🥇[TOP 10] Best Under Counter Wine Fridge Reviews in 2021

TOP 10 – Best Under Counter Wine Fridge Reviews in 2021


The best under counter wine fridge has become a must in everybody’s house because of the various advantages that it offers. Some years back, if people loved to store wine at their place then they had countertop refrigerator that can protect the wine. But the fact that countertop refrigerators used to consume a lot of space gave way to under counter wine cooler.

This wine cooler can be fitted under one of the counters in the house and therefore, it doesn’t require any special place for the purpose of its fitment. Apart from this, there is a counter top wine cooler as well available in the market. But those are considered to be outdated because of the complexities that arise with their usage.

We recommend the best-selling and best-rated customer-reviewed products on Amazon. So, below is a list of the best under-counter wine fridge, best under-counter wine cooler, best under the counter beverage cooler, and best under cabinet wine cooler.

Under Counter Wine Fridge

A wine fridge is a great way to make your home feel like a luxury hotel. It’s also the perfect gift for any occasion and budget! A lot of people don’t realize that you can install under-counter wine coolers in your kitchen or dining room, which makes them an even better gift. They’re also perfect for any small living space because they take up less floor space than other models. So if you’re looking to add some classiness and sophistication to your home, we have what you need!

Top 10 Best Under Counter Wine Fridges :

Product's Name
Colzer Upgrade 15 Inch Wine Cooler Undercounter
Phiestina Under The Counter Beverage Cooler
Kalamera Under Counter Wine Cooler 24 inch
Sinoartizan Under The Counter Beverage Cooler
Karcassin Under Counter Wine Fridge
Kalamera Under-Counter Wine Cooler
Colzer Premium Under Counter Wine Fefrigerator
Kalamera Under Cabinet Wine Cooler
Smith & Hanks Under Cabinet Wine Fridge
BODEGA Under Counter Wine Fridge

The Best Under counter wine fridge:

1. Colzer Upgrade 15 Inch Wine Cooler Undercounter

The Colzer 15 inch wine cooler undercounter stores up to 32 wine bottles and has one touch digital control for monitoring temperature (F/C ), one-touch digital control for red, white, or sparkling wine. Besides, the Colzer 15 inch wine cooler undercounter dimensions are 15 x 22 x 32 inches.

Moreover, the Colzer Upgrade 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerators ensure up to 32 bottles of wine are kept at the ideal temperature while maintaining their signature bouquet, flavor, and body. Also, use the touchpad to set your preferred temperature ( between 41°F-72°F) electronically. Besides, the stable 4 cabinet feet greatly reduce the impact of tremors and noise quietly and efficiently. At the same time, the attractive stainless finish ensures wine collections are displayed in style.

Colzer brings you this compact yet spacious wine fridge that will house 30 bottles of standard-size Bordeaux. The shelves are adjustable and removeable to accommodate different shapes and sizes of bottles, leveling each shelf for a secure fit. This under counter wine fridge won’t shake or damage your bottle when sliding it in or out due to the depth adjustment grooves on its base. You can rely on Colzer’s excellence!

Stunning compact wine coolers that seamlessly upgrade any bar with one-touch digital control that’s easy to operate. It keeps the set temperature after back on from power off, preventing damage caused by temperature changes. And with blue light, you can easily see your collection clearly without having to flip on a switch or use the overhead lights.

The Colzer under counter wine fridge is a state-certified cooler that will last up to 8-10 years before needing replacement. This under counter wine fridge also features an after-sales service should you have any problems during this time period, as it’s been used by wine collectors with rich experience resolving issues related thereto for many years now!

Under Counter Wine Fridge

  • It has front vents
  • Compact but luxurious design.
  • Wide temperature range
  • The product has an adjustable shelf
  • Works very quiet
  • One temperature zone


2. Phiestina Under The Counter Beverage Cooler

Nothing is more inconvenient than a party with inadequate beverage supplies but with a Phiestina Under The Counter Beverage Cooler, you will never have to worry about this problem ever again. A under the counter beverage cooler like this has enough and more space to store every bottle from your collection so you need not spend time hunting around for a place to house your favorites from around the world.

The Phiestina Under The Counter Beverage Cooler is the best way to stock up on all of your favorite drinks. This under counter wine fridge has 12 shelves that can hold 20 bottles of wine and 78 cans, so you’ll never have to make another trip to the store.

