How Many Calories Are In One Shot Of Coconut Rum

How Many Calories Are In One Shot Of Coconut Rum?

If you’re counting calories and planning your night out, it’s important to know how many calories are in the drinks that you’ll be consuming. Everyone knows beer and wine can be calorie-laden, but what about your favorite hard liquor? Specifically, how many calories are in one shot of coconut rum? We’ll take a look at not just the number of calories in one serving, but also where those extra oomphs come from so you can make an informed decision before enjoying a few with friends. Read on to find out all the information you need regarding coconut rum!

How Many Calories Are In One Shot Of Coconut Rum
How Many Calories Are In One Shot Of Coconut Rum?

Coconut rum generally contains 97 calories in one shot, making it a lower calorie drink compared to other types of alcohol. This is because the calories come from the alcohol and natural sugars found in coconut rum, as there are no added sugars. However, when considering calories from alcoholic beverages, it’s important to note that the calorie content can vary depending on the alcohol content. A standard shot of vodka contains 97 calories, while a shot of 80 proof vodka has 120 calories. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the alcohol content when calculating calorie intake from alcoholic beverages.

When selecting a coconut rum, it is important to look for one made with real coconut extract. This will ensure that your cocktail not only looks and tastes like paradise but also contains the same health benefits of real coconut. When combined with other ingredients in a cocktail, some brands may be lighter or heavier than others. It is best to experiment to find the right balance for your taste. Additionally, it is important to remember that coconut rum can vary in alcohol content.

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Generally, the higher the proof of the spirit, the more calories and alcohol will be contained in the drink. Therefore, if you are trying to keep your calorie intake low or even moderate, you may want to opt for a lower proof rum.

The 51 calories in one serving (1 oz) of Malibu Coconut Rum come from its high alcoholic content. Most of these 51 calories are derived from the alcohol, with a small amount coming from carbohydrates and fat. Since rum is highly caloric, it should be consumed in moderation. When you need to relax and unwind, consider having one ounce of Malibu Coconut Rum instead of a full serving in order to keep your calorie intake under control.

Captain Morgan Coconut Rum packs 108 calories in every 2 oz serving. This is a great choice for those who want to enjoy their favorite cocktail without worrying about overindulging in calories. Enjoy the tropical taste of coconut, with none of the guilt! Get your Captain Morgan Coconut Rum today and indulge without worry.

Does Coconut Rum Have A Lot Of Calories?

Coconut Rum is a popular alcoholic beverage made from fermented coconut sap or nectar. It has a sweet, tropical flavor and is used in many cocktails and desserts. Coconut Rum contains 6.5 grams of total carbs, 6.5 grams of net carbs, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of protein, and 108 calories per 44 mL. It is important to note that consuming too much Coconut Rum can have negative health effects, including an increased risk of dehydration, high blood pressure and liver damage. For this reason, it is advised to consume in moderation and never drink to the point of intoxication.

Aluna Coconut Rum is the perfect summer drink for those looking to have a refreshing, low-sugar rum without all of the calories. Unlike other coconut rums on the market, Aluna Coconut Rum contains no sweeteners, glucose, fructose or artificial flavors. This allows you to enjoy the light and smooth flavor of coconut without adding unnecessary sugar to your diet. The low calorie content also makes it a great choice for those trying to watch their weight. Aluna Coconut Rum is an enjoyable and healthy way to beat the summer heat without compromising on flavor.

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Aluna Coconut Rum is the perfect summer drink for those who want to indulge in something a little more special than a regular cocktail. It has a light, tropical flavor that adds an irresistible sweetness to your drinks and is made from real coconut water. The rum has only 70 calories per serving, making it a healthier alternative to other rums on the market. It also has no added sugar, making it a great choice for those on a diet or simply looking to reduce their sugar intake. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, so you can be sure that the sweetness comes from real coconut water and nothing else.

How Many Calories Are In A Glass Of Coconut Rum?

