How Many Carbs In Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

How Many Carbs In Captain Morgan Spiced Rum?

Do you know how many carbs are in your favorite captain morgan spiced rum? It turns out that this particular alcoholic beverage contains a very low amount of carbohydrates. If you’re wondering how much of that toe-tapping flavor comes from grain-based alcohol and how much is pure sugar, then read on—we have all the answers about Captain Morgan Spiced Rum nutrition facts and more!

Whether you’re looking for an occasional indulgence or just curious, the nutritional content of your adult beverages is important to consider. So keep reading to find out what carb count (and other nutrients) make up this sweet spirit!

How Many Carbs In Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
How Many Carbs In Captain Morgan Spiced Rum?

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has a surprisingly low amount of carbs, making it the perfect choice for those looking to watch their sugar intake. One serving (1.5 ounces) of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum contains just 1 gram of total carbs, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. While you may think that spiced rum would be sugary and heavy, it’s actually a light and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed at any time.

The smooth and sweet flavor of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is complemented by its subtle hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices. The warming sensation of the spices gives the rum its unique taste, making it the perfect addition to any drink. Whether you’re making a classic cocktail or inventing your own recipes, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum will help make your drinks unique and delicious.

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is the perfect addition to any night out, or even just an evening at home. This smooth, flavorful rum with 35% alcohol by volume is sure to give your drinks a kick. The blend of Caribbean rums makes this spiced rum one of the best, and it’s aged in oak barrels for a minimum of one year to give it an extra special flavor.

And with just 28 grams of carbohydrates in a standard 750ml bottle, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum makes for a great low-carb option when you’re looking to enjoy a drink or two. Whether you’re looking to add a little bit of flavor to your favorite cocktail, or just enjoy a delicious spiced rum on its own, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is the perfect choice.

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Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum offers a lower-carb option than other liquors and spirits. With only 2.67 g of net carbs per 240 mL (1 serving) it is perfect for those who are looking to consume fewer carbohydrates while still enjoying the flavor of rum.

The low carb content is due to its main ingredient, molasses, which is the by-product of sugar production. It is this molasses that gives Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum its unique flavour and lower carbohydrate content. For those looking to enjoy a low-carb alcoholic beverage without compromising on taste, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is an excellent option.

A single serving of celery contains only 76 calories, making it an excellent low-calorie snack. It is also a great source of dietary fiber, supplying 0.4 grams per serving. Additionally, this vegetable provides a good amount of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K, potassium and folate.

For those looking for an even healthier snack, celery also contains a small amount of protein and carbohydrates. There is only 0.4 grams of protein and 0.4 grams of carbohydrates in one serving, making this an ideal snack for those watching their carbohydrate intake. Finally, celery also provides a source of healthy fat with 0.1 grams per serving.

How Many Net Carbs Are In Captain Morgan Spiced Rum?

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is a great choice for those looking to indulge without worrying about their carbohydrate intake. Not only does it have zero net carbs, but its rich flavor and smooth finish make it the perfect addition to any occasion. Whether you’re mixing up a cocktail or simply enjoying it on the rocks, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is a tasty and guilt-free way to celebrate.

Rum is a popular spirit in the world of cocktails thanks to its distinct flavor and versatility. It can be used as the main ingredient in many classic drinks like Mojitos, Daiquiris, and even Pina Coladas. Rum also has some great health benefits that make it an ideal choice for those looking for a healthier drink. The sugar in rum is slow to release, making it perfect for keeping you feeling full longer. Additionally, it has low levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, making it a healthier option than other spirits.

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How Many Carbs And Sugar Are In Captain Morgan?

According to the TGI Friday’s Nutrition Facts, there are 0 net carbs in Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum 1.5oz. However, there is one gram of sugar per serving. The other ingredients listed, including alcohol and water, are all naturally low in carbohydrates and do not significantly contribute to total carbohydrate content. Additionally, the nutritional facts show that there are no calories, fat, trans fat, cholesterol and sodium present in the beverage. In terms of vitamins and minerals, it contains small amounts of calcium and iron.

Can You Drink Rum On Keto Diet?

