What Is A Rum And Black

What Is A Rum And Black?

If you’ve been out and about at bars, then you have likely heard of the famous Rum and Black. An immensely popular mixture of light, dark, and spiced rums with a splash of coke or blackcurrant – it’s no surprise that this delicious combination is one of the most commonly ordered drinks around. Whether you’re looking to switch up your usual routine or just want to find out what all the fuss is about, read on for our essential guide to this tantalizing blend!

What Is A Rum And Black
What Is A Rum And Black

A rum and black is a classic cocktail that can be enjoyed in any season. Its simple combination of rum and blackcurrant cordial makes it a refreshing and easy-to-make drink. The sweet and tart flavor of the cordial combines perfectly with the smoothness of aged rum for an unforgettable sip every time. The drink has gained immense popularity in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it is commonly referred to as a blackberry.

Myers’s black rum is distilled using a unique five-column distillation process to ensure smoothness and remove impurities. This spirit is made with caramel, molasses or both, depending on the distillation method used. When combining Myers’s black rum with citrus, it creates an optimal flavor balance that cannot be matched by heavier mixers. The unique distillation process creates a rum that is characterized by flavors of licorice and molasses, making it a popular spirit for mixed drinks.

Gosling’s Black Strap Rum is a time-honored expression of the Gosling family’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Distilled from molasses in charred American white oak barrels, this rich rum has a distinctively smooth profile that mellows out over three years of aging.

Its flavor lends itself perfectly to a number of classic cocktails, from the Manhattan and Old Fashioned to the beloved Dark ‘n Stormy. But bartenders also know it as a key ingredient for Tiki-style punches or floating on top of fruity drinks. As such, Gosling’s Black Strap Rum is an essential in any bar’s liquor collection.

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Dark rum is known for its robust and complex flavor profile. Its deep smoky aroma, dark color, and long finish are the result of being aged in oak barrels for extended periods of time. This extended aging process gives dark rum its unique taste and complexity that can be enjoyed neat or used to create an array of cocktails. Dark rum pairs easily with flavors like citrus, caramel, coffee, vanilla, and spices. With its unique taste and complexity, dark rum is an excellent spirit for adding depth to any drink or dessert.

Dark rums are often referred to as “black rums” due to their deep, rich color. However, the hue of a rum is not necessarily indicative of its flavor profile or strength. Instead, it is the additives used in production that determine its taste and potency. Spiced rums are made with additional ingredients such as caramel flavoring and spices like cinnamon, allspice, and star anise. These extra ingredients give spiced rum its signature flavor profile that many people associate with the spirit.

Dark rum is a great option for those who wish to switch up their classic whiskey cocktail. Its smooth texture and subtle sweetness make it the perfect accompaniment to both Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktails.

Maestros de Ron BACARDÍ Rum is a unique blend of aged rums, carefully crafted to create an incomparable taste experience. The rum has a smooth, medium-bodied flavor with notes of sweetness and spice. To achieve the perfect equilibrium between these two complex and balanced components, Maestros de Ron BACARDÍ uses a combination of traditional and modern rum-making processes. The result is an exceptional black rum, which some people have described as “black magic”.

What Is Black And Rum?

No matter your personal tastes, its clear that black and rum is a drink like no other. It offers an intense flavor that can be enjoyed any time of the year, whether you’re looking for something to cozy up with in winter or are seeking out something refreshing during summertime. Its unique taste pairs well with a variety of foods, making it a perfect addition to any meal or gathering. With its unique flavor, black and rum is sure to be a hit at any party or get-together.

Black rum is the perfect choice for a unique twist in any cocktail. It adds depth and complexity to tiki drinks, adding subtle notes of molasses and caramel that bring out the flavor of other ingredients. It’s also great for creating bold, intense flavors in classic cocktails such as old-fashioneds or Manhattans.

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Black rum, despite its dark color and strong flavor, has a surprisingly versatile range of applications in cocktails. At False Idol, nearly half of the 38 drinks on their menu feature black rum as an ingredient — from classic tiki drink recipes like the Mai Tai to more creative concoctions such as their signature house punch.

Rum has been found to be beneficial for heart health due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This is likely because of the presence of polyphenols, which are compounds that can protect our bodies from damaging inflammation caused by oxidation and stress. The polyphenols in rum have also been shown to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglycerides.

