How To Build A Bar

How To Build A Bar? 22 Great Home Bar Ideas

How to build a bar? A home bar is a great addition to any home, and it can be a great way to entertain guests. Building a bar at home can be a fun and rewarding project. You can create a space that is perfect for your needs and style, while adding value to your home. If you are thinking about building a bar, here are 22 great ideas to get you started.

What is a Bar?

A bar is an establishment that typically serves alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, and cocktails. Bars are often furnished with stools or chairs for patrons to sit in, and many also have televisions or jukeboxes. Some bars may also offer light snacks or bar food. Many bars stay open late into the night, and some are even open 24 hours. Bars are found in many different settings, including restaurants, hotels, clubs, and pubs.

How to Build a Bar?

How To Build A Bar

Building a bar can be a fun and rewarding project. Whether you’re looking to build a bar for your home or for your business, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of building a bar, from start to finish.

  • First, you’ll need to decide on the location for your bar. This is important, as the location will determine the size and shape of your bar. Once you’ve decided on the location, you’ll need to measure the space and determine what kind of bar you’d like to build. There are many different types of bars, so it’s important to choose one that will fit your needs.
  • Next, you’ll need to gather the materials for your bar. This includes things like lumber, plywood, bar stools, bar tables, and more. Once you have all of the materials, you’ll need to start assembling your bar. This can be done by following a set of plans or by Winging it.
  • Finally, once your bar is assembled, you’ll need to finish it off with a finish of your choice. This could be paint, stain, or even varnish. Once the finish is applied, your bar will be ready to use. Once the bar is built, then you’ll need to stock it with all the necessary supplies. This includes things like bar stools, bar tables, bar glasses, and bar accessories. You’ll also need to make sure that you have a good selection of Alcohol. Be sure to choose a variety of different types of alcohol so that your guests will have something to suit their taste.

Now that your bar is built and stocked, then you’re ready to start serving your guests. Be sure to have a good bar service plan in place so that your guests are taken care of from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. This includes things like having a bartender on hand to serve drinks, having someone to handle food service, and having someone to take care of the clean up afterwards. By having a well-organized bar service plan, you can ensure that your guests have a great time and will want to come back again.

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Does A Wet Bar Add Value To Your Home?

A wet bar is a bar that includes a sink. This is very useful for the people living in the house, as it eliminates the need to go back and forth from the bar to the sink. In addition, a wet bar can increase the resale value of your home by up to 70%. Therefore, remodeling your home to add a wet bar is a great investment. It turns a living room into an entertaining space where having the drinks close to the party allows the homeowner to play host, pour the liquor, and join in the fun.

How to Build a Home Bar?

How to Build a Home Bar

A home bar can be a great addition to any house. Not only does it add extra storage and surfaces for drinks and food, but it can also provide a space for friends and family to gather. If you’re thinking of adding a home bar to your house, here are some tips on how to do it right.

[wps_table style=”default”]
Handling oversized parts and making miter cuts may frustrate the novice.
$425 (not including foot rail) Two 8-hour days

Home Bar Parts Overview:

Home Bar Parts Overview

Day-to-day Timeline:

  • Prep Day: Build, trim, and assemble the bar’s side panels (Steps 1–7).
  • Saturday: Install the shelves and corner stiles, and create the bar top (Steps 8-12).
  • Sunday: Install the bar-rail molding and optional foot rail (Steps 13-15).

Refer to :Cut List to Build a Bar: and :Shopping List” at the bottom of this section for materials and products.

Steps on How to Build a DIY Bar:

1. Lay Out the Three Sides:

Lay Out the Three Sides

  • Using a circular saw, cut the ½-inch plywood to size for the bar’s front and side panels.
  • With a miter saw, cut the 1×4 framing boards to length; use them to line the panels’ perimeter, and arrange three more, equally spaced between the side boards, as shown. And if you plan to install brackets for a foot rail, add 6-inch nailing blocks to what will be the lower corners of the front panel.
  • Mark the location of the vertical boards on the edges of the horizontal boards so that you can pinpoint them once they’re covered.
  • Next, mark where you think the vertical boards will go on either side of your horizontal ones. You can figure this out once they’re covered.