Low-carbohydrate drinks are a great way to enjoy the flavors of alcohol without the guilt. Rather than loading up on sugary mixers, you can opt for low-calorie alternatives that won’t add too many carbs to your drink. Some delicious options include diet soda, seltzer water, unsweetened cranberry or pomegranate juice, and sugar-free tonic water. You can also make your own sugar-free mixers by infusing plain seltzer or soda with fresh fruit or herbs. Additionally, many brands now offer low-carbohydrate versions of their popular cocktails, allowing you to enjoy a cocktail without all the added sugars.

Is Captain Morgan Rum Keto Friendly?

When following a ketogenic diet, it is important to pay attention to the macronutrient breakdown of your food and drinks. Since carbohydrates are restricted on a keto diet, many alcoholic beverages can be high in carbs. But luckily, Captain Morgan rum is relatively low in carbohydrates and calories, making it a good option if you’re looking for a keto-friendly alcoholic beverage. A standard 1oz serving of Captain Morgan rum contains about 0 grams of carbohydrates and approximately 64 calories.

Additionally, the majority of these calories come from alcohol, which doesn’t have an effect on your blood sugar or insulin levels. This makes Captain Morgan rum an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a low-carb drink while on a keto diet. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite Captain Morgan rum cocktail without worrying about it ruining your diet. Cheers!

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The answer to whether you can drink Captain Morgan on a keto diet is yes, but with some caution. As an alcoholic beverage, it contains zero carbs and no sugar. However, the amount of alcohol in Captain Morgan can add up quickly if you are drinking it regularly.

It is recommended to limit your consumption of alcoholic drinks on a keto diet and be mindful of how much you are consuming. Additionally, it is best to avoid the spiced rums that Captain Morgan offers due to its added ingredients, which can contain carbs and sugar. Stick with the original version for a lower-carb option when choosing an alcoholic beverage. Furthermore, make sure to consume the beverage in moderation and pair it with a keto-friendly snack to help your body process the alcohol.

Keto-friendly alcoholic beverages are a great way to enjoy your favorite drinks without the high amounts of sugar normally found in other drinks. While wine and beer can both be enjoyed on the keto diet, hard liquor is generally the best choice for those trying to get into ketosis. Hard liquors such as gin, vodka, whiskey, and even rum have very low levels of sugar and should be highly distilled.

Low-carb mixers such as club soda, diet tonic, Diet Coke, and other no-calorie or low-calorie drinks are also available to make your drink even more keto-friendly. Though alcohol can help you achieve the desired state of ketosis, it will slow down your weight loss. So, if you’re looking to lose weight while on the keto diet, it is best to limit or avoid alcohol altogether. Jamie Murray, a chef and health enthusiast, recommends cutting out diet sodas as they can have hidden sugars that will derail your keto diet.

Low-carb alcoholic beverages are an excellent choice for those following a ketogenic diet. They provide a convenient and delicious way to enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage without having to worry about your carb intake. Not only are these drinks low in carbs, but they also contain fewer calories than most other types of alcohol.

These drinks come in many varieties, from light beer to spritzers and mixed drinks. Many companies, such as Captain Morgan and Diet Sprite, offer specialized keto-friendly alcoholic beverages that meet the specific needs of those who follow a low-carbohydrate diet. Not only do these beverages make it easier for individuals on a ketogenic diet to enjoy an occasional drink, but they also provide a way to enjoy the social aspects of drinking with friends and family while still sticking to their dietary goals.

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Rum has also been used throughout history as a social lubricant to help break the ice in social situations. It was popularly served at taverns and colonial-era inns, and it was often used to make punch for parties. Its sweet flavor made it an attractive choice for special occasions like weddings and celebrations of important milestones. Rum was widely used in the Caribbean, and recipes for rum punches spread quickly, becoming popularly served drinks around the world.

Rum is also known to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, making it a great choice for those looking to maintain their health. Additionally, rum can help reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation. Its unique flavor profile and potent mix of vitamins and antioxidants make it an ideal beverage for anyone looking to improve their overall health.

With its many health benefits and delicious taste, rum is an excellent choice for a healthy lifestyle. To get the most out of your rum consumption, it is important to be mindful of its potential effects on your body. Rum contains alcohol, which can impair judgment and cause dehydration if consumed in excess. It is important to consume alcohol responsibly, as excessive drinking can greatly increase the risk of long-term health problems.