Malibu Rum Punch is a refreshing and delicious drink with a 12% ABV that comes in a container of 149 ml, with 11.9 servings per container (59.4 fl). Each serving size of this product is 5 fl, which equates to 121.5% ABV! Enjoy it for any occasion – it’s the perfect way to kick off your day, or a great nightcap.

The Calorie Content Of Bacardi Coconut Rum

Bacardi Coconut Rum can be a great addition to any summer gathering. It is light and refreshing, and contains only 100 calories per serving. While it does contain sugar, the amount of sugar in each drink is relatively low compared to other alcoholic beverages. If you are counting calories or watching your sugar intake, Bacardi Coconut Rum is an excellent option. With its tropical coconut flavor, it is sure to be a hit at any gathering or party.

How Fattening Is Malibu Rum?

Malibu rum offers a range of different flavors that allow consumers to find the perfect blend for their taste. For those who want to watch their calorie intake, there are also low-calorie options. Malibu Tropical Banana Rum has 94 calories per serving, while Malibu Passion Fruit rum and Malibu Mango rum have 87 and 86 calories per serving, respectively. Even Malibu Pineapple rum has the lowest calorie count of 84 per serving, making all flavors a perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a flavorful drink without compromising their health goals.

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The Best Hard Alcohols For Keto Dieters

Low-carb drinks are the perfect accompaniment to a keto diet. Spirits such as bourbon, scotch and rum contain no carbs, so they make great choices for those who want to keep their carb intake low. When choosing these drinks, be sure to read the label carefully—some brands may add sugar or syrups to sweeten them, so keep an eye out and avoid these drinks if possible. Other great keto-friendly drink choices include dry wines such as champagne or prosecco, which are also carb-free options.

How Many Calories Are In One Shot Of Malibu Rum?

Malibu rum is a spirit that has 64 calories per shot, making it an ideal choice for those looking to consume alcohol without sabotaging their health goals. Unlike other drinks, Malibu rum does not contain added sugars or sweeteners, allowing drinkers to enjoy the smooth taste of the Caribbean-inspired spirit without worrying about any caloric consequences. Furthermore, 64 calories per shot is relatively low in comparison to other spirits, which can easily add up and hinder any healthy lifestyle. Enjoying a shot of Malibu rum means that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health.

Malibu rum is a type of alcohol containing 100g of liquor per serving, which equates to 231 calories (kcal). This accounts for around 7% of an adult’s daily calorie intake. To burn off this amount of energy, one can engage in physical activities such as biking for 24 minutes, swimming for 20 minutes or running for 17 minutes.

Alcohol generally contains 0.02 grams of alcohol per 100ml, and there are various types of drinks that fall into this category. Beer and cider, as well as wine and wine-based beverages such as whiskey and soda are among the types available on the market. Additionally, energy drinks containing 30 to 100 calories can be found in stores. With so many options for drinks containing alcohol, it is important to pay attention to the amount of calories and alcohol contained in each one.

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Whiskey Sour is one of the most popular mixed drinks to make at home. It is known for its sweet and tart flavor, a balance between whisky, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Vitamin B1 in Malibu Rum is an important factor when considering the health benefits of this drink. Whiskey (whisky) and Seven and Seven (sugary and cola) are its main ingredients, as well as 66.6 grams of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and 63 grams of Kahlua (whiskey) rum in the Malibu Rum Based On Alcohol category.

As a comparison, shrimp have a higher nutritional value with 31 for eggs and 54 for shrimp. Frozen margarita, in contrast, costs $205 for a single serving. All these components demonstrate that Whiskey Sour is a tasty and nutritious drink with plenty of health benefits when consumed responsibly.

Malibu is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious cocktail. Whether you’re looking for something light and refreshing or more robust and flavorful, Malibu has the drinks to suit your needs. One of the most popular cocktails in Malibu is the rum-based drink on the rocks. A single serving of rum (44) will set you back $44, while a single serving of espresso (50) will set you back $49 and a single serving of vodka (50) will set you back $49. All these drinks can be mixed with various types of alcohol to create unique, delicious cocktails that go great with the surrounding scenery.