2. Cut and Attach the Sheathing:

Cut and Attach the Sheathing

  • Cut the plywood to size with a circular saw, then place it face down on one side and use your hands for stability as you work.c
  • To install lauan, simply apply construction adhesive to the framing and then affix the sheet. If your pneumatic gun accepts staples, use it to fasten the sheet along the framing with ½-inch staples. If your gun doesn’t accept staples, you can still use it by turning down the air pressure and using ⅝-inch nails. When nailing, be sure to tilt the gun slightly so that you don’t shoot straight through the lauan.

3. Place the Corner Stiles:

Place the Corner Stiles

  • Cut the 1×4 stiles and rails to length with a miter saw.
  • To install corner stiles, shift a 1×4 so that it overhangs the panel edge by ¾ inch. Mark both inside edges of these pieces on your project’s panels before setting them into place with blocks as shown. Do the same at the back edges of the side panels.

4. Miter and Insert the Molding:

Miter and Insert the Molding

  • To install molding, first lay out all of your pieces inside the recessed panels created by stiles and rails. Mark their length so you can cut them at an angle when necessar.
  • Using a miter saw cut these ends at 45 degrees; nail them in place with 1¼ inch nails holding off until later when you work your way around corners.

Tip: To make a tight fit, you can miter one side of panel molding and use its corner as an guide for making precise cuts on the opposite direction.

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5. Attach the Stiles and Rails to the Front Panel:

Attach the Stiles and Rails to the Front Panel

  • Begin by measuring the width of the recessed panels created by the stiles and rails.
  • Cut pieces of molding to fit inside these panels, then miter the ends at a 45-degree angle. Nail each piece of molding in place with 1¼-inch nails, being sure to hold off on the pieces alongside the corner rail for now.

6. Attach the Shelf Cleats:

Attach the Shelf Cleats

  • On the interior side of each panel, mark two horizontal lines 1½ inches and 24 inches from the bottom. These marks will indicate where to install cleats that will support the side panels of your bar.
  • Cut 1×1 cleats to length, leaving room for the side panels and their cleats to butt against the front panel. Once all of the cleats are in place, you can then attach the side panels to the bar.

7. Assemble the Walls:

Assemble the Walls

  • Mark a line along the front panel to help you center your screws into the edge of the side panel’s framing.
  • Mark a line along the front panel to help you center your screws into the edge of the side panel’s framing.
  • Drill pilot holes and drive 3-inch screws one at a time, working your way from one end to the other so that you can align the corner as you go.

8. Make the Shelves:

Make the Shelves

  • To make bar shelves, start by cutting two shelves to the desired length using a circular saw.
  • Cut a 1×2 to length for a toe kick and glue it underneath the front lip of the bottom shelf.
  • Set the shelves in place and nail them into the cleats to keep the panels square. With bar shelves, you can easily add storage and style to your bar area.

9. Attach Corner Stiles and Clad the Sides:

Attach Corner Stiles and Clad the Sides

  • Glue the two front corner stiles and set them in place: snug against rails, overhanging edges by ⅜ inch.
  • Rip ¾ inch off the width of each side corner stile. Apply glue and nail them in place for extra strength.
  • Glue and nail the back of your side panels into a ¾ inch overhang.
  • Place the top and bottom rails between your side stiles to scribe them. Cut, glue in place with nails for an instant appeal.
  • The next step is to attach a center stile on each side and trim it as well, like we did in Step 6.
  • To make the side panels, butt a 1×2 against overhanging stiles.

10. Size the Bar-Top Base:

Size the Bar-Top Base

  • To determine the width of your three plywood-base, first hold a section of bar rail molding against its longest edge and snugly fit into notch on top 1×12 oak.
  • Mark the plywood along the back edge of the board, as shown. Rip two lengths of plywood to this width.

11. Install the Base:

Install the Base

  • Cut one of the plywood lengths into two pieces for the bar sides that, when flush at the back, overhang the front by 6 inches.
  • Arrange them to overhang the sides by 6 inches too, then measure between them to get the length of the front piece. Cut it to length and secure the base with 1¼-inch screws.

