🥇[TOP 5] Best Haier Wine Cooler Reviews In 2021

Top 5 Best Haier Wine Cooler Reviews In 2021


The Haier wine cooler is highly recommendable because it is trendy with most wine lovers, and all of these satisfied customers can’t be wrong. The best Haier wine coolers also have smart features such as reversible doors and temperature zone controls that other wine coolers may not be able to provide. They have many models that cater to everyone’s needs. The coolers also have thermoelectric cooling that makes no noise; this ensures that the wine’s density is as it should be.

Haier Wine Cooler

The coolers also have different capacities that may hold as many wine bottles as you want. If you need to buy a wine cooler, the Haier wine cooler should be on your list because they are the best in quality and very stylish and affordable. This wine cooler will provide you with the best place to store your wine in its required conditions. You can look up these coolers online to read more on them and the Haier wine cooler reviews posted by people who have purchased them and enjoy using them.

The coolers also have different capacities that may hold as many wine bottles as you want. If you need to buy a wine cooler, the Haier wine cooler should be on your list because they are the best in quality and very stylish and affordable. This wine cooler will provide you with the best place to store your wine in its required conditions. You can look up these coolers online to read more on them and the Haier wine cooler reviews posted by people who have purchased them and enjoy using them.

Best Haier Wine Coolers

Product's Name
Capacity & Temperature Range
Haier 8-Bottle Bottle Wine Cellar8-Bottles
Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door12-Bottles
46°F-66°F upper compartment;
54°F-66°F lower compartment
Haier HVTM16ABB 16-Bottle Wine Cellar16-Bottles
46°F - 64°F
Haier HVCE15BBH 26-Bottle Wine Cellar26-Bottles
46°F - 66°F
Haier HVZ040ABH5S Wine Cooler40 Bottles
39°F - 65°F

Top 5 Best Haier Wine Cooler:

1. Haier 8-Bottle Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls

Now when it comes to appliances and electronics, Haier can be considered one of those right up there with the best industry. It is why it is no wonder that we have one on our Haier wine cooler reviews list, and that is the Haier HVTEC08ABS.

This Haier 8-bottle wine cooler may not be significant incapacity, but it more than makes up for it with its efficiency and ease of use. Plus, you can’t complain about how it looks. Its simplicity only adds to its elegance and would be a fantastic addition to your home. This Haier wine cooler makes use of thermoelectric cooling. It’s quiet and doesn’t vibrate either, which is why you can count on it not to disturb the sediments in the wine so that it won’t disrupt its aging process—something we all know is significant to keep the wine in excellent condition.

There’s a little bit of noise coming from the fan but won’t disrupt whatever you’re doing day in and day out. This Haier wine cooler is sturdy, well-made and the best thing of all is it is compact, so you won’t have a hard time finding a place for it. And this Haier wine cooler has an interior light that gently illuminates the bottles.

It’s a pretty good purchase. No wonder it got an average rating of 4 stars from its customers. You don’t get a lot of those with wine chillers.

We Recommend this wine cellar from Haier for those looking for wine storage with a small capacity and won’t take up too much space.

Haier Wine Cooler

Product Features:

  • It can store up to eight bottles at a time.
  • It has an insulated glass door that is double-paned.
  • Leaves a small footprint wherever you decide to put it.
  • You can store red or white wines in it.
  • With Black Trim/Black Cabinet
  • It can adjust thermostat control.
  • It has a blue led display.
  • Soft Interior Light
  • Weighs 20.9 pounds.
  • Adjustable digital thermostat control with Blue LED display.
  • Measure 20.3 x 17.9 x 9.9 inches.

Pros and Cons:

  • Perfect for red or white wines
  • Inexpensive price
  • Easy to use
  • Soft interior light
  • Little capacity


2. Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cooler

Keep up to 12 bottles of your favorite white or red wine at optimum temperature. This black unit has a Blue LED display for Electronic Temperature Control and a double-paned glass door to protect it from the outside. The thermoelectric cooling system keeps the company vibrating, and the six racks provide steady and secure storage. The small size of this unit allows you to fit it where it is needed.

The wine cooler or chiller has been designed with the significant purpose of cooling down the temperature of all sorts of wine. Haier HVTEC12DABS wine coolers are very sophisticated tools for bringing down the temperature of beverage products to the cooling point so that wine can be kept in perfect condition.