On the market for quite some time, this counter-mounted under-counter beverage cooler has steadily improved features to meet today’s demands. The temperature control system is one of its most praised assets, with two sides independently controlled.

One set at 38°F to 50°F and another set at 40°F to 66°F, you are sure to find the perfect setting. The sleek build will work well in any modern environment, whether it’s a home or professional use. Wherever it ends up, be rest assured, knowing that this Phiestina will keep your drinks cold all day long!

The Phiestina Under The Counter Beverage Cooler is a professional wine and beverage cooler that fits anywhere. This under counter wine fridge has whisper-quiet compressors for quieter performance, energy efficiency with blue LEDs to make it easy to find beverages at night. Become the perfect host by providing your guests the drinks they may want without making noise or disrupting conversation–the wins connoisseur way!

under the counter beverage cooler

  • There is a blue LED light
  • Aesthetic design should suit any kitchen
  • The compressor is very quiet in operation
  • Top-quality glass French door
  • The under counter wine fridge is quite heavy


3. Kalamera Under Counter Wine Cooler 24 inch

To store a variety of wines for your party, owning the 24-inch Kalamera Under Counter Wine Cooler is a reasonable choice. Besides, the division into two zones is extremely beneficial if you want to store red and white wines as the two require different temperatures and are difficult to store in the same place without separate thermostats. A dual-zone under-counter wine cooler saves you money and time in the long run, so you can enjoy all your favorite types of wine in one place.

Specialized thermostats ensure that each zone is accurately controlled to perfectly suit the wine you are storing inside. So you can relish the fact that your fine wines will definitely develop to their highest potential. Most models feature state-of-the-art technology that is definitely an improvement compared to older models that were noisy and sometimes even harmful to the environment.

A good dual-zone under-counter wine cooler is sure to be very useful in your household, and this under counter wine fridge is thus definitely something you should invest in.

The Kalamera Under Counter Wine Cooler is an amazing addition to the wine enthusiast’s home. Perfect for medium-sized collections, this cooler has different-sized racks to accommodate any bottle up to 40″! Even better, with little counter space required for installation, there’s no need to worry about less room in your kitchen or dining area!

With options for interior lighting and easy LED display control available at hand, you can keep out collection organized and visible at all times. Get the perfect gift for yourself or someone close today!

The Kalamera Under Counter Wine Fridge is the perfect addition to any wine connoisseur’s collection. The French-door style provides you with easy access to your entire collection without difficulty. In contrast, the dual-zone thermometer keeps each wine variety perfectly chilled every time!

Additionally, this under counter wine fridge will give you peace of mind knowing that if one door should become opened or improperly closed for a period outside of an acceptable temperature adjustment duration, alarm beeps will sound. LEDs on the front display will light up until corrected. The beauty of this under counter wine fridge comes from its sleek design, which can coexist easily in almost any room space. So don’t wait another day – protect your collection today with the Kalamera Under Counter Wine Fridge 24 inches!

Under Counter Wine Fridge

  • It has a huge capacity
  • Sturdy built-in unit
  • Dual temperature zones
  • It can operate quietly and smooth
  • The price is a bit expensive


4. Sinoartizan Under The Counter Beverage Cooler

The Sinoartizan Under The Counter Beverage Cooler is a quality cooler for storing or aging your wines under the finest of conditions. Besides, the Sinoartizan Under The Counter Beverage Cooler can hold the standard 750 ml sized bottles and 330 ml sized cans. So, the appliance has single-touch digital controls for beer, sparkling, white, or red.

This under counter wine fridge also has the benefit of a single-touch double function electronic display to monitor temperatures. So, the chiller comprises auto defrost and soft internal LED lighting. Also, each cellar comes with its exclusive lock and the key to alleviate your worries about who might lay his hands on your collection.

Don’t take chances with your expensive wines or drinks! Sinoartizan’s sleek, modern under the counter wine cooler will keep all of your beverages at their proper temperature. This under counter wine fridge features a double-layer glass door so you can protect them from damaging UV light rays. Keeping these temperatures stable is key to enjoying the authentic flavor and not having that nasty taste that accompanies warm wines or drinks.

You’ll also be able to safely store different types in this unique compartmentalized trove. There are compartments for both wine on one side and alcoholic beverages like beer on the other side. Who says you need to sacrifice quality when it comes to organizing things? Don’t settle for any old product when it could be this fancy!

