Why Did They Stop Making Bacardi 151 Rum

Why Did They Stop Making Bacardi 151 Rum?

Bacardi 151 rum was once the most popular of all Bacardi rums. It was an iconic part of mixed drinks that dominated bar menus, made famous by its high alcohol content and beautiful amber hue. This “overproof” rum held a special place in many hearts due to its sweetness but robust flavor—a true representation of quality craftsmanship from one of the world’s leading spirit manufacturers. So why did Bacardi decide to suddenly stop production on this beloved spirit? We’ll explore this question in more depth with our latest blog post, sharing information about the history behind Bacardi 151 Rum as well as what potentially led to its untimely end.

Why Did They Stop Making Bacardi 151 Rum
Why Did They Stop Making Bacardi 151 Rum

Bacardi 151 was first produced in 1973, and quickly became popular due to its high alcohol content. However, the liquor’s flammability, which made it particularly dangerous when mixed with other drinks or added to food items (such as flaming cocktails), soon resulted in numerous lawsuits against the company. In addition to being a potential fire hazard, Bacardi 151 also poses a significant risk of alcohol poisoning due to its strength and flavor.

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You Need To Know: What Replaced Bacardi 151?

When making cocktails that call for Bacardi 151, you can replace it with a variety of overproof rums that have a similar high alcohol content. For example, Gosling’s Black Seal Dark 151 Rum, Lemon Hart 151 Rum and Pusser’s British Navy Overproof Rum are all excellent substitutes. Each rum will bring its own unique flavor to the cocktail, so experimentation is encouraged. When substituting an overproof rum for Bacardi 151, keep in mind that a smaller quantity of the substitute will be needed in order to achieve the same level of potency.

Does Bacardi Still Make 151 Rum?

BACARD* 151 rum was first introduced in 1962 and quickly became a fan favorite. The overproof spirit with the iconic red cap was a staple of many parties and celebrations over the years, but 2016 marked the end of an era when it was officially discontinued. Despite its departure, BACARD* 151 will remain forever in the hearts and minds of its loyal fans. With a spirit this bold and an unforgettable taste, it will never be forgotten. 2016 may have been the end for BACARD* 151, but its legend will live on forever.

How Much Is Bacardi 151 Worth?

Price $22.99
Origin Cuba

Why Is Bacardi 151 Not Made Anymore?

The high alcohol content and easy flammability of Bacardi 151 meant that it was involved in many lawsuits. From claims of bodily injury due to the strength of the drink or even burns from the flammable liquid, this potent spirit has a dark legacy. It’s no wonder that Bacardi decided to phase it out after so many years. Although it was a popular drink and a staple in many bars, the legal costs associated with it were likely too high to keep up with.

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Can You Still Buy Bacardi 151 Rum?

Sadly, 2016 marked the last year that Bacardi produced 151 in the United States. Though you may not be able to find it on store shelves anymore, there is still some of the remaining stock available for purchase online. So if you’re looking for a bottle of this classic rum, now may be your last chance to get it!

Where Is 151 Rum Illegal?

This type of concoction, known as a “Banned in New York City” drink, is popular among college students and young adults. It’s easy to make and can be enjoyed with friends and family. The combination of the high-proof liquors creates an intense flavor that is sure to please all who partake. Although this type of drink is illegal to purchase within the New York City limits, it can still be enjoyed in other areas or by mixing the liquors together yourself.

Is Don Q 151 The Same As Bacardi 151?

Don Q 151 is a Puerto Rican rum made of pure sugar cane and aged in oak barrels for up to five years. With its distinctive orange and cinnamon aromas, Don Q 151 has a smooth taste that is perfect for sipping or using in cocktails. Its high alcohol content gives it an added punch compared to other rums like Bacardi 151. In addition, Don Q 151 is gluten-free, making it an ideal alternative for those with dietary restrictions.

Why Was Bacardi 151 Rum Discontinued?

It’s a sad day for 151 fans around the world, as Bacardi officially confirmed that 151 is no longer in production. Although there was a Reddit rumor purporting that 151 was just temporarily withdrawn so it could be repackaged, this was not the case; 151 has been discontinued indefinitely. When The Brutal Hammer called Bacardi headquarters to inquire about the situation, no official explanation was given for why 151 is no longer in production.

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Is Bacardi 151 The Same As Don Q 151?

Don Q 151 is a 151-proof rum that was recently introduced to the New Zealand market and has quickly become known as a Bacardi 151 substitute. The 151 proof makes it one of the strongest spirits available, perfect for taking shots or adding a unique flavor to cocktails. Don Q 151 comes in two sizes: 750 mL and 1 Liter. It has a smooth, clean flavor, with notes of vanilla and molasses. The 151 proof gives it an intense punch that is sure to add a kick to any beverage.

Why Did Bacardi Get Sued For 151?

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that Bacardi 151 proof rum is “unreasonably dangerous” due to its high levels of combustible and explosive vapor. They claim that this defect creates a risk of fire, explosion and injury to consumers who purchase and use the product. The suit states that while Bacardi was aware of these risks, it failed to provide adequate warnings of these dangers and continued to market the rum for sale.

Watch Why Did They Stop Making Bacardi 151 Rum Video:

Are you a fan of Bacardi 151 rum? If so, then you’re probably wondering why it was suddenly taken off the shelves — it made any good Bahama Mama or fruit punch cocktail pop with flavor. Here at Liquor Cabinet News, we’re as curious about this mystery liquor disappearance as you are. To get to the bottom of it all, we did some digging and shipped in all the information – including an exclusive video – that explains why they stopped making Bacardi 151 Rum!

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After reading our blog post, you should now have a better understanding of why Bacardi 151 Rum is no longer in production. This “overproof” rum was once the most popular spirit manufactured by Bacardi, but due to its high alcohol content and other associated risks, it was ultimately discontinued. While we may never know the exact reason why Bacardi decided to stop making Bacardi 151 Rum, we can speculate that it was likely due to concerns about safety and liability. We hope you enjoyed learning more about this iconic rum and its place in history!


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