Holding fifty bottles of your favorite wine, Haier’s 12-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler will keep them chilled to drink any time. Deep enough for standard length wine and conveniently adjustable shelves and dividers let you organize your collection in the best way for you. This attractive freestanding unit requires no assembly and is ETL certified with a locking door that prevents uninvited guests from coming over to see what wines we’re cooking up.

These units hold 12 bottles and have dual-zone, which allows you to store a mixed mid-sized collection of white and red wines in one. The lower part has a temperature range for white wine, while the upper part chills red wine beautifully. Also, the curved door with smoked glass protects it from the outside. The thermoelectric cooling system keeps the unit from vibrating, and the six racks provide steady and secure storage in this all-back unit. Store your wines in style!

Haier Wine Cooler

Product Features:

  • Can store up to 12 bottles at a time.
  • Vibration-free
  • Ultra-quiet thermal electric cooling
  • Suitable for Red or White wines
  • With Black Trim/Black Cabinet
  • It can independently adjust thermostat control.
  • Dual touch screen controls with blue LED displays.
  • Weighs 31.3 pounds
  • Measure 20.3 x 26 x 9.9 inches

Pros and Cons:

  • Ultra quiet thermal electric cooling
  • Perfect for red or white wines
  • Full-width chrome storage racks
  • Dual touch screen controls
  • Cheaply made


3. Haier HVTM16ABB 16-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls

We will be checking out the Haier HVTM16ABB 16-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls as the next Haier wine cooler on our wine cooler reviews. It would leave you wondering if it is worth purchasing or if it would be better if you settled for something else at a low price.

The Haier HVTM16ABB sixteen-bottle dual zone wine cellar has a mirrored glass door & a sleek contemporary design to make it attractive and versatile. You can use it on both your red and white wine collections. This Haier wine cooler also features electronic controls for ease of operation and a blue LED display to ensure it’s always at the perfect temperature. This Haier wine cooler has a recessed handle, a compact size, as well as a small footprint so you can place it anywhere you like in your home. Worth the money.

During this, you can store up to 16 bottles of your favorite white or red wine at optimum temperature in this compact unit with electronic controls. So, this unit has automatic controls for reds and whites. Also, this all-black unit has an LED display for Electronic Temperature Control and a double-paned glass door to protect it from the outside. So, the thermoelectric cooling system keeping the unit from vibrating, and the four full-width racks provide steady and secure storage. 

The Haier HVTM16ABB 16-Bottle Wine Cellar is perfect for those who want to keep their wine warm and at the right temperature. With an easy electronic control panel with a blue led display, this compact size cellar is a must-have if you like red or white wines! You can use it on your countertop without taking too much room and even set the perfect wine storage temp. Plus, it has a recessed handle making it an interactive and convenient appliance to use every day.

Haier Wine Cooler

Product Features:

  • This wine cooler can store up to sixteen bottles of wine.
  • It has a compact size with a small footprint.
  • Has a light to illuminate your collection and an on/off switch
  • It is excellent for both red & white wine.
  • It features electronic controls complete with a blue led display.
  • This Haier wine cooler also has a recessed handle.
  • Weighs 32.6 pounds
  • Measure 17.1 x 20.1 x 8.9 inche

Pros and Cons:

  • 16 bottle capacity
  • Compact size
  • Easy to clean
  • Recessed handle
  • The price is a bit expensive


4. Haier HVCE15BBH Built-In or Freestanding 26-Bottle Wine Cellar

This wine chiller has occupied a prestigious niche in the market. This wine cooling appliance is built with durable metal like silver for storing the liquid in this bottle or container. It has a powerful thermostat for cooling the wine of the bottle. This Haier wine cooler is also well equipped with an LED temp display unit. There is a full guarantee for maintaining the temperature inside the container. The price range is also very comfortable.

Haier branded wine cooling refrigerator is upgraded with highly sophisticated technology to keep the temperature stable, whether it is rough or average weather. Besides, in any climatic change, the wine will be good and cool in this ultramodern wine chiller. Customers have applauded much about the effectiveness and usefulness of this wine cooler of Haier HVCE15BBH wine cooler. Moreover, its stainless-steel-with-black cabinet door adds a touch of luxury to any space.

