How Much Is A Handle Of Bacardi Rum

How Much Is A Handle Of Bacardi Rum?

Ah, Bacardi Rum–a tried and true favorite of many seasoned drinkers. Its sweet taste, pleasant smell, and smooth mixability are just a few of the reasons it’s become one of the most popular alcoholic beverages available. It may surprise some to know that its popularity isn’t limited to merely being a party punch-standby; you’ll even find it listed in some top-shelf cocktail recipes! But what is the cost associated with stocking your liquor cabinet with this delicious spirit? We’ve done our research and in this blog post we’re here to answer that question: How Much Is A Handle Of Bacardi Rum? Read on to discover how much it costs as well as ways you can save money wherever possible!

How Much Is A Handle Of Bacardi Rum
How Much Is A Handle Of Bacardi Rum

Bacardi is a popular brand of rum that has been manufactured and enjoyed in Cuba since 1862. The brand is known for its quality and flavorful rums, making it a great choice for any occasion. Bacardi offers a wide range of products, including traditional rums, spiced rums, and flavored rums. Depending on the type and location of purchase, a handle of Bacardi rum typically costs around $20. With its high-quality taste and affordable price point, Bacardi is an ideal choice for your next celebration or gathering.

Bacardi is the world’s largest rum brand and has a huge range of sub-labels and labels. As one of the most popular brands on the market today, Bacardi has become known for its quality products, with their most expensive bottle costing $29.99. From Dark and Stormy to Minty Mojito and Raspberry Rum Mules, drinkers of all kinds can find a rum-based beverage to suit their taste. With the wide range of options available from Bacardi, you’re sure to find something that you love.

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Bacardi Superior White Rum

Bacardi Superior White Rum is a great option for those looking to create simple and delicious cocktails. This rum has a smooth, light taste that allows it to blend easily into any recipe. Its subtle flavor won’t overpower other ingredients while still providing a hint of sweetness. Perfect for mixing into classic favorites like the mojito or piña colada, Bacardi Superior White Rum is also a great choice for experimenting with more creative concoctions. Whether you are looking for an easy rum and Coke or something a little more complex, this rum will be sure to elevate your cocktails. Get creative and find your perfect rum-based refreshment today!

Don Facundo Bacard Masso revolutionized the spirits industry when he invented BACARD Superior Rum in 1862. This rum has since earned over a dozen international awards, making it one of the most celebrated rums in history. Its flavor is light and aromatic, with hints of vanilla, citrus, and floral notes that meld together to create a unique taste. BACARD Superior Rum has a dry, crisp finish that leaves an incredibly clean sensation in the mouth. Its long-standing award-winning tradition demonstrates its quality and commitment to excellence, making 1862 the year of revolution for rum drinkers everywhere.

As a rule of thumb, white rum is best suited for cocktails and mixed drinks. Its light color and mild flavor allow the other components to come through easily. It also pairs particularly well with citrus flavors like lime or orange juice. White rum is produced in many areas around the world, including the Caribbean and South America. Each area has its own unique spin on the traditional rum-making process, resulting in a variety of flavors and colors.

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When selecting a white rum for your favorite drinks, it’s important to consider the flavor profile you’re looking for. Brands with higher alcohol content tend to have more vibrant flavors, while milder rums are often best used as a base in mixed drinks. Whatever your preference may be, white rum is an essential ingredient for many classic cocktails and a great option for any occasion.

Bacardi Superior: A Light And Refreshing Rum

Bacardi Superior is the perfect rum for creating light and refreshing cocktails. Its distinctive vanilla and almond notes make it stand out, while its smoothness ensures that it won’t overpower other spirits when combined. It also has a unique shape due to its secret blend of charcoal, making it an attractive addition to any bar. Whether you’re looking for a classic Mojito or something new, Bacardi Superior is an excellent choice. So why not give it a try today and see what you can create? You won’t be disappointed.

Bacardi Bottle Sizes

The Bacardi bottle sizes are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re stocking up on liquor for a party, looking to purchase something special as a gift, or just want enough to last throughout the week, there is an option available at every capacity. The 750 ml size is the most popular choice due to its versatile nature and affordability. For those occasions that call for something larger, there are also 1 liter, 1.75 liter, and 3 liter Bacardi bottles available. The 3 liter bottle is the largest size typically found in stores, but it can be special-ordered from certain retailers if needed.

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What’s The Smallest Bottle Of Bacardi?

Drinks Supermarket offers the perfect addition to your next event with the Carta Bacardi Blanca Rum 5cl bottle. This miniature drink is smooth and fragrant on the palate, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. Enjoy a taste of luxury without feeling guilty by choosing one or two bottles of this delightful rum in place of full-size bottles. With its convenient size, you can also make sure every guest gets to enjoy a taste of the Caribbean no matter where your party takes place! Get your Carta Bacardi Blanca Rum 5cl bottle today and let the fun begin!

How Much Is A Large Bottle Of Bacardi?

Bacardi offers a variety of rum sizes and price points, catering to all tastes. For those looking for an affordable but full-bodied rum, the Bacardi Rum Solera at 750ml is available for $21.98. If you’re seeking something more complex and flavorful, BACARD* Reserva Ocho is a great option. This 750ml bottle is priced at $27.98 and has a taste that is sure to please the palate. For those looking for an even more luxurious experience, BACARD* Gran Reserva Diez at 750ml costs just $40.99 and offers intense flavor and aroma. No matter what your budget or preference may be, Bacardi has the perfect rum for you.


In conclusion, the cost of buying a handle of Bacardi rum varies depending on where you purchase it, but if you’re a fan of this beloved and popular spirit then there are some costs to consider. A handle of Bacardi can range from moderate to expensive, so it’s important to do your research and shop around for the best prices. You may also be able to use coupon services or loyalty programs at certain stores to help reduce the overall cost. Additionally, knowing that Bacardi is featured in many top-shelf recipes means it will probably come in handy for special occasions when you want to impress guests with your mixology skills. Finally, no matter what recipe you choose, the smoothness and taste of Bacardi is sure to please all your imbibers!


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