Sharing a rum with yourself is an easy and effective way to show self-care. Not only does it provide you with the health benefits of alcohol (such as reducing stress and anxiety levels, improving sleep quality and circulation, etc.), but it can also help lift your mood and relieve feelings of loneliness or isolation. Furthermore, by taking the time for yourself to enjoy a rum, you can better process and evaluate your life experiences, allowing you to gain insights into yourself that may otherwise remain hidden.

Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum: A Low-carb Choice

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is a low carb alternative for those looking to stick to a keto diet. Its 0.5 grams of carbohydrates per serving makes it an ideal choice for those watching their sugar intake. With Captain Morgan, you can enjoy the sweet taste of rum without compromising your health goals or dietary requirements. It’s a great way to enjoy a night out with friends without worrying about over indulging. So, if you’re looking for a low carb rum option, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is the perfect choice.

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Are There Carbs In Spiced Rum?

Spiced rum is a popular alcoholic beverage that contains no carbs. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals looking to limit their carb intake, as there are no added sugars or carbohydrates. Spiced rum can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from simply sipping on the rocks to mixing with other ingredients like juices and syrups to create creative cocktails. Whether you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth or just enjoy the unique flavor of spiced rum, no carbs means no added calories so you can indulge without feeling guilty.

When it comes to the calorie content of rum, 89 calories per serving is considered standard. This amount is approximately the same as a can of Coca-Cola, so when thinking about how many calories are in your drink, remember that one shot of rum contains 89 calories. It’s important to keep an eye on how much you’re drinking and be aware that 89 calories per serving can add up quickly. As rum is distilled from sugar cane and does not contain any sugar, it’s important to take into account the calorie content when consuming.

Is Captain Morgan High In Carbs?

Captain Morgan rum is a popular and widely available brand of spiced rum. It has a unique flavor and aroma, which makes it a great choice for adding something special to your favorite cocktails. Unfortunately, while you can find many types of information about the ingredients used in Captain Morgan’s rum, there is no nutritional information provided on the label or elsewhere.

This means that it’s impossible to know for sure how many carbs are in the beverage. However, most alcoholic drinks tend to be quite high in carbohydrates, so it is likely that Captain Morgan rum has a significant amount of carbs as well. If you are conscious about your carb intake and looking to avoid them whenever possible, then it might be best to avoid this type of alcohol.

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The 40 mL serving of 90 proof Parrot Bay Coconut Rum contains 9.2 grams of carbohydrates which can be converted to calories according to the USDA statistics that 1 gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories. This means that 40mL of the rum contains 64.4 calories in total coming from its carbohydrate content alone.

Additionally, other types of Captain Morgan rum may have varying carbohydrate content; it is important to check the nutrition label before consuming. While rum provides a tasty and social drink, it is important to be mindful of the calories that come with each serving. It can be part of an overall balanced diet but should be enjoyed responsibly.

The 89 calories per 80-proof serving of rum comes from Captain Morgan’s Original Rum, White Rum and Spiced Gold Rum. On the other hand, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum contains 137 calories per serving according to Diageo. If you want to watch your calorie intake, or if you like to mix your Captain Morgan with Coca-Cola or other drinks, you should be aware of the calories in both beverages.

That way, you can control the total amount of calories that you consume. Remember to drink responsibly and always follow the legal drinking age laws for your area. When deciding on a beverage, make sure to read the labels and understand what is contained in each product. Knowing the calorie content of each can help you make an informed decision and enjoy your drink responsibly.

A classic rum and diet cola can be a great way to enjoy an alcoholic beverage without the extra carbohydrates. With 15g total carbs and 15g net carbs, Captain Morgan and Diet Coke can make a delicious low-carbohydrate cocktail. Plus, with 0g fat and 120 calories per serving, this classic combination is a healthier option than other alcoholic beverages. For a refreshing beverage that still packs a punch, try this Captain Morgan and Diet Coke cocktail.


Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is a delicious, spirit-forward beverage with a surprisingly low amount of carbohydrates. If you’re looking for an adult beverage that won’t ruin your diet, this spiced rum is a great option. It’s also perfect for mixing into cocktails or enjoying on its own. So next time you’re at the liquor store, be sure to pick up a bottle (or two) of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum!


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