Store your wine in this beautiful, sleek Haier HVCE15BBH Built-In or Freestanding 26-Bottle Wine Cellar. This unit can be used as a built-in or free-standing and has single-zone temperature 5 storage racks. The black finish with stainless trim will not go unnoticed on any countertop! Store your favorite bottles here and let the liquid gold do all the work for you.

Our Haier HVCE15BBH wine cooler is elegant and built to last, made of stainless steel with a sleek black finish. With electronic temperature control and an LED display, there’s no need for guesswork in storing your reds or whites – this cooling machine can hold them all! The double panel glass door makes for easy viewing without impairing the growth of your wine’s flavor. Check out our line of high-quality products available on Amazon today!

Product Features:

  • Suitable for both red and white wines
  • Can store up to 26 bottles of wine
  • 5 Storage Racks
  • Can be used as Built-in or Free-standing
  • Single zone temperature
  • Electronic temperature controls with blue LED display.
  • Black with stainless trim
  • Weighs 110 pounds
  • Measure 22.13 x 34.25 x 14.88 inches

Pros and Cons:

  • Built-in or Free-standing
  • Large capacity
  • 5 storage racks
  • LED display
  • Only one temperature zone


5. Haier HVZ040ABH5S 40 Bottle Wine Cooler

Among the 40 bottle models, you could get the Haier HVZ040ABH5S wine cooler. Viewed from the outside, there is a flat glass double pane door with Blue Gray Tint and Metal Trim, and the compartments are lighted by a soft interior light. There are many racks where you could cool your red and white wines, beer, and soda. It includes five flat chrome storage racks and two half-depth flat racks.

A Haier 40 bottle wine cooler is a sure bet when it comes to keeping your wines at the best temperatures for maximum satisfaction. Easily store wines with dual-function LED readout with indicator lights, indicating 39°F – 65°F temperature range in each dual zone.

Also, with a little research, you could find out the recommended temperatures for the serving of various types of wine. Depending on the wine’s location and its style, the optimum temperature is going to vary. However, this Haier wine cooler is not enough to know such things. You also have to provide the conditions to enjoy the wine adequately. It is where the use of the Haier HVZ040ABH5S 40 Bottle Wine Cooler is.

The Haier HVZ040ABH5S 40 Bottle Wine Cooler is the perfect wine storage for those who like to entertain. It’s got a neat and clean design with flexible zone settings that allow you to store white and red wine separately, which means it’s always ready no matter what tastings your guests prefer.

This stainless steel appliance has an excellent capacity and includes dual functions LED readout that displays time and temperature as well as bottle count, so you’ll always know the food’s freshness without needing to check it every five minutes! And if you need some instant chilling after some rough days at work, just set the timer on automatic setting- your bottles of rosé will be chilled in minutes.

Product Features:

  • Five flat chrome racks and two half-depth flat racks
  • Heavy-Duty Brushed Metal Handle
  • Suitable for both red and white wines and automatic settings for each.
  • Dual-function LED Readout
  • Adjustable Dual electronic flex zone
  • Can store up to 40 bottles of wine
  • Curved glass door with Blue Gray Tint and Metal Trim
  • Weighs 110 pounds
  • Measure 40.2 x 22 x 22 inches

Pros and Cons:

  • Dual electronic flexi zone
  • Dual-function LED readout
  • 5 wood-trimmed chrome storage racks and 2 half-depth racks
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • The price is a bit expensive


Buying Guides:

Here are some tips for buying the perfect Haier wine cooler. To start with, the most crucial factor in deciding is your requirement, so if you determine the number of bottles you intend to store, it’s better to double it in numbers to meet your future needs.


It is always advised to be sure of the capacity you required to save your money because having 40 bottles capacity cooler is not recommended if you store about ten bottles at once. It will save your initial cost and the electricity bill, so if you’re a wine enthusiast to collect wine, it’s better to have a larger capacity cooler to be on the safer side. Wine cooler comes in different sizes and capacities, which can start from 5 bottles to have 50 bottles or even up to hundreds.

Temperature control:

The second factor that counts a lot is whether you required the cooler having features. Such as temperature zone controls, which will help keep the wine in different temperature zones according to your requirement so that you can have the perfect chill wine according to your liking.