12. Set the Oak Bar Top:

Set the Oak Bar Top

  • Cut two 1×12 boards to the length of your plywood bar side pieces and measure inside edge.
  • Once you have the measurement for length, set them flush with inside back corners and measure outside edge to calculate how much 1×12 needs. It will overlap seams on base layer
  • Once you have cut the front piece to length, set it in place and use 1-¼ inch nails for securing.
  • Finish the inside edges of the bar top with an oak 12 nailed on edge along the entire perimeter of the bar top.

13. Miter the Bar Molding:

Miter the Bar Molding

  • To pad out the saw deck with two strips of scrap plywood to fit in notch and keep it level, you’ll have cut padding from one side all along its length as shown.
  • Miter the end of one length of molding at a 45-degree angle.

14. Dry-Fit the Bar Molding:

Dry-Fit the Bar Molding

  • On the bar top, use a combination square to draw 45-degree lines from front corners.
  • Hold up a piece of molding with one mitered end and line it up so that the joint is at 45 degrees.
  • Make sure you have a tight corner by snugging up against the molding. Then, at one end carry your 45-degree line from bar top over its uncut end and miter so it will fit nicely into place once installed.
  • Screwing through the plywood with 1¼-inch screws will install your cabinet.
  • Miter and cut the remaining sidepieces so they overhang by ¾ inch.
  • To finish the back edges of your bar top, cut a 1×2 to fit into open notches on molding with saw.
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15. Attach the Brackets:

Attach the Brackets

  • On the front wall, mark vertical lines over nailing blocks to create an even row that is equidistant from each edge.
  • Place the brackets on the marks, screw them through their respective marks on either side of an wall and into a nailing block.

16. Install the Foot Rail:

Install the Foot Rail

  • Screw the rail into place, cap it and run a screw through both pieces of hardware.
  • Fill the fastener holes on the bar with wood filler and caulk any open joints, then sand the inside of your walls before painting them.
  • Sand the oak bar top with 220-grit paper, wipe it and then coats of polyurethane to protect your investment.

Cut List To Build A Bar:

  1. ½-inch plywood: 1 @ 60 by 42 inches
  2. ½-inch plywood: 2 @ 24 by 42 inches
  3. Lauan sheathing: 1 @ 60 by 42 inches
  4. Lauan sheathing: 2 @ 24 by 42 inches
  5. 1×2 framing: 11 @ 37 inches
  6. 1×2 framing: 4 @ 24 inches
  7. 1×2 framing: 2 @ 60 inches
  8. 1×4 nailing block: 2 @ 6 inches
  9. 1×4 stile: 5 @ 31¼ inches
  10. 1×4 corner stile: 4 @ 42 inches
  11. 1×4 corner stile: 2 @ 42 inches (Rip ¾ inch off the board’s width.)
  12. 1×2 stile: 2 @ 42 inches
  13. 1×4 rail: 1 @ 54½ inches
  14. 1×4 rail: Scribe 2 to size.
  15. 1×8 rail: 1 @ 54½ inches
  16. 1×8 rail: Scribe 2 to size.
  17. Panel molding: Miter 32 to size.
  18. 1×2 shelf supports: 1 @ 54 inches
  19. 1×2 shelf supports: 2 @ 6 inches
  20. ¾-inch plywood bar-top substrate: Cut 2 to size.
  21. ¾-inch plywood bar-top substrate: Cut 2 to size.
  22. 1×12 bar top: Cut 1 to size.
  23. 1×12 bar top: Cut 2 to size.
  24. Bar-rail molding: Miter 3 to size.

Shopping List:

  • Paint: Valspar’s Royal Garnet.
  • Stain: Minwax’s Jacobean.
  • Bar-rail molding: Bar-rail profile #375; Dykes Lumber.
  • Foot-rail assembly: Brushed stainless-steel foot-rail tubing, brackets, and caps; KegWorks.


