🥇[TOP 5] Best Newair Wine Cooler Reviews in 2021

Top 5 – The Best Newair Wine Cooler Reviews 2021


If you love your wines, then you will have to get a Newair wine cooler for your home. But are you aware of the fact that most homes are not able to keep their wines at the right temperature? You might think that your refrigerator can do that, but the truth is that your refrigerator cannot keep them chilled for long.

The other problem is that your refrigerator is not efficient enough to cool the wines, and the condensation takes a toll on your wine. So what should you do to cool down your favorite wine and still keep it at the right temperature?

First, you may tell yourself that your wine cooler is perfectly capable of storing your wine at just about the same temperature as your beers. But recent tests have shown that the different use of Newair wine cooler results in maintaining that fluid at just the right temperature needed for optimum taste. You would also be pleased to learn that Newair wine coolers come with a very generous storage capacity.

This storage capacity allows you to store more than four cases worth of beverages without any problem whatsoever. In addition, the Newair wine cooler’s storage capacity ensures that all the air is trapped inside the unit, and therefore the fluid stays fresh and cool for a more extended period.

Newair Wine Cooler

The following section has some of the other essential facts about Newair wine coolers. You can benefit from reading this section, especially if you plan to buy one of these refrigerators for your home. First, you can see that all refrigeration units manufactured by Newair come with built-in thermometers that measure the temperature.

This is a great Newair wine cooler list that I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality and budget-friendly wine cooler.

Best Newair Wine Coolers:

Product's Name
Temperature Range
NewAir AWR-1600DB Wine CoolerUpper zone: 40°F to 55°F.
Bottom zone: 50°F to 66°F.
NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine CoolerUpper zone: 40°F to 50°F.
Bottom zone: 50°F to 66°F.
NewAir AWR-520SB Wine Cooler40°F to 65°F. 
NewAir AWR-460DB Wine Cooler40°F to 66°F.
NewAir AWR-290DB Wine CoolerUpper zone: 40°F to 50°F.
Lower zone: 50°F to 66°F.

Top 9 – The Best Newair Wine Cooler:

1. NewAir AWR-1600DB Wine Cooler

Those who will buy NewAir AWR-1600DB Wine Cooler will not regret their decision. This will provide them with a convenient way of storing their wines and separating the red ones from the white ones since the two have different cooling levels that make drinking them pleasurable.

Its casing is also durable and could easily blend with any other furniture and appliances in its surroundings. Its door handle is durable, and the tempered glass that covers it protects the wine from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which could affect its taste and flavor. There is no vibration, and the wines remain undisturbed inside their containers. The bespoke beech wood shelves with gold interior illumination make it quite a looker.

The NewAir AWR-1600DB Wine Cooler is a dual-zone wine cooler that has settings for both white and red vintages. Keep your whites in the upper section at 40 to 55 degrees while keeping your reds warm in the lower chamber that reaches 50 to 66 degrees. With up to 160 standard wine bottles, this device can store them all!

Display your red wine and white wine collection in style – gold lights are quite rare to the ubiquitous blue and feel premium. The 15 beech wood 3-rail sliding shelves glide efficiently and also all the means forward. So, this makes it less complicated to load and also unload wine bottles without damaging them.

This is dual-zone cooling for red and white wine. Of course, it would help if you had store wines at the ideal offering temperature level. The triple-layered glass with smoke tint lends a premium touch and protects your priceless glass of wine collection from possibly harmful UV rays.

Newair Wine Cooler

Key features:

  • Stores up to 160 bottles of wine.
  • Front venting for built-in or freestanding.
  • Dual temperature zones with electronic controls.
  • Exclusive three-rail gliding shelf system.
  • Upper zone: 40 to 55 degrees. Lower zone: 50 to 66 degrees.
  • Lighting: Soft-gold LED w/2 brightness settings.
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5″ L x 26.8″ W x 70″ H.
  • Product weight: 222 pounds.
  • 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons:

  • Worthy of the money.
  • Incredibly reputable brand name.
  • Built-in and freestanding application.
  • Dual-zone cooling.
  • Ideal for both white as well as red wine.
  • Triple-layered solidified glass for UV defense.
  • Luxurious design.
  • There are almost no cons.


2. NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler


Newair Wine Cooler

Key features:

  • Capacity up to 116 bottles.
  • Upper zone: 40°F to 50°F. Bottom zone: 50°F to 66°F.
  • Front venting for built-in or freestanding.
  • Dual temperature zones.
  • It has complete electronic controls.
  • Type of Shelf: Beech Wood, Three-Rail gliding shelf system
  • Lighting: Gold LED w/ 2 brightness settings
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5″ L x 26.8″ W x 56″ H
  • Product Weight: 183 lbs
  • Products backed by a 1-year warranty

Pros and Cons:

  • A name you can trust.
  • Accurate temperature controls.
  • Nice lighting that illuminates the wines inside.
  • Black outer coat with a stainless steel door that complements any décor.
  • Easy push-button controls.
  • Outstanding customer support.
  • Not much space between bottles


3. NewAir AWR-520SB Wine Cooler

Like all other things, the NewAir AWR-520SB 52 Bottle Wine Cooler has its pros and cons. Design-wise, the NewAir AWR-520SB looks very pleasing. It has a black coating and stainless steel that can match any furniture or wall color. The look of the cooler gives you a very cool atmosphere in the room. From an environmental perspective, the NewAir really stands as one of the eco-friendly advocates.

The product doesn’t utilize any CFCs or HCFCs that may cause harm to the ozone layer. And again, it is because of its thermoelectric cooling system. Lastly, the NewAir can accommodate up to 52 bottles. This means that you can purchase many wines without having to worry about where to place them.

Why should you buy the NewAir AWR-520SB 52 Bottle Wine Cooler? There are many reasons for buying this product. The most common one is when you have many wines and don’t have a place to store them. Having to store the wines in this cooler will give you the assurance that it will not be broken or, in a way, it is safe.

Whatever wines you have in your home, it is very great to get yourself a NewAir wine cooler. The cooler will make your life easier. You will not have to worry about drinking the wine cold because the cooler does it for you. And you never have to get yourself an ice bucket to cool your wines.

Refresh your wine with a NewAir Wine Cooler. This sleek and compact cooler is perfect for wine enthusiasts who need the flexibility to store their favorite bottles in the right temperature environment. Adjustable LED blue lighting, available at 40-66 degrees Fahrenheit, will highlight your vintage choices to ensure that you never forget which bottle of red reflects just the flavor profile you’re looking for.

When it comes to space conservation, this 12-inch wide unit can be freestanding or built-in, providing homeowners with plenty of options when designing their cellar layout! Order today and enjoy a lower price on shipping as well as a 1-year warranty provided by NewAir.

Newair Wine Cooler

Key features:

  • Capacity up to 52 bottles.
  • 24-inch design for Free-standing or built-in.
  • Adjustable LED blue lighting.
  • Temperatures between 40°F and 65°F. 
  • Triple paned glass doors provide extra insulation and UV protection.
  • The quiet front-venting compressor system.
  • Adjustable beech wood shelves look elegant.
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 33 x 24 inches.
  • Product Weight: 104 lbs.
  • Products backed by a 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons:

  • Quiet compressor.
  • Tinted glass panels to protect against harsh UV rays.
  • Triple-layer insulation.
  • Reversible door with a lock.
  • Easy to controls with digital display.
  • Slightly more expensive.


4. NewAir AWR-460DB Wine Cooler

NewAir AWR-460DB Wine Cooler brings you two temperature zone in one. This wine cooler has a dual temperature zone that can be adjusted to different levels of coolness. Hence, you can now store two kinds of wines that require different levels of cooling temperature. Manufactured by NewAir, a well-known maker of home appliances, especially ice makers and coolers, this featured item uses a quiet compressor system that makes a quiet and environment-friendly machine.

NewAir AWR-460DB Wine Cooler will appeal to people who collect or sell wine. Collectors and retailers will find it the best place for their wine to maintain a favorable temperature. Aside from that, it is also convenient when hosting parties or having a few friends around for dinner. People who enjoy sipping a cool wine for relaxation will also find this item very useful.