There are a variety of other drinks available, such as White wine (82), Champagne (83), Merlot (84), Chardonnay (87), Riesling (88), Pinot Grigio (89), Smirnoff and cola (90), Dovka and energy drink (91), vodka and lemonade (93), whiskey and soda (95), mojito and rum (96), Moscow mule (100), vodka martini (105), tequila sunrise (112).

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For those looking for a stronger drink, there are also premium vodkas such as Grey Goose, Absolut, and Belvedere. There are also a variety of liqueurs such as Amaretto and Bailey’s Irish Cream. There are also specialty cocktails such as Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Mojito. All drinks can be served with garnishes to suit individual tastes, such as lime wedges or olives.

Malibu is a versatile and easy-to-make cocktail that can be enjoyed in many different ways. To make a classic Malibu, combine two parts flavored liqueur with one part coconut cream, pineapple juice, and ice cubes in a shaker. Shake the ingredients together to combine and pour into glasses for serving. For those looking for a more unique flavor, try adding different juices or mixers such as lime juice, cranberry juice, or orange juice.

You can also make a frozen version of the cocktail by blending all of the ingredients in a blender for a slushy texture. No matter how you serve it, Malibu is always sure to please guests with its tropical flavor and refreshing taste. Plus, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a low-calorie and cholesterol-free cocktail. So the next time you have guests over, why not whip up a delicious batch of Malibu? It’s sure to be a hit! This coconut-flavored liqueur is an ideal summer drink, with its 40 percent ABV and only 151 calories.

Coconut Rum Has 100 Calories In 1 Shot

When you combine coconut rum with cola, the calorie count rises to 151 calories per 12-ounce serving. That’s 40% more than the 120 calories you’d get in a regular rum and Coke! So if you’re looking for a lower-calorie alternative to your usual cocktail, opt for diet cola instead of regular. You’ll still get the flavor you’re looking for without all the extra calories! Enjoy!

A single 1.5 ounce shot of Bacardi Coconut Rum contains a whopping 100 calories. That’s 40% of the caloric content found in 151 calories per one-ounce serving! So remember to drink responsibly and keep an eye on your calorie count if you’re enjoying this delicious coconut rum.

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How Many Calories And Carbs Are In Coconut Rum?

A single shot (1.5 oz) of Coconut Rum contains 97 calories, but if you’re looking to indulge in a larger portion, you can expect to consume 151 calories per 40% ABV serving. Although the alcohol itself does not contain any carbs, the added sugar used to flavor the rum will contribute some carbohydrates – so be mindful when indulging!

How Many Calories Are In One Shot Of Coconut Rum?

On average, one shot of coconut rum (1.5 fluid ounces) contains approximately 97 calories. This can vary depending on the brand and proof of the rum, as well as any additional ingredients such as cream or sugar. For example, a 40% ABV (80-proof) coconut rum may contain more calories than a 35% ABV (70-proof) version. Additionally, some brands offer flavored versions of their rum that may also increase the calorie content even further.

It’s important to keep in mind that 97 calories per shot adds up quickly when having multiple drinks throughout an evening. Moderate drinking is recommended for health and safety reasons; tracking your caloric intake from alcohol is just one way to ensure you are not overdoing it. To learn more about calorie counting, please consult your health care provider.

To reduce the caloric content of your drink, consider using lighter-proof rum (35% ABV or less) and cutting back on any added ingredients like cream or sugar. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an alcohol-free alternative to coconut rum, there are a variety of non-alcoholic options that can provide a similar flavor profile with fewer calories.


If you’re looking for a low calorie alcohol option, coconut rum may not be the best choice. However, if you enjoy the taste and don’t mind the extra calories, go ahead and indulge! Just remember to drink responsibly and always have a designated driver when enjoying alcoholic beverages. Have you ever had coconut rum? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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