  • Caulking gun
  • Circular saw
  • Miter saw
  • Power drill or impact driver
  • Combination countersink drill bit
  • Pneumatic nailer
  • Small handsaw
  • Bar clamps
  • Speed square
  • Framing square
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter’s pencil
  • Hammer or pneumatic finish nailer (optional)

How to Build a DIY tiki bar?

If you’re looking for a fun and unique bar to build in your home, look no further than a tiki bar. A tiki bar can create an instant party atmosphere, and with a little bit of creativity and effort, you can easily build your own.

To get started, you’ll need to gather some supplies. First, you’ll need bamboo or wood to create the frame of the bar. You can find this at most home improvement stores. Next, you’ll need thatch roofing material to give the bar its trademark Polynesian look. This can also be found at most home improvement stores. Finally, you’ll need some Tiki torches and outdoor string lights to really set the mood.

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to start building. First, build the frame of the bar. If you’re using bamboo, simply tie the pieces together with twine or wire. If you’re using wood, you’ll need to use nails or screws to assemble the frame. Next, attach the thatch roofing material to the bar frame. Start at the bottom and work your way up, overlapping each piece as you go.

Finally, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Place the Tiki torches around the bar area and light them. Then, string up the outdoor lights and turn them on. And that’s it! You’ve now got yourself a DIY tiki bar that’s sure to be a hit at your next party.




22 Great Home Bar Ideas:

A home bar is a great way to add a bit of luxury to your home. Whether you want a built-in bar or simply dedicate a nook in your living room to your favorite spirits, there are options for every home. Check out our favorite ideas to help you create a cocktail bar you don’t need to leave the house to enjoy.

1. Create a Wet Bar:

Create a Wet Bar

Creating a wet bar in your home can be a great way to entertain guests or simply enjoy a night in. If you’re interested in adding a custom wet bar to your home, make sure it has all of the essentials. This includes cabinetry and shelving for your spirits, a small sink, and even additional hidden storage underneath. This project is more labor-intensive than temporary solutions, but it’s a great idea for anyone who wants a permanent wet bar. By following these tips, you can create the perfect wet bar for your home.

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2. Add a Standalone Bar:

Add a Standalone Bar

If you want something that feels intentional without undergoing a whole renovation, this idea from 126 Interiors is a great choice. Look for a standalone shelf that pairs well with your existing wet bar or cabinetry (a perfect match isn’t essential). This will provide a dedicated space for spirts that still feels in sync with your other decor. Plus, it’s an easy way to add storage and style to your home bar.

For a truly unique bar, consider using an antique piece of furniture. An old dresser or sideboard can be repurposed into a one-of-a-kind bar cart. Just make sure to add some shelving or cabinet doors to keep everything tidy. You can also use vintage suitcases to create a bar cart with a bit of whimsy. Or, for a more modern look, try using a metal or glass shelving unit.

No matter what style you choose, be sure to stock your bar with all the essentials: glassware, bar tools, and of course, your favorite spirits.

3. Paint it Dark and Moody:

Paint it Dark and Moody

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home bar, painting it a dark color is an easy and affordable way to do so. A dark bar will create a moody, sophisticated atmosphere similar to that of a real cocktail bar. Kelly Stone Interiors‘ sleek black bar is a great example of this look. To get the same effect, try using a dark paint color and adding mirrored tiles to the backsplash.

4. Add a Mirror:

Add a Mirror

One great home bar idea is to add a mirrored backsplash. This will give your bar a commercial feel and make the space appear larger. Mirrored siding is also a great way to create the illusion of more space. This is a great idea if you want to create a cozier look in a dining room corner or a butler’s pantry. Adding bar glass shelving is also a great way to give your bar that professional look.

5. Think Vertically:

Think Vertically

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern way to store your bar supplies, take a cue from this lovely home bar from Studio Thomas. Featuring a glass wall shelving unit, it’s perfect for small spaces but still has plenty of room to store glasses and bottles. Plus, the clean lines and minimalist design will complement any contemporary décor. Cheers to this great home bar idea.

6. Repurpose a Dresser:

Repurpose a Dresser

If you’re looking for a great home bar idea, look no further than this stunning bar from Emily Harris. Not only is it beautifully stocked, but we love the idea of repurposing a vintage dresser or desk to create a classic home bar. Just add a few floating shelves for wine glasses and bar tools and you have a space that’s perfect for any cocktail party.