This wine cooler looks and feels like a state-of-the-art appliance. It has dual temperature zones, which is great for people who don’t want to store all their wines at the same temperature. You can also select your ideal climate by ranging from 40 degrees up to 66 degrees! This appliance is perfect for many types of homes. Get one now before they’re sold out!

The NewAir AWR-460DB Wine Cooler provides an elegant way to store both red and white wines. Digital controls allow you to customize the ideal temperature for your wine, so whether you are storing cold or warm whites, this cooler accommodates any type of wine storage need.

The NewAir AWR-460DB is an excellent wine cooler perfect for the kitchen, offices, home bars, or anywhere you need a little bit of extra storage without sacrificing space. The triple tempered glass insulates and protects your wines from UV rays as well as keeping bugs, rodents, and other pests out. It also features a quiet compressor that won’t distract you from your favorite TV show or conversation!

Key features:

  • Holds 46 bottles of wine.
  • Spacious, 24-inch design.
  • Temperatures between 40°F and 66°F. 
  • Front venting for built-in or freestanding.
  • Radiant cooling ensures even temperatures.
  • Extra insulation and UV protection.
  • Dual temperature zones with electronic controls.
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5″ L x 22.4″ W x 32.2″ H.
  • Product Weight: 104 lbs.
  • Products backed by a 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons:

  • Can hold 46 standard bottles of wine
  • Has two different cooling zones
  • Operates on a quiet compressor system
  • Quiet and eco-friendly.
  • Has electronic controls for temperature
  • Triple tempered glass doors.
  • Durable door handles
  • Has a excellent insulation
  • The shelving may be a bit tight.


5. NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler

There are several remarkable things about NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler, which makes it to be an excellent buy: It has a dual-zone cooling system to keep reds and whites in the same cooling unit. For wines that just need to be chilled, the other is for those that really need ice-cold. It has a digital control to ensure the accuracy of temperature settings on each of the zone.

The blue LED light illuminates the inside and the wine bottles themselves, making it easier for you to choose the item that you like. Its door is tight all around and serves as a good insulator. Its compressor technology makes it a quiet device and environment friendly since it does not give off gases that contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. It also comes with a warranty.

The NewAir AWR-290DB is the perfect addition for any wine collector. Its compact design can fit in most spaces with ease and comes in two temperature zones to make sure your reds and your whites are at the best temperature every time.

This automatic wine cooler with digital temperature control is stocked with your cooling technology necessities. With adjustable digital controls, it can go anywhere from 40 degrees to 66 degrees Fahrenheit-making this appliance perfect for the country, city, or any other type of climate. In addition, we’ve included triple-paned glass doors that keep our hard-working drinks intact and cold without sacrificing style!

NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler: Tired of your fridge being too loud and not in the spot you want it? This wine cooler has a quiet cooling compressor that will keep all your wine at just the right temps without disturbing your roommates in the next room. It’s freezer or refrigerator compatible and offers plenty in both compartments, so there’s never any need to worry about running out of space when making large batches of sauces, dips, or even desserts for parties!

Key features:

  • Holds 29 bottles of wine.
  • 15-inch design.
  • Upper zone: 40°F to 50°F. Lower zone: 50°F to 66°F.
  • Insulated, reversible glass door.
  • Extra insulation and UV protection.
  • Dual temperature zones with electronic controls.
  • Product Dimensions: 22.5 x 14.88 x 33.75 inches.
  • Product Weight: 74 lbs.
  • Products backed by a 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons:

  • Dual temperature zones.
  • Attractive blue lighting brightens the interior.
  • Sliding, adjustable beech wood shelves.
  • The double-paned glass is tinted to limit UV penetration.
  • Comes with a beautiful casing.
  • Has a excellent insulation
  • The unit can be a bit noisy.


Buying Guides:

As wine is becoming more and more popular, the Newair wine cooler also becomes the best wine storage for the wine lover. Here we will focus on what you should consider when buying a Newair wine cooler.

