Why Was Bacardi 151 Rum Discontinued

Why Was Bacardi 151 Rum Discontinued?

If you’re a fan of rum, you may have heard rumors that Bacardi 151 rum was discontinued. This high-proof Caribbean spirit has been the topic of many conversations in bars and parties. But why was it taken off the shelves? In our post today, we’ll delve into this mystery and provide an answer to the age-old question – why did Bacardi 151 vanish without a trace? We’ll discuss the reasons behind its demise, debunk myths surrounding its production, and explore how its disappearance impacted the liquor world. So if you’ve ever asked yourself what happened to this notorious boozy beverage, read on!

Why Was Bacardi 151 Rum Discontinued
Why Was Bacardi 151 Rum Discontinued

Bacardi 151, the powerful rum that was known for its flammability due to its high alcohol content, has been discontinued. This decision may have been made by Bacardi in order to avoid potential lawsuits and other forms of legal trouble associated with its potent product. It is likely that this action was taken as a precautionary measure, rather than due to a lack of demand for the liquor. Although many have speculated as to why Bacardi has discontinued its 151 rum, no official statement has been issued regarding the decision.

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What Replaced Bacardi 151?

When using overproof rums as a substitute for Bacardi 151, it is important to use caution. These types of rums have an alcohol content that ranges between 75 and 95% ABV (alcohol by volume). This means that consuming too much of them can be dangerous, so it’s important to practice moderation when working with these spirits. It’s also important to be aware that the flavor of these rums may differ from Bacardi 151, so it’s best to experiment with different ones until you find one that suits your taste.

Is 151 Rum Illegal?

Nutcrackers, often made with a combination of high-proof liquors and served in plastic bottles, can be found throughout New York City despite the fact that it is illegal to sell liquor without a license. Popular ingredients used when making nutcrackers include 160-proof Devil’s Springs vodka, 151-proof Bacardi 151 rum, and Southern Comfort. Nutcrackers have become quite popular amongst New York City’s nightlife, making it an interesting beverage to explore.

How Much Is Bacardi 151 Worth?

Price $22.99
Origin Cuba

Is Don Q 151 The Same As Bacardi 151?

Don Q 151 is a great alternative to Bacardi 151 in the New Zealand market. It comes in two convenient sizes: 750 mL and 1 Liter. This ensures that you’ll always have enough to make drinks for your friends and family, without having to worry about running out of alcohol too quickly. Don Q 151 has been lauded for its smooth, mellow flavor that gives drinks a pleasant, fruity aftertaste.

Who Makes 151 Rum Now?

The legend of Bacardi 151 Rum speaks for itself. This over-proof rum has been around since the mid-1800s and is one of the most legendary rums in history. It is made with a blend of select sugar cane, molasses and spices that are carefully crafted to create an intense flavor profile that starts off sweet with hints of vanilla, caramel and oak. Bacardi 151 is often used in cocktails such as the Hurricane, Mai Tai and Zombie to add a smooth yet potent flavor that can’t be matched.

Can You Still Get 151 Rum?

Bacardi 151 was an iconic rum that was produced by Bacardi Limited in Hamilton, Bermuda. This highly alcoholic spirit was available in the United States and Canada from 1963 until 2016, when it was discontinued due to health concerns. Despite its high alcohol content, this rum had a smooth taste with notes of oak and spices that made it popular with many.

Why Was 151 Discontinued?

Bacardi’s decision to discontinue the iconic 151 rum followed a recent onslaught of legal cases against the company. The most notable lawsuit was in 2013, when a woman claimed that her drink of Bacardi 151 caused her severe burns. Although this case was settled out of court, it appears as if similar lawsuits may have weighed on Bacardi’s decision to permanently discontinue the 151 rum. This is a major loss for mixologists, as the high-proof of 151 was an essential component in many signature cocktails.

Where Is 151 Rum Illegal?

Mixing several high-proof liquors in plastic bottles is a dangerous practice, even if it may seem like an easy way to save money. In addition to being illegal in New York City, mixing different liquors can lead to unsafe levels of intoxication and increased risk of alcohol poisoning. If you want to safely enjoy your drinks, be sure to purchase the individual bottles and mix them in appropriate containers.

Why Did Bacardi Get Sued For 151?

The lawsuit alleges that Bacardi knew their 151 proof rum was “unreasonably dangerous and posed a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury when used as intended by consumers”. The plaintiffs claim that the company failed to warn consumers about the allegedly hazardous nature of the alcohol, despite being aware of this risk. In addition, they allege that Bacardi was negligent in the production, marketing and sale of the product. The suit seeks unspecified damages and an order requiring Bacardi to take corrective actions regarding its 151 proof rum product.

Is Don Q 151 Discontinued?

Don Q’s 151 rum has been hailed as a unique and special addition to the Puerto Rican distillery’s product line. Not only does it commemorate Destilera Serrallés’ 150th anniversary, but its release comes after several years of absence from production. The 151 is not only an overproof rum, but also Don Q’s second overproof rum release, making it a true rarity. Through its smoothness and richness in flavor, Don Q’s 151 is an ideal addition for any cocktail or mixed drink.

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Watch Why Was Bacardi 151 Rum Discontinued Video:

If you’re familiar with cocktails and are well-versed in the world of mixology, then you know that Bacardi 151 Rum has long been a favorite among many bartenders. But what may be surprising is that this rum was actually discontinued in 2016 – leaving many people wondering why it vanished so abruptly? In this blog post, I’m going to delve into the story behind Bacardi 151 and watch an interesting YouTube video detailing its discontinuation.



While there are many rumors and myths surrounding the production of Bacardi 151, the most likely explanation for its discontinuation is that it was simply too dangerous to produce. With such a high proof level, accidents during production were not uncommon, and potentially fatal. In addition, Bacardi 151 was frequently misused by consumers, who would often drink it straight or use it in cocktails that masked its high alcohol content. For these reasons, Bacardi decided to discontinue production of the rum in order to prevent further injuries or fatalities. Though it’s been gone for over 15 years, Bacardi 151 continues to be missed by many rum fans around the world.


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