7. Add in Metallic Elements:

Add in Metallic Elements

A bar cart is a great way to add some extra storage and style to your home. If you’re looking for a unique bar cart idea, try incorporating some metallics into your design. This lovely home bar from Paper Moon Painting features silver and gold accents to help create a fancier touch. Metallics are great accent colors for a home bar (ever wonder why so many bar carts are gold?) and a great way to experiment with them if you have an otherwise minimalist home.

8. Add a Wine Fridge:

Add a Wine Fridge

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your home bar, one of the best things you can do is add a small beer cooler or small wine cooler. This will give you more storage space for your drinks and make your bar feel more luxurious. Even if you don’t have room for a built-in option like this one from Joy Street Design, adding a mini-fridge next to your bar cart or table is a great way to make your space even more functional.

9. Go Bold With Blue:

Go Bold With Blue

Jennifer Backstein Interiors has a great home bar idea that is sleek, classic, and perfect for a nook in a kitchen or even standalone in a den or living space. Navy is a great color for a home bar because it is a hue that elevates any space and helps it feel a little fancier. This bar would be perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a night in with family and friends.

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10. Add Wine Storage:

Add Wine Storage

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just enjoy the occasional glass, having a bar in your home can be a great addition. Michael Robert Construction has come up with a stunning home bar idea that would be perfect for any wine lover.

Even if you can’t recreate such an elaborate wine vault in your own home, hanging a wine rack against a wall or adding a few stackable wine boxes can provide easy storage. So if you’re looking for a great way to add a bar to your home, consider this idea from Michael Robert Construction.

11. Take Over a Butler’s Pantry:

Take Over a Butler's Pantry

If you’re looking for a great way to add a home bar to your space, consider repurposing a butler’s pantry. This beautiful bar from House Lift Design shows how a small space can be transformed into a chic and functional bar area. By tucking the bar away in a butler’s pantry, you can keep it out of the way when entertaining guests. This is a great way to create a wonderful space for mixing cocktails and storing drinks.

12. Create a Real In-Home Bar:

Create a Real In-Home Bar

If you’re looking for a great home bar idea, you’ll love this amazing setup from Sally Does Sassy. This impressive bar is perfect for entertaining friends or escaping to a separate space to wind down after work. Though it looks impressive, you can recreate the look with a few easy chairs, a built-in breakfast bar, and a bar cart or two. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your own home bar today.

13. Carve Out a Nook in a Living Room:

Carve Out a Nook in a Living Room

If you can’t commit an entire room to your home bar, help delineate a shared space with the use of wall art. We love this home bar idea from Allison Sexton Interiors that features a mid-century dresser and a pink arch to give it a separate look and feel from the rest of the room and help it appear more intentional. By including some key pieces like this, you can easily turn any space into a bar area that is perfect for entertaining.

14. Try a Mid-Century Home Bar:

Try a Mid-Century Home Bar

A mid-century bar is the perfect way to add a touch of Mad Men style to your home. Whether you choose a vintage bar cart or retro finishes for your built-in bar, this is a great way to get that old-school feel in your home. Plus, it’s a great way to entertain guests! So if you’re looking for a unique and stylish bar option, go for a mid-century bar. You won’t be disappointed.

15. Create a Comfortable Nook:

Create a Comfortable Nook

Creating a comfortable bar nook in your home is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Chelsea Kloon’s bar cart, decked out with all the essentials, is the perfect place to mix up a drink and relax in style. With a few comfortable seating options and plenty of barware on hand, this nook is sure to become your new favorite spot in the house.

16. Backyard Tropical Bar Plan:

Backyard Tropical Bar Plan

If you’re looking for a bar that will make you feel like you’re on vacation, Popular Mechanics has a free plan for you. Their tropical bar starts with a shed but uses weathered materials to create a complete island bar feel.

The free bar plan includes a materials list, tools list, blueprints, and step-by-step building instructions complete with color photos. So whether you’re looking to build the bar of your dreams or just want a fun project for the weekend, this is a great place to start.