The capacity of wine cooler:

The capacity of the wine cooler, which most customers want to know about, is how many bottles can fit in it? The most general capacity of wine cooler you need to make sure the wine coolers can hold your collection of fine wines is anywhere from 30-100+ bottles. If you own less than 30 bottles, buying small wine coolers like the Newair AWR-290DB 29-bottle countertop wine refrigerator would be the better choice; if you own more than 100 bottles, that means you need bigger ones Newair wine cooler.

Built-in or Freestanding wine cooler?

Generally, Newair wine coolers can be divided into a built-in wine fridge and a freestanding wine fridge. The built-in wine coolers are designed to be built within cabinets or pantries, like our wine cabinet (AWC-270E). They are usually attached to a door that you can open the doors to access your bottles.

For freestanding ones, they usually come with caster wheels which you can move to any room freely. Usually, they don’t have glass doors as built-in wine fridges do. We recommend that customers who own less than 50 bottles go for Newair Portable Wine Cooler because it is practical and cheaper compared to the following wine cooler when the wine reaches over 30 bottles.


A NewAir wine cooler will also run with a vibration-free cooling system to ensure that the wine is not disturbed and spoilt by the cooling process. So the cooling system should have no moving parts so that you get a silent and safe cooling system for your treasured collection of wines.

Material of wine door and wine shelves:

The material for the wine door is usually stainless steel or glass. No matter which material, it would be better to check twice if the wine cooler you are going to buy has good quality; because we all know that’s the part of the wine fridge that will affect your wine storage most.

Newair wine coolers can ensure their customers with high-quality of wine fridges: our premium collection of wine refrigerator (AWR-1600DB and AWR-1160DB) come with double-layered stainless steel exterior; not only do they look gorgeous but also, more importantly, it keeps humidity even in different season; while all other parts for our standard collection or budget ones like AWR-520SB wine cooler are made from high-quality FDA-approved wire shelving and wood handles.

Temperature range:

This is also important to take into consideration when buying a wine fridge. For wine lovers, we recommend you choose a wine cooler that can hold temperatures between 55F – 65F for sparkling wine, white wine, or rosé; 58F – 62F for red wine, but the best temperature to serve red wine would be around 67F.

Dometic thermostat vs Digital tiger touch screen display thermometer:

Newair uses advanced technology in our products: we have both standard wine coolers with a Dometic thermostat and touch screen display thermometers in our wine refrigerators. While wine coolers with a Dometic thermostat are good for wine storage, the digital wine fridge with a touch screen display is more convenient to use by customers who want their wine cooler to show the accurate temperature of wine storage automatically instead of checking every time.

Same as single zone or dual zone Newair wine cooling units, if you mainly focus on storing white wine in your kitchen. Then go for AW-210ED 29-bottle countertop wine refrigerator, which can hold temperatures between 55F – 65F. Still, if you need to store both red and white wine together, I would recommend an AW-320ED 72-bottle premium metal cabinet wine cooler, which also has a great capacity to store a large number of wines.

The bottom line, wine cooler is a must-have wine appliance, especially for wine lovers. And Newair wine cooling units can ensure you with great wine storage solutions over the years. So check out our wine refrigerators and enjoy your wines!

Features of a good NewAir Wine Cooler:

In fact, the NewAir wine cooler should feature good functionality combined with a good-looking design. It should be designed to hold bottles safely on a rack, but it should also be very easy to access any bottle that you want to take out. So the best will have easy-to-use sliding sections so you can slide out an individual bottle with ease. So, this will let you slide out any individual bottle from the wine cooler without disturbing any of the other bottles.

Besides, the individual trays of the best NewAir wine cooler will move in and out from the cooler with a very good action making it as easy as possible to inspect all the individual wine bottles on an individual shelf. You may well want your wine cooler to have a very useful feature of a glass door that will allow you to see your collection at a glance while it is still being stored under temperature-controlled conditions.

A NewAir wine cooler will allow you to easily set the temperature that you want for your wine. The NewAir wine cooler will also be thermostatically controlled and automatically keep your wine at the correct temperature. It will fit neatly into your kitchen or bar area.