Keep your beverages cold at the right temperature with this Sinoartizan under-counter beverage cooler. The left cabinet ranges in cooling temperature from 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, while the right zone ranges from 39 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This left/right setup is optimal for keeping water bottles, sodas, or wine chilled at any degree you need them. You can also wirelessly monitor and control this under counter wine fridge through an app – just say hello to modern convenience!

The Sinoartizan Under The Counter Beverage Cooler is easy to operate and has a professional-looking touchpad. This under counter wine fridge saves energy and is environmentally friendly because it operates with R600a refrigerant. Moreover, this cooler has an attractive, sleek design that looks perfect anywhere you place it!

under the counter beverage cooler

  • It has a great capacity
  • Runs quietly and low vibrations
  • Sleek and luxury design
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Dual temperature zones
  • Difficult to move


5. Karcassin Under Counter Wine Fridge

The Karcassin Under Counter Wine Fridge offers the customer scope of purchasing a middle-range wine refrigeration system. Besides, the product has a stainless steel finish and is black in color. Moreover, it is considered an accomplishment inconvenience and modern performance. Also, the digital temperature control and display unit enable you to store your precious wines with the highest precision and ease.

The modern design includes a retractable glass door and wood shelving for both function and style. So, the appliance is free-standing, which makes it a very flexible wine refrigerator. In addition, the cellar’s sleek design enables it to fit into the most inflexible compactor openings, which saves you both money and space.

The Karcassin Under Counter Wine Fridge has two temperature zones, so you can store your whites and reds separately at their optimal temperatures. LCD display creates a modern look. Touch controls allow you to independently set the upper zone between 41-54°F for white wine storage and the lower zone between 54-64°F for red wine storage. In addition, the memory function ensures that settings are automatically restored in the event of power loss.

This fridge is perfect for those who live in small spaces, don’t have a wine storage space, or just want to keep their scotch neat and orderly. The Karcassin Wine Fridge lets you organise your wine collection with it’s 4 sliding shelves that can accommodate 28 standard-sized bottles of the 750-ml bottle size. This modern-day appliance features an aesthetically pleasing design with a reversible door with a lock, and trendy blue LED lights to make any place feel classy!

Convenient and beautiful under-counter wine cooler. Store your wine collection at a perfect temperature suited specifically for wine. Keeps your bottles well organized in sleek, elegant stainless steel with lowered vibration and noise that keeps sediments unperturbed. Lowered compressor with greater capacity to keep wines crisp, cool, and ready to pour – spoil friends & family for choice with excellent prototypes of bold reds, delicate whites, or flirtatious rosés. In contrast, our FINEST compressor is hard at work!

under-counter wine cooler

  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Compact design suitable for all kitchens
  • Smart temperature control
  • Quietly and smoothly
  • Bottom shelf not angled


6. Kalamera Under-Counter Wine Cooler

Suppose your weekend parties prompt little more than a half-hearted response. In that case, you need to invest in a deluxe 40 bottle wine cooler refrigerator that can house your entire beverage collection. With so much space, you will never be caught without a favorite wine. And it makes a great conversation starter for when all that comes to your mind are the weather and recent elections.

Kalamera Under-Counter Wine Cooler comes with state-of-the-art technology, including thermoelectric cooling systems that are extremely environmentally friendly. Besides, Kalamera Under-Counter Wine Cooler has convenient pull-out shelves that make finding the perfect wine that much easier. Also, with a deluxe model, you can rest assured that you will correctly take care of your wines, thanks to the specialized thermostat that allows you to maintain the correct temperature required for optimum flavor.

This sleek and modern under counter wine fridge stores 40 bottles of your favorite wine for you! With different size sections, this under-counter wine refrigerator is perfect for any wines enthusiast. The French door style opens to reveal the center glass/metal section where each bottle sits on a shelf.

This under counter wine fridge offers both Fahrenheit and Celsius options as well as an LED display so that you find what you’re looking for more easily! Store your collection at just the right temperature with ease thanks to its compartmentalized system and see before you buy which entrance best suits your needs: open-air or locked security.

Freeze your wine to the perfect temperature with this Kalamera Under-Counter Wine Cooler. Dual-Zone Thermostat lets you customize for your various wine types. Built-in alarm to safeguard against fluctuations if the door is not closed correctly, and an LED display will let you know what’s going on at all times! Contact our customer service before purchasing–they can help answer any questions or concerns.

under counter wine fridge

  • It has a compressor cooling system for quietness
  • Beech wooden shelves are very aesthetically pleasing
  • This under counter wine fridge has versatile temperature ranges
  • Security lock is exceptionally convenient
  • The price is quite high


7. Colzer Premium Under Counter Wine Fefrigerator

Suppose your wine collection is slowly taking over your home. In that case, you definitely need to purchase a Colzer Premium Under Counter Wine Refrigerator that will store all your favorites safely in its spacious compartments. This Under Counter Wine Refrigerator boasts unmatched storage, so you can enjoy any social engagement in style.

