wine bottles.

This is a necessity because these ultraviolet lights will cause the body of a wine to be impacted to the point where it will have an unusual smell to it. This will be a very difficult issue to manage.

Control the temperatures

One key for finding the best Wine Enthusiast wine cooler is to see that you can control the temperatures well enough. This is a necessity because you will need to keep your Wine Enthusiast wine cooler for the best possible results.

For example, champagne will need to be chilled at 45 degrees Fahrenheit while a rose will need to be in there at 54 degrees. Chianti and Zinfandel wines can be stored at 59 while pinot noir can stay at 61. As you can see, the standards for chilling wines can be incredibly varied.

Therefore, you will need to find two points in a refrigerator. The first point is to see what temperature controls are used. You should find digital controls on a refrigerator that can make it easier for you to adjust the temperatures in your refrigerator. The temperature that is created should work around the entire body of your Wine Enthusiast wine cooler.


The next point is to see how many zones are used in your Wine Enthusiast wine cooler. Many of today’s wine coolers are made with multiple zones for multiple wines. For example, one half of the wine cooler will be separated by its own door and series of walls around it. It will have its own temperature control. The other half will have its own walls, compartment, and temperature control.

This is used to make it so you can store two different kinds of wines at the same time. You can putBordeauxat 64 degrees on one zone and then an Asti Spumanti at 41 on the other end.

Physical Points for a Wine Enthusiast wine cooler

There are several physical features to take a look at when getting a Wine Enthusiast wine cooler ready. These physical features are made to help with creating some nice looks that can work in any kind of spot.

First, you can find a Wine Enthusiast wine cooler that has a metallic or wooden design. Today’s wine coolers have stainless steel designs for the most part. Besides, some more luxurious choices can include some fashionable wood trims and accents that are used to create things that are as beautiful as possible.


The space for your Wine Enthusiast wine cooler should also be reviewed with regards to the number of wine bottles you have. Today’s wine coolers come in a variety of sizes. Some are small enough for ten to fifteen bottles. There are also some mid-range wine coolers that can handle fifty bottles at a time. You can even find commercial-grade cabinets that are made to handle at least a hundred bottles. You can find something no matter how big your wine collection might be.


There is also the need to see how your window is working. The window should be one that is clear enough to where you can see what’s in your wine cooler without having to turn a light on. A window that is thick in design and even has a few dimming items on one end maybe even better because it will keep light out and keep the cool air in.


The interior lighting that can be added to a wine cooler must be as soft as possible. It should be controlled to where it will not be easy to notice. So, it’ll have to be light and calm to where the wine will not be negatively impacted by what you are using.


The final point is to see that you have something that works with enough space without taking up too much for the device used to cool the wine cooler down. The wine cooler must work with a calm and controlled electric motor that will keep things cool while keeping the operation as quiet as possible. You’ll need to find something that will not make a great deal of noise if you want to get your wine cooler under control as well as possible.

These are all necessities that must be used carefully when finding a good Wine Enthusiast wine cooler. So, these should help you out with determining what the right Wine Enthusiast wine cooler is for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler have money?

Having such a quiet and efficient unit would lead you to believe that something would have to be sacrificed in order to achieve this level of satisfaction. Well, you would be wrong. These units are precision made and considering the number of bottles that they can handle they do it quite well. Also, the stand-alone units are very attractive and can blend in nicely with their surroundings. Some of the models, like the 35 bottle one, can go either as a stand-alone or as a built-in. And almost all models are stainless steel construction for elegance with a flair of distinction.

What are the popular features of Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler?

This line proves that you can still own quality at an affordable price. The base model starts at around one hundred dollars and they go up from there. But considering what you get for the price it is worth every penny. They actually look like custom-design units when in reality they suit to fit any kitchen with any furnishings. When you compliment them with locking doors, blue LED displays, cherry stained wood shelves, and other features are available hard to imagine that you did la design it yourself. That’s what makes Wine Enthusiast Wine Coolers so great. You get top-notch merchandise at reasonable everyday pricing.

Wine Enthusiast wine cooler how to set temperature?

You can set the temperature level in a Wine Enthusiast wine cooler from the digital thermostat supplied on the front of the door. It is easy to use and also basic to make use of, as well as you can quickly establish the temperature of the inside, without opening the door.

Does the wine coolers come with the upright bottle shelf?

Not all red wine coolers by Wine Enthusiast have upright container racks. However, the wine coolers do have flexible as well as removable shelves to ensure that you can readjust them to store larger containers.

Does the wine cooler run continuously, and is it silent?

The Wine Enthusiast wine coolers from a wine lover do run continuously and are silent. So, the wine coolers do not generate much noise, and you would always find your beverages cooled.


One of the best things you can use in your home for your wine is a Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler that devotes exclusively to your wine bottles. So, a Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler can offer a convenient space that will feature a series of shelves that will be used for storing your wines.

This can work well if you have plenty of wines. Besides, you’ll need to use different refrigeration standards based on the types of wine you might have.

However, there are so many kinds of Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler out there that it can be a challenge to find the right one. You should use a few standards when it comes to finding the best possible wine refrigerator. Also, these include the design of the refrigerator, the temperatures that it can handle, and how well it can protect what you have.

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