Humidity control:

The third factor to consider while buying the cooler is to have the cooler with humidity control so that your expensive wines can be safe from ruin. Due to a lack of humidity control, your wines can be mildew or mold, which will ruin wine’s real taste.


The fourth point to focus on is to buy the wine cooler, which has adjustable or detachable racks. You can store all sort of wines which comes in different shapes and sizes by only removing the rack to fit the bottles and its also practical approach because it also helps to clean wine cooler easily when needed.

Style and Design:

The fifth factor that has to be considered while buying the wine cooler is its style and design. Because if you want to use it to serve your guest, it should be stylish; otherwise, if it’s only kept in the kitchen, then the ordinary one is better to save money. But you should consider the color as it matches the surrounding in which you want to keep it. So it’s also better to browse a bit before buying one.

How to use Haier Wine Cooler Refrigerators to store wine?

You will find many people around always complaining about the problem of storing their wine. So the answer to this problem is quite simple. It’s now your turn to buy your wine cooler refrigerators. Many brands are offering a cooler, which makes purchasing a perfect wine cooler a bit tricky job. I am here to rescue you from this kind of situation but provide some tips on buying a Haier wine cooler.

Before making a blind or hasty decision, it is better to take a moment and consider the significant point that can make you win a situation like that. The wine cooler should have some basic features like dual or multi-zone temperature because different types of wines need extra humidity and temperature levels. The cooler refrigerator you’re going to buy should be flexible enough to support different temperature zones because it varies depending on different types of wines.

The other thing that counts is the cooler capacity, so think about how many wines bottles you devour daily, which will give the idea of the required capacity of cooler you need to store your bottles more securely. If you’re a wine enthusiast, it’s better to opt for the bigger capacity wine cooler to meet your needs.

Also, keep in mind where you want to keep your cooler because it should match the interior and give a stylish look. It’s better to buy a cooler from a certified seller so that you can claim its warranty. Many people experience difficulty in their Haier wine cooler shipping but choosing the erroneous seller. So it’s better to take a closer look at seller reviews when buying online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Where to buy Haier wine cooler?

Above all, the internet-based shopping centers will be a convenient tool to purchase this brand’s well-recognized wine cooler. There are different good sites like Amazon, which will provide many models of this wine cooling device at comfortable price rates.

The fact is that a person will have to spend some time searching for a cost-effective and competent Haier wine cooling bottle. So, it should mug up the online reviews for building the conception about different features of this wine cooler. Lastly, a short but comprehensive self-study in the local market will also help lay hands on the Haier lineup’s suitable and elegant wine refrigerator.

Also, the other thing you can do is browse some sites and check reviews of the particular product. And ask your friends about their experience with a specific brand, which will give an idea of which brand product suits your requirement and is durable enough to serve you a couple of years.

Investing in a wine cooler will undoubtedly save your expensive bottles for trash cans and save you a couple of bucks, so investing in a decent cooler will be the best investment one can be made.

2. Is Haier wine cooler reliable?

When it comes to cooling your wines, none does it better than a Haier wine cooler. It does not matter whether you are just beginning to get interested in wines and have a small collection or a long time fan looking for a dependable brand in wine cooling. You may not even know anything about wines. But would nonetheless want a place to put the red wines you receive for Christmas before drinking them. Either way, it could not stress the importance of proper cooling enough.

A lot of the enjoyment in wines comes from knowing the right temperature that suits your beverage. Also, it is probably often the case that ignorance about wines has caused people to serve their wines too warm or too cold, lessening the enjoyment of the drink. It will thus affect the number of people who get interested in wines and wine drinking.

Haier is a trusted brand for many wine enthusiasts, with its prestige over the years. Mentioning ‘Haier’ is a clue that a person has a taste and knows about wines.

3. How much capacity does Haier wine cooler have?

The different wine coolers offered by Haier vary in size. Besides, the smallest one holds only four bottles. But some have six bottles, eight bottles, and 12 bottles. So, you would think that this is enough, but it would mistake you. There is a tremendous demand for coolers that hold from 15 bottles to 50 bottles.

4. Can Haier wine cooler be put under the counter?

Under the counter, a wine table is considered a more practical and modern approach instead of investing a considerable amount in extensive, expansive cellars and countertops. And the reason behind this is that it covers a larger area in the room. Now it’s time to think smarter and go for the type of under-counter Haier wine coolers.