In addition, rum can help reduce the risk of artery blockages and prevent heart attacks. While drinking in moderation is key to maintaining proper heart health, moderate consumption of rum has been linked to positive benefits for the cardiovascular system.

What Makes A Rum Black?

Aging of rum is a complicated process. The flavor and color of the resulting product can vary depending on how long it was aged, the type of barrel used, and what other ingredients are added to it. Rum that has been aged for extended periods of time will have a darker color than golden rum. This is because the longer aging period allows more of the charred oak and other flavors to come out in the rum, which makes it darker.

Cruzan Black Strap Rum is gaining popularity among bartenders and cocktail makers for its robust flavor profile. It has a molasses-like sweetness that stands out from other rums, along with notes of tobacco, caramel, coffee and dark chocolate. While it’s not categorized in rum bibles like Martin Cate’s Smuggler’s Cove, Cruzan Black Strap is becoming a go-to ingredient in craft cocktails.

Black rum is created through a process of distillation in which molasses, typically produced from sugar cane or sugar beets, is boiled down and evaporated. This distilled liquid then has caramel coloring added to give it its dark, black hue. While the flavor profile tends to be sweet, smoky and slightly salty due to the presence of molasses, black rum may also be slightly bitter due to the addition of dark molasses (blackstrap).

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At Cruzan, 1990s marked our first step in the rum distilling world and we have been evolving ever since. In 2013, we introduced our Rum Collection which included Blackstrap Molasses as a key ingredient to flavor our iconic Black Strap Rum. As an experienced bartender, you can use Whitestrap Rum from Cruzan’s portfolio to bring a subtly spicy backbone to drinks such as the American Tiki Cocktail served at The Eddy in New York City.

Everything You Need To Know About Rum

White rum is usually clear and light-bodied, with a slightly sweet taste. It can be used in a variety of cocktails and drinks, including the classic Daiquiri or Mojito. Dark rum has been aged longer, giving it a deeper flavor and darker color. It is commonly used as an ingredient in tropical drinks like the Piña Colada or the Zombie, but can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Dark rum is ideal for adding a rich, boozy flavor to desserts like flans and tres leches cakes.

White rum is distinct from aged varieties, having a lighter body as well as a milder flavor. This type of rum is generally used in cocktails and contains very few impurities since it is distilled from molasses or cane juice. Darker rums, on the other hand, have been aged in charred oak barrels for an extended period of time and are made from a blend of distilled alcohol and blackstrap molasses.

The longer aging period gives dark rum an added complexity, color, and body that are not present in light rums. With its robust flavor profile, dark rum is often used in drinks where it can provide a more intense flavor than other varieties of rum. It is also a popular base spirit for cocktails such as mojitos and Mai Tais.

What’s The Difference Between Black Rum And Dark Rum?

Black rum and dark rum are two distinct types of alcoholic beverages. Black rum is made with molasses, giving it a stronger flavor compared to dark rum, which is made with sugar cane juice. This distinction in ingredients means that black rum is often preferred for cocktails while dark rum has a more subtle flavor, making it better suited for use in cooking.

The production of rum in Australia is a lengthy and complex process. It begins with the refining of sugar cane byproducts such as molasses and juice, which are then fermented and distilled to create white or dark rum. The type of rum depends on the ingredients used during fermentation, as well as other factors such as aging time. White rum is often used to create cocktails, while dark rum is used when cooking. The aging process of rum also influences its taste and aroma, as different time periods allow for the development of unique flavours and aromas.

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Central America is well known for its production of fine dark rums. The color of these rums is determined by how they are aged and the amount of time they spend in barrels. During this process, white rum is sometimes filtered to remove the colour acquired from aging. For darker coloured rums, caramel may be added to lighten them up.

The result is a complex spirit with dark and fruity notes, which can be enjoyed neat or as part of an exquisite cocktail. These Central American rums are renowned for their quality and have garnered considerable recognition from industry experts.

Dark rum is an incredibly versatile beverage with a distinguished flavor profile. It is known for its sweet, rich and bold taste that adds depth to any recipe or drink. It has a deeper color than white rum, which is why it’s often used in cocktails and mixed drinks like mojitos, daiquiris and piña coladas. Dark rum is also great for cooking with and can be added to sauces, marinades and desserts.