Alternatively, you may want to keep your wine cooler in a basement or outhouse. So an essential feature, in this case, is excellent insulation and temperature controls that can be easily set and adjusted. Another important feature will be a good solid stainless steel outside casing to the wine cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Newair?

Newair is a brand of wine cooler that specializes in providing customers with the most efficient and effective units on the market. Newair’s devices are designed to get you into your home bar or kitchen and get the party started.

Newair was founded in 2001 with the goal of making it easier for people to drink healthier, more delicious wines. Newair offers several models of wine refrigerators. The larger units hold up to 30 bottles, while their smaller cousins can hold as many as 12 bottles. NewAIR’s newest model, the AWR-520SB Freestanding thermoelectric wine cooler, comes equipped with an LED digital display and Touchpad controls, very similar to the layout on today’s modern cell phones. Newair also manufactures stainless steel wine refrigerators.

2. What are Newair wine coolers designed for?

Newair was made to serve as an entry point into home bars and kitchens for people who wish to conveniently store their favorite bottles of wine. Newair accomplishes this by providing quality products that keep any bottle at your desired temperature within minutes and look great doing it.

3. Can Newair wine coolers be used outside?

Newair’s product is designed for indoor use only. Newair devices are NOT weatherproof, meaning that they were not created to be used outside or exposed to rain or snow. Newair cooling units should also be kept away from direct sunlight as the UV rays could potentially cause damage over time.

4. What are Newair’s Most Popular Wine Refrigerator Models?

The Newair AWR-460DB 46 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is Newair’s most popular model of a wine refrigerator, with its value-priced tag and sleek, black finish. Besides, the Newair AW-281E Free Standing Stainless Steel Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler comes complete with all of Newai’s bells and whistles, including LED lighting and digital displays. Also, the Newair AWR-290DB 29 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is another top seller for Newair due to it having one of the best price per capacity ratios on the market today.

Finally, Newair’s Newest Wine Refrigerator Model, the Newair AWR-1600DB 160 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, offers a traditional style and stainless steel finish that gives it a modern look.

5. Do Newair Wine Coolers Have Any Other Features?

Most Newair wine refrigerators have LED interior lighting as well as exterior digital temperature displays for each zone. In addition to these features, Newair also has models with compressor cooling systems as well as dual-zone wine chillers, which can be used to store both red and white wines at their respective temperatures. Newair also makes models of wine coolers with integrated locks and keys.

6. What are Some Tips or Tricks I Should Know When My Newair Wine Cooler Breaks?

When Newair wine coolers are first plugged in, some units may emit a loud buzzing noise. NewAir has found that this is caused by condensation building up on the fan blades. This problem can be quickly fixed by turning the unit off and simply wiping down the fan blades with a soft cloth.

Newair wine coolers can also be easily cleaned with Newair’s All-purpose cleaner, which will remove any sticky residue left on its exterior or interior surfaces. Newair recommends that you do not use abrasive chemicals to clean your Newair appliance as they could potentially damage the wine cooler’s finish. Lastly, Newair recommends cleaning your cooler every 3 months or so to keep it running at peak performance.

7. Can I Use Newair Wine Coolers Indoors or Outdoors?

Newair wine coolers are not designed for indoor use. Newair’s Newest model, the NewAir AWR-290DB 29 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, is rated for indoor usage only. In addition, Newair makes an Outdoor Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator that can be used both outside and indoors. However, Newair does not recommend using their other standard models of wine refrigerator in any location besides a climate-controlled room inside your home or restaurant.

8. Do Newair Wine Coolers Come With Warranty?

All Newair products come with NewAir’s 1 Year Limited Warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered. In addition, the warranty states that if within 1 year NewAir can’t repair or replace your Newair product, Newair winemakers will issue you a Newair gift card for the original purchase price of the Newair appliance.

9. What is Newair’s Minimum Temperature?

Newair wine refrigerators have adjustable thermostats and therefore do not hold a specific minimum temperature. Besides, Newair wine coolers are designed to keep wines stored at their proper serving temperatures, which typically fall between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, Newair wine coolers cannot be used to store ice, sodas, or other room-temperature beverages.