Moreover, its solid wood wine rack and sleek design make it the perfect addition to any home, and you are sure to get complimented on your exquisite taste.

The LED light within the cooler will come in handy when you’re hunting for the perfect bottle to suit an occasion, and its soft blue coloring is sure to maintain the calm atmosphere required for a successful party. Essentially this cooler is a great investment because it provides ample storage without being obstructive. In addition, it is sleek and compact and so makes a welcome addition to any household.

Colzer wine fridge size is perfect for any refrigerator cabinet. This under counter wine fridge looks like a painting when you put it in your kitchen! The wine rack inside the door is solid wood and adjustable; the air cooling system + activated carbon filter system can remove bad smells without worrying about hygiene. The reverse side glass door that showed nothing but glow makes the more beautiful interior spaces for keeping high-quality wines.

Colzer under counter wine fridge is the wine cabinet that you’ve always wished for: a constant temperature and humidity to keep your favorite vintage or dessert wine at its best. Our professional air cooling system and compressor perfectly match, bringing the best care to your collection of wines with unmatched convenience.

With just 100 pounds, this under counter wine fridge rustles about noiselessly, is stunning in design, and is capable of holding up to 51 bottles of wine (space may vary based on bottle size).

  • It has front vent
  • Great aesthetic and luxury design
  • Wide temperature range
  • Double toughened glass door
  • One temperature zone


8. Kalamera Under Cabinet Wine Cooler

For a kitchen with a small space, investing in an under cabinet wine cooler is a great idea. So we would like to recommend the Kalamera Under Cabinet Wine Cooler to you. This cooler also uses superior technology in advanced technology, low vibration, and low noise compressor. Moreover, unlike other coolers, it does not use Freon, an incredibly damaging gas. Besides, this is achieved with the absence of a compressor, making the machine extraordinarily silent and undisruptive to enjoy yourself in a peaceful background.

A spacious wine cooler is perfect for all those summer soirees, and its cutting-edge technology keeps it quieter than other models, thus allowing you to enjoy your evening in peace. Most models also feature blue LED lights so that you can quickly locate your wine of choice. Of course, they also look great amid any décor.

This wine and beverage refrigerator with an automatic defrosting function this function would work every six hours. The black air outlet is so cool and fit for different kitchens; only Kalamera has this unique design. One of the best features of our product is its capacity to hold up to 30 bottles of your favorite wines in several sizes.

It’s unaffected by pinot or champagne-type bottles because of our seamless stainless steel frame that includes two layers of tempered glass that stabilize temperature levels inside the cabinet. This under counter wine fridge also has a functional design, which will make your home much more stylish than ever before!

Sometimes, your room just isn’t big enough to fit a regular-sized wine fridge. That’s why the Kalamera Under Cabinet Wine Cooler is perfect for you! With sleek LED controls that are easy to use and gentle climate control that will provide constant chilling temperature, whether it be 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 66 degrees Fahrenheit, this handy product can certainly offer what you’re looking for in terms of cooling space.

What’s more? All fixtures make installation as simple as possible – meaning no matter if you want this installed under another counter or used as a freestanding under counter wine fridge, there won’t be any problems with this clever little storage system.

  • Compact design
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use and store
  • Double-layered tempered glass door
  • Capacity may not be fully accurate


9. Smith & Hanks Under Cabinet Wine Fridge

Throwing a party requires finesse. But this finesse is easily acquired with the Smith & Hanks Under Cabinet Wine Fridge, which boasts a superior storage capacity to store all your favorite wines in one place.

As any wine expert will tell you, each wine type has a specific favorite temperature that gives it an optimum taste. Unfortunately, most wine coolers contain only one storage space, and so can only one type of wine. So, with the Smith & Hanks Under Cabinet Wine Fridge, you can have the best wines you love.

Smith & Hanks Under Cabinet Wine Fridge is the perfect space-saving solution for any home! Our versatile design allows our wine cabinets to be installed as a built-in temperature-controlled wine refrigerator or as a free-standing appliance. With 32 bottle capacity and dual temperature zones, you can store reds and whites at their ideal drinking temperatures. Smith & Hanks has your wine storage needs covered!