Types Of Rum

Whether you’re looking for a rum to be the star of your cocktail or just a light accent, there is an option to suit your preference — dark rum and white rum. Dark rum has a rich flavor profile with notes of molasses, spices, and caramel. It adds body and complexity to any drink that calls for it. White rum, on the other hand, has a milder flavor that is light and sweet. It’s the perfect addition to any fruity mixed drinks, punches, and Daiquiris.

White Rum And Blackcurrant

A white rum and blackcurrant is the perfect drink for any occasion. Its smooth and sweet flavor from the white rum combined with the tart and juicy note of blackcurrant make it a refreshing beverage. It’s ideal for summer days spent enjoying the sunshine, or to serve at a get-together with friends. Easy to make and even easier to enjoy, this classic drink is sure to please everyone.

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The Perfect Pairing: Rum And Fruit Juice

A rum and juice mixer is the perfect way to make a delicious and complex cocktail. Rum can be paired with many different types of fruit juices, but for a particularly special drink, use two types of rum in your mix. Start by adding light rum to give the cocktail its base flavor, then add dark or black rum for added complexity and depth of flavor.

To complete the drink, mix in freshly squeezed lime juice, grapefruit juice, and a touch of sugar syrup for sweetness. This combination of ingredients creates a unique and flavorful Rum Punch that is golden in color and named after the black rum that serves as its base spirit.

This cocktail is perfect for summer afternoons by the pool or beach. It’s easy to make and can be adjusted according to your preference. You could use aged, dark rum, coconut rum, or white rum depending on the flavors you want to achieve. White rum adds an extra sweetness and helps balance out the tart citrus notes of orange juice. Of course, to reduce the sugar content of your cocktail, you could opt for a light or sugar-free orange juice.

Best Black Rum

No matter what your taste, you’re sure to find a black rum that’s perfect for you. Some of the best black rums come from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba, offering full-bodied and flavorful options. For a lighter body, try a rum from Puerto Rico. Each region produces unique flavor profiles, giving you an array of delicious options to choose from.

For the dark rum connoisseur, Myer’s “World Famous Dark and Mellow” is an excellent choice. This American-made rum has aged to perfection, with a rich flavor that hints of caramel and molasses. Ernest Hemingway was inspired by this fine expression of dark rum – now you can be, too.

Demerara rum is also a popular style of dark rum. This product is made from distilled molasses and copper pot stills, resulting in an incredibly smooth and deep flavour profile. Zacapa 23 is an ideal example of a well-balanced spirit that can take on a more sophisticated complexity or remain simple.

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Rum And Black Ireland

Blacks Spiced Irish Rum is a unique, award-winning spirit. It has an exquisite taste that can only be understood when sipped and savored. Created using the highest quality sugar cane molasses, fermented and aged in oak casks with seven carefully selected spices — including nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and vanilla — this rum stands apart from other rums.

The Dark Side Of Rum

Rum has been gaining popularity in Ireland over the past few years and is now widely enjoyed by many. According to Malcolm Gosling, “black rum is a syllepsis of flavor and subtle elegance.” With its distinctive taste, it can be enjoyed neat or as an ingredient in a variety of classic cocktails. The Goslings brand offers a range of black rums that capture the essence of this spirit. With its smooth and complex flavors, Goslings has become a popular choice among discerning rum connoisseurs.

The aging process of dark rum is what gives it its unique flavor and color. The charred oak or wooden barrels that the rum is aged in provide a subtle smokiness, which pairs perfectly with caramel, vanilla, and molasses notes found in this type of spirit. Dark rum also has an intense sweetness and can be used to create full-bodied cocktails with a bold flavor. Akal Chai Rum is the perfect example of black rum, as it is aged in whisky barrels to give it a complexity and depth that makes it stand out amongst other spirits on the market.

As Kiran Shiva Akal explains, “Akal Chai Rum has been carefully crafted for those who appreciate taste and tradition. Our unique blend of spices, herbs, and honey make it a truly special spirit that you can enjoy in any setting.” With its smooth finish and powerful flavor, it is no surprise that Akal Chai Rum has become the drink of choice for those looking to experience something new.


So there you have it – everything you need to know about the Rum and Black! This classic drink is the perfect mix of sweet, sour, and strong, and is sure to hit the spot no matter what the occasion. Whether you’re enjoying a night out with friends or kicking back at home, be sure to give this delicious concoction a try.

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