Also, it can seem that in every single modern-day kitchen of the wine lover collectors. So if you don’t have under counter wine table, then now you should consider having one. So it’s time to renovate your kitchen and make room for under counter wine cooler. And, the best place for a Haier wine cooler is to install it away from the heating sources. So the tip regarding the under-counter wine cooler is installing it away from the appliance, which can cause vibration such as dishwasher, etc. because it can damage your expensive wine collection and device.

5. Tinted glass or clear glass, which one is best?

Above all, the other tip is that the cooler should have the tined glass and not the clear glass as it will keep your wine collection away from the UV rays, which can ruin the taste of wine. That has been proven that natural light can harm the wine and other factors are humidity and uncontrolled temperature. It is essential to keep in mind the color scheme of kitchen furniture and especially the counter so that you can have a perfect under Haier wine cooler, which matches the kitchen’s interior and exterior.

6. What is the style of Haier wine cooler?

The other key element to look at is its styling because it makes a massive difference in its look. There are many manufactures out there offering you the perfect fit for your kitchen. All you have to do is a bit of research, and users can find an ideal match. Before going for a buying hunt, you should do your proper homework like the exact dimension of the filing cabinet to fit perfectly. And also gives you the idea that does the space available is enough for your required capacity.

If you’re interested in storing more than one type of wine, you have to go for the dual-temperature wine cooler, which offers a different temperature zone that suits every kind of wine. Because as discussed earlier that wine needs the perfect temperature and humidity level for excellent taste every time.

The last tip is that the Haier wine cooler is not an ordinary appliance. So this Haier wine cooler is better to invest a bit more to get the perfect cooler, which gives you peace of mind for many years to come.

7. How do Haier wine coolers work?

Haier wine coolers are designed to chill your wine to the optimal drinking temperature. Haier wine cellar doors each have a single button to turn the unit on/off and four buttons for controlling the thermostat settings.

8. What is Haier’s warranty policy for wine coolers?

Haier provides a 1-year limited warranty. For Haier’s full warranty terms, please refer to Haier’s website by clicking here.

9. How do I clean my Haier wine cooler?

Haier recommends cleaning the front of your wine cellar door with a soft cloth, wiping in the direction of the woodgrain. In addition, Haier recommends using Haier cleaning products for best results. For Haier’s full care and use guide, please refer to Haier’s website by clicking here.

10. Are Haier Coolers made in China?

Yes, Haier wine coolers are made in China. Haier wine coolers meet all US safety standards and regulations. Haier is a subsidiary of Haier Group, the world’s #1 major appliance brand as ranked by Euromonitor International 2014, and Haier wine coolers have consistently been rated highly by consumers.

11. How do I pair my Haier wine cooler to Haier’s mobile app?

Haier’s mobile app allows you to quickly and easily pair your Haier wine cooler with just a few steps. Please refer to Haier’s full connectivity guide by clicking here.

12. My Haier wine cooler is not cooling to the proper temperature. How do I resolve this issue?

Haier wine coolers are designed to maintain optimal cooling performance in a range of ambient temperatures between 0 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, Haier wine coolers may not be able to achieve proper cooling performance when placed in environments outside of Haier’s stated temperature range. If you believe your Haier wine cooler is running hotter than Haier’s stated temperature range, please refer to Haier’s care and use guide for more information.


Haier is a consumer electronics and appliance company with headquarters in China. So, their Haier wine cooler includes refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, computers, mobile phones, air conditioners, and televisions. Haier had the largest market share of appliances globally, at a whopping 7.8 percent.

Above are the latest models on Haier Wine Coolers (or wine cellars). All of these units feature thermoelectric cooling, which makes virtually no noise. So, Thermoelectric cooling systems don’t have the vibrations that many compressor cooling systems have. Also, pulse disrupts the sediments in the wine, which throws off the aging process. Take away the pulse, and the wine you store away in your cellar can age naturally. Perfect for wine enthusiasts everywhere!

The Haier wine cooler is a trendy product for wine lovers. These satisfied customers can’t be wrong! Not only does it have reversible doors, but also temperature zone controls that other wine coolers may not provide. In addition, it has many models to cater to everyone’s needs and thermoelectric cooling, which ensures that the density of the wines is as it should be. If you’re looking for a high-quality appliance with smart features such as these, then this might just be your best bet!

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