Smith & Hanks Under Cabinet Wine Fridge. Does the corner of your kitchen make you cringe? Is there no room for a full-sized wine fridge, but you want to show off your delicious prize wines proudly and without worry? That’s where compact gadgets like our 15″ under cabinet wine fridge come in handy. Perfectly sized and easy to install (just plug it in!), these fridges will help transform any awkward space into an elegant cellar that any collector would be proud of!

Plus, we stand behind every product we manufacture with a 1-year warranty and 3-year warranty on compressors and sealed systems. So you can trust the reliability of this affordable appliance from Smith & Hanks.

under cabinet wine cooler

  • Outstanding warranty for customers
  • Lots of storage for bottle size
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact design
  • One zone temperature


10. BODEGA Under Counter Wine Fridge

Suppose your travels have led you to accumulate quite a few splendid wines. In that case, it is about time you invest in an effective under counter wine fridge like the BODEGA Under Counter Wine Fridge that boasts of formidable space and other excellent features.

This cooler can accommodate 31 of your finest wines and keep them in tip-top condition for each and every soiree you host and so you are sure to be remembered for your excellent beverages. Besides, the advanced compressor cooling and outstanding compressor vibration reduction gear make this wine fridge extremely environmentally friendly and unbelievably quiet.

The BODEGA Counter Wine Fridge is the ultimate under counter wine fridge! This under counter wine fridge can hold up to 31 750ml bottles, has a place for large wine like champagne and pinot noir. Plus, your wines are protected with long-term or short-term storage, making sure you enjoy their true taste.

Keep your wine at the perfect temperature and ready to drink with the stylish BODEGA under counter fridge designed for small spaces. This elegant, built-in style is great if you live in a house without an extra fridge but still want something that’s beautifully designed and fits seamlessly into your décor. The BODEGA under counter wine fridge keeps red and white wines tasting their best thanks to its constant temperature control range of 41 degrees F-68 degrees F.

The BODEGA Under Counter Wine Fridge is a sleek wall-mounted device that brings wine storage to the 21st century. This under counter wine fridge uses quiet whisper technology for vibration dampening, temperature control to precisely maintain your reds and whites at just the right temperature, and an LCD indicator with touch screen controls for easy use. Put this smart refrigerator under your countertop or in another tight space anywhere you need this under counter wine fridge – no floor or floor installation is required.

under cabinet wine cooler

  • Affordable price
  • Slim width makes it versatile
  • Easy clean and use
  • Restores temperature after power loss
  • Only has one zone temperature


Buying Guides:

Considerations for purchasing under counter wine fridge

There are various things that an individual needs to consider before they finalize the under counter wine cooler that they would like to have at their place. Besides, a few of the considerations that will help one to choose the perfect under counter wine fridge are as follows:

1. Read the review

There are under counter wine cooler of various models available in the market so after finalizing on a few of the models you would like to have, the person should read under counter wine cooler review of your favorite ones. So, you can read the reviews from various websites that sell the wine coolers you are looking for. Every model will be having certain pros and cons but it is the buyer’s responsibility to decide on the final model that would suit them perfectly.

2. The quantity of wine

If you are planning to store a few bottles of wine at your place then you can go ahead with under counter wine fridge. But if you are planning to store a few dozen of wine bottles in your house then it is better that you opt for built in under counter wine fridge.

This is, normally, used in restaurants and bars to store wine so that they can serve to their numerous customers. If you want to store just a few bottles in the under counter wine fridge then you can go ahead with small under counter wine cooler that is specially designed for people who have a small family and who don’t party much.

3. Type of wine

If few people in the house like white wine while the others like red wine then choosing of under counter wine fridge needs to be given extra care as all the wine coolers are not designed in such a way that they can store both the kind of wine. You can decide to have dual zone wine cooler wherein you can store both white and red wine thus, making things simpler and easier.

Few popular brands of under counter wine fridge

There are many brands of under counter wine cooler available in the market. But, all the wine coolers are not good so the buyer should choose the one that suits their requirement. Also, a few of the popular brands of under counter wine cooler are as follows:

1. Avanti under counter wine fridge:

One of the most popular brands among under counter wine fridges is an Avanti wine cooler. If you decide to purchase Avanti then you need not worry about the size of the under counter wine fridge because this brand is known for the variety that it offers. So it can be said that a user can find any quantity of wine cooler that they want. Avanti WC3015S3S is a popular under counter wine fridge that has a front end opening. Though this is not an under counter model but it is being used by many people.