17. Free Outdoor Bar Plan:

Free Outdoor Bar Plan

If you’re looking for a bar that you can use for entertaining or as a prep table, this free outdoor bar plan from A Burst of Beautiful is a great option. It features plenty of shelving for storage, and the diagrams and color photos make it easy to follow along.

You’ll find building steps, a tool list, a materials list, parts, and a cut list, making it easy to get started on your own bar. So whether you’re looking for a place to mix drinks or just need extra counter space, this bar plan is a great choice.

18. Outdoor Pallet Bar:

Outdoor Pallet Bar

Looking for a fun and easy DIY project that will transform your outdoor space? This pallet bar is perfect for summer entertaining. Made from just two pallets, it’s quick to build and budget-friendly. Plus, it’s small enough to fit on a porch or deck without taking up too much space. The key to making this bar really stand out is the accessories. Pops of red add a touch of fun and flair. So gather up your supplies and get started on your own Outdoor Pallet Bar today.

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19. Large Pub-Style Bar:

Large Pub-Style Bar

Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet night at home, this large pub-style bar will make a great addition to your man cave or basement den. It can seat up to seven people and includes plenty of storage for liquor and barware. Decorative accents, including molding around the bar top and paneling along the sides coupled with a dark stain, give this bar its classic pub look. Just make sure you have ample space in your man cave or basement den, as this project takes up a fair amount of real estate with its 8-foot by 5-foot size.

20. Bar with Wine Cooler Cabinet:

Bar with Wine Cooler Cabinet

This bar is the perfect marriage of function and rustic form. Sliding barn-style cabinet doors open to reveal shelves for glassware on one side and a wine rack on the other, while the center opening is large enough to support a wine fridge.

At 5 feet long by nearly 2 feet deep, the bar top offers ample space for prepping drinks. Easy-to-follow instructions that require only basic tools most DIYers have in their garage make this a doable project even for those who are newbies to furniture building.

21. Bar on Wheels:

Bar on Wheels

This bar on wheels is the perfect solution for those who want to roll out their bar for parties and then roll it back into a corner nook after the last call. The bar features a ceramic tile surface, offering a variation over traditional wood top bars, as well as plenty of storage space for spirits and barware. Plus, the large casters make it easy to move around, even when fully loaded.

22. Rolling Rustic Cooler:

Rolling Rustic Cooler

This bar is the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue. Its weather-resistant cedarwood construction is ideal for a piece of furniture designed to hold ice. The bar plans are easy to follow and make this cooler simple to build. This smart design uses a traditional cooler as a liner to hold the ice and keep soda and beer cold. Even when full, heavy-duty casters make it easy to position the cooler on a patio or deck.

Building a Home Bar Frame Tips:

  1. Decide on the size and shape of your bar. This will determine how much lumber you’ll need to purchase and how much work will be involved in the construction process.
  2. Cut the lumber to size using a saw. Make sure that all of the pieces are cut to the same exact length so that they fit together perfectly.
  3. Assemble the bar frame using nails or screws. If you’re using screws, be sure to predrill the holes so that the wood doesn’t split.
  4. Finish the bar by adding trim or molding around the edges. This will give it a professional and polished look.
  5. Add shelves or cabinets to the bar if you want to store liquor bottles or glasses. Make sure that these are securely attached so that they don’t come crashing down when you’re trying to enjoy a drink!
  6. Finally, add bar stools or chairs so that you can sit comfortably while enjoying your drinks.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to building a stylish and functional bar for your home.


A well-stocked bar is the key to being the life of any party. By following these tips, you can create a bar that will make you the envy of all your friends. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to stock your home bar or just want some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to start mixing and shaking, because with these 22 great home bar ideas, you’ll be the toast of the town in no time.

A home bar can be a great addition to any home and can provide a space for you and your guests to relax. Whether you are looking for a place to store your liquor or just want somewhere to put your wine glasses, a home bar is a great investment. If you are thinking about adding a home bar to your house, make sure to consider the size of the room and the type of drinks you want to serve. You also need to make sure that you have enough storage space for all of your supplies.


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