Newair manufactures under-counter wine chillers set as low as 33 degrees Fahrenheit to store ice cream and other frozen products. These units can also be used indoors or outdoors. However, Newair does not recommend storing ice in Newair wine coolers due to the New Air unit’s lack of insulation.

10. Do Newair Wine Coolers Come With a Lock?

Newair does offer Newair wine coolers with integrated locks and keys. Besides, Newair recommends using Newair wine coolers with locks for restaurants, bars, or any place where Newair wine coolers will be accessible by many people throughout the day. So, Newair also makes Newair under-counter wine chillers with built-in locks and keys so you can easily lock up your beverages at any event or party.

11. Is it Recommended that I Drain My Newair Wine Cooler after Each Use?

If your Newair is going to be stored for a long period of time, we recommend draining the unit. Besides, Newair wine coolers are designed to keep wines stored at their proper serving temperatures, which typically fall between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So, Newair wine refrigerators cannot be used to store ice, sodas, or other room-temperature beverages.

Newair manufactures under-counter wine chillers that can be set as low as 33 degrees Fahrenheit for storing ice cream and other frozen products. These units can also be used indoors or outdoors. Newair does not recommend storing ice in Newair wine coolers due to the Newair unit’s lack of insulation.

12. Does the Stainless Steel Door Keep Out the Light?

The stainless steel door design of Newair wine coolers prevents light from entering the cabinet. This lets you keep your wines at their optimal serving temperature because it ensures that they are not exposed to light or UV rays. Newair wine coolers do come in black with a black cabinet and stainless steel door with NewAir’s wine coolers prevent light from entering inside the cabinet.

This allows you to keep your wines at their optimal serving temperature because it ensures that they are not exposed to light or UV rays. Newair recommends wine coolers come in black with a black cabinet and stainless steel door with white lettering for more upscale restaurants, hotels, bars, or any place where aesthetics is important.

13. Do Newair Wine Coolers Have Adjustable Shelves?

Newair wine refrigerator shelves can easily be adjusted to accommodate different-sized bottles. Newair wine coolers can easily be adjusted to accommodate different sized bottles Newair wine coolers also come with Newair wine chillers come on casters.

14. Why is my wine cooler, not cooling?

If your white and red wine colder is not cooling, it may be due to a broken evaporator. This part also has a fan, which may become blocked or dirty. So, to deal with the problem, you can clean up any debris around the follower or part itself.

15. Does a wine cooler need ventilation?

The integrated cooler has airflow located at the front, as there is no room at the back. Whether your wine cooler has a dual-zone or single-zone and whether it is freestanding or built-in, it requires ventilation to work effectively.

16. Can you replace a dishwasher with a wine cooler?

You have two choices for making use of this space this way: Either install a 24-inch-wide wine refrigerator, utilizing the electric link for the dishwasher, or add a wine rack.

17. How do you move a wine cooler?

Move your wine cooler utilizing a hand truck. Relocating a wine cooler resembles relocating your fridge but is just much more comfortable. Secure the wine cooler to the hand truck using bands. As soon as on the moving van, put the wine cooler around more significant, much heavier products so it will not relocate during transportation.

18. How cold does a wine fridge get?

The wine fridges get as cold as 46°F; however, that does not mean wine requirements to be kept at that temperature for lasting storage. Also, for wine, excluding champagnes like Sparkling wine, must be saved at roughly 55 degrees for the very best long-term aging.


A Newair wine cooler review can help you determine which model is best for your specific needs. Besides, there is a tremendous selection available on the market today. So, Newair makes a great variety of different wine coolers and different styles, all of which have different storage capacities and cooling settings.

Overall, these items are well built and come with a whole host of handy design integrations that will help you achieve ultimate wine chilling regardless of your taste preferences. In this Newair wine cooler review, I’ll talk about some of the wine coolers that fall into the medium to large-sized, more cool category.

In the end, what’s important is that you find a wine cooler that meets your specific needs. It will be worth it to invest in a quality product from the start rather than ending up with something second-rate by mistake. Choosing an efficient and reliable Newair wine cooler for your home may just be one of the best decisions you ever made. For more information on how we can help you choose between different styles of units, contact us today!

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