What Rum Does Julian Drink

What Rum Does Julian Drink?

Have you ever wondered what rum Julian drinks? Whether you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, or just enjoy a good libation every once in a while, it can be fun to find out more about one’s favorite characters. The world-famous pirate himself swills an assortment of unique and flavorful rums from across globe. Let’s take a closer look at some of his favorites!

What Rum Does Julian Drink
What Rum Does Julian Drink

Aside from the commonly-known types of rum, Julian is also known to enjoy flavored rums. These are often made with natural flavors like coconut, pineapple, lime or orange and can add a unique twist to cocktails. Julian likes to experiment with different flavor combinations that can give his drinks an extra kick. He also enjoys aged rum, which tends to have a higher alcohol content and a smoother finish than other types of rum.

Jules Dunsworth is a unique character in the television series Trailer Park Boys. He is known for his deep and gruff voice, which he uses to great effect when delivering dialogue. Jules is also well-known for his love of alcohol, often never seen without a drink in hand. His preference when drinking is rum and coke; however, in one episode he was seen drinking whiskey instead.

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Bubbles, another character from the show, has been permanently blinded since 2000 and wears glasses most of the time. His glasses have become an iconic part of his image and are a reminder to viewers that despite his physical impediment, he is still capable of incredible feats.

In 2014, despite Ricky being in a coma, the wedding venue for Trinity and Jacob Mr. Lahey reveals was changed to accommodate him. This shows the extreme loyalty that Trinity has for her father figure Ricky and her new family, as well as the kindness of John Dunsworth’s character Jim Lahey to make this gesture even after Barb had blackmailed him with a secret.

John Dunsworth, the actor that portrayed Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys, is well known for being the show’s narrator and his unforgettable portrayal of Mr. Lahey. Trinity legally drives Ricky’s car in 2014 film Don’t Legalize It and Sarah, John’s second of ten children also appeared in the show.

Despite its prevalence in everyday life for Julian, it appears that his relationship with alcohol is not necessarily a healthy one. There are moments where he tries to quit drinking, only to return soon after.

In some rare occasions, it appears as if he has an even more strained relationship with the liquor; when he declined rum in one episode and declared that he was drinking whiskey, it seemed as if he had tried to substitute the alcohol for another substance. Despite his strong affection for alcoholic beverages, there are also moments where Julian appears to be capable of functioning without a drink in hand.

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What Kind Of Drink Does Julian Drink?

Julian’s choices of drinks don’t stop at Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, however. He also loves to drink energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar. When it comes to coffee, Julian prefers light roast coffees with some cream and sugar. He can stay up all night with only a few cups of his favorite brews. To cool off in the summer, Julian loves to sip on frappuccinos, smoothies and cold brews. He also enjoys trying different craft beers and ciders as well.

The Official Trailer Park Boys Drink

Julian Drinks offers a range of alcoholic beverages, including the famous Julian Rum and Coke. In Season 2’s seventh episode, Julian is released from the hospital having survived a car crash and subsequent rolling accident. Although he has gone through some difficult times, fans can see in Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day that Julian still enjoys his favorite drink of rum and coke. This time around, however, he has chosen to stay sober and thin.

Julian’s rum and Coke has become something of a trademark for the character. Whenever he displays his dry wit or mischievous behavior, there is always that glass in his hand. It even inspired the name of one of Trailer Park Boys’ iconic episodes: “The Rum and Coke Machine”. The rum and Coke also serves as a sort of running joke in the show. When Julian is getting into trouble or devising a plan, he can be found sipping on his trusty beverage.

Julian and the Trailer Park Boys have been known to also enjoy Rye and Coke. This concoction is a little less hard-hitting than Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whiskey, but still packs a punch. The rye whiskey used in this drink is distilled in Alberta and bottled in Newfoundland, allowing it to gain an almost cult-like status among fans of the show.

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What Drink Does Julian Drink In Trailer Park Boys?

Julian is known for his love of alcohol. He often enjoys a classic rum and Coke, but has been seen quaffing other alcoholic drinks too. He’s partial to a cold beer, usually preferring something light and hoppy in flavor. Julian also savors fine wines, especially those with notes of oak or citrus. It seems he loves all kinds of alcohol, and is quite the connoisseur!

Does Julian Drink In Real Life?

Julian is an avid drinker and enjoys trying all different kinds of liquors, beers, and wines. He often goes out with friends to bars or pubs where he can sample a variety of drinks. When at home, Julian likes to relax with a beer or glass of wine while watching TV or listening to music.

Trailer Park Boys Julian Drink

Julian’s love of drinking has caused him many problems. His heavy alcohol consumption has resulted in numerous arrests for driving under the influence. He also often blacks out from drinking, which can lead to dangerous situations, as he may not remember what happened while he was intoxicated.

What Rum Does Julian Drink?

Julian prefers to drink a specific type of Rum called La Mauny Rhum Agricole. This agricole-style rum is made from pure sugar cane juice and distilled in Martinique, France. It has flavors of banana, mango and almond, with notes of sweet vanilla and spice. The taste is creamy yet balanced, and the finish is mellow and smooth. La Mauny Rhum Agricole has won numerous awards, including the gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2012.

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Many connoisseurs turn to this high-quality rum for its sophisticated taste and complex flavor profile. It makes an excellent choice for sipping neat or using as a base for classic rum-based cocktails. Julian enjoys La Mauny Rhum Agricole for its smooth and delicious flavor, and he recommends it to anyone looking for a satisfying experience.


Julian’s pirate adventures have taken him all over the world, and he’s had the opportunity to sample some of the best rums that different cultures have to offer. The next time you want to raise a glass with your mates, why not try one of these delicious drinks? You might just find yourself transported to a Caribbean paradise!

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