2. Sub Zero under-counter wine cooler:

Sub Zero under-counter wine cooler can also be bought and this brand can be trusted because this holds a great name in the world of refrigeration as they have been in the industry for quite a long time now.

3. Danby under the counter beverage cooler:

Danby under the counter beverage cooler is trusted by people. Because they can get anything that they want under this brand name. A person can choose a regular wine cooler, under the counter beverage cooler, or anything else that they want and apart from that, different models have different prices and different features so that can be chosen accordingly.

4. Sunpentown under counter wine refrigerator:

Sunpentown under counter wine refrigerator is known for the variety of features that it offers; many of its coolers also have a heating facility thus, making it easy for people to heat the wine when required.

5. Vinotemp under cabinet wine cooler:

Few of the models of Vinotemp under cabinet wine cooler are such that it can be used as under counter beverage cooler thus, making it suited for dual usage.

6. GE under cabinet wine fridge:

GE under cabinet wine fridge is one of the best things to have because of the durability that it offers. So, GE monogram is also a GE brand so that too can be trusted.

7. Viking under counter cooler:

Viking under the counter cooler is being liked by people because of the variety of designs that it offers and apart from that, they have under counter wine coolers of different sizes thus, making it easy for the buyer to choose one.

8. Wine enthusiast under counter cooler:

Above all, Wine enthusiast is a brand for people who just love wine; as the name suggests, a person can get anything related to wine under this brand.

If you are not sure regarding the place from where you would like to purchase an under counter cooler then you can visit Lowes or Costo where you will be able to find all the under counter wine fridges at one place. This way you can choose the one that best matches your requirement.

If you have ever purchased under counter beverage center for your house in the past then you need not worry while purchasing a under counter wine fridge because both are almost same. So, under counter wine cooler 24 inches is best suited for people who are willing to use it for a family with 4-6 members.

While purchasing under counter wine cooler, the person should check the humidity of the room, and accordingly, the temperature of the under counter wine fridge needs to be adjusted and at the same time, the moment of air in the under counter wine fridge should also be considered as proper air flow will avoid the growth of bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why does it pays to buy wine online?

Wine is a very popular beverage these days with many people choosing to have a glass with their dinner each evening. There are so many different types of wine from wine-growing regions all over the world and it can be difficult to choose unless you are knowledgeable about it.

There are many wine connoisseurs out there who will spend their time looking for the best wine. So, these people know how to appreciate all the flavors of wine and they will only buy the best. Others will buy the cheapest bottle they can find and will drink it as though it were lemonade. Then there are the people who buy wine as an investment. Also, these people know that wine can become very valuable the older it gets. Besides, they will choose to invest their money in good quality bottles that will age very well.

Whatever type of wine you like be it white, red, rose, dry, sweet, or vegetarian wine. So, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for online. These days most of us will buy almost anything online. Because we can get much more choice and much better prices and wine is no exception.

If you are going to buy bottles of wine then looking on the internet really is your best option. You have a much broader choice because you can buy from all over the world and with so much competition online, retailers have no choice but to keep their prices low. You can also find a number of other wine-related accessories such as wine racks and wine cooler refrigerators.

2. Do under counter wine fridges need ventilation?

Above all, usually speaking, integrated refrigerators, freezers, or incorporated fridge/freezers require air to flow in under the under counter wine fridge, behind the appliance and back out with the top over the home appliance. So, this can indicate vents or gaps need to go on any cabinets bordering the appliance in the ideal areas.

3. What size is an under-counter wine cooler?

Refrigerators are commonly between 500mm (50cm) and 600mm (60cm) broad, but always examine specific item measurements to ensure that they will fit where you require them to.

4. How do you remove an under-counter wine refrigerator?

The plinth at the bottom is usually hung on to the cupboard legs by gigantic “C” clips. You just delicately draw wherever you can (open up the refrigerator and look down) and delicately draw from the top towards you as well as downwards at the same time.

5. How do you attach cabinet doors to the under cabinet wine cooler?

Ideally, use 2″ wooden strips, which are 1.5″ vast to the framework in the refrigerator door. When the door has been mounted with the wood and the timber has been glued to the fridge door utilizing the urethane-based sticky. After that, you can attach cabinet doors that match your kitchen area to the front of the refrigerator door.


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