Does Kraken Rum Have Sugar

Does Kraken Rum Have Sugar?

Kraken Rum may look a bit different from other rums out there, with its black bottle and almost mythical name, but does it have sugar? If you’ve been wondering about the answer to this question, then we have all of your answers right here! With Kraken rum being one of the most popular brands on the market today, it’s no wonder that so many people are curious as to whether or not it contains any sugary ingredients.

We’ll dive into what makes this dark spirit so unique and why some might choose to drink it over traditional white or golden rum. So if you’re looking for an answer regarding if Kraken Rum has sugar content within its makeup, buckle up: Here’s everything you need to know!

Does Kraken Rum Have Sugar
Does Kraken Rum Have Sugar?

The Kraken Rum provides 105 calories per 1 oz. of rum, making it a relatively low-calorie alcoholic beverage option. Each ounce contains 1 carbohydrate and 9 grams of sugar per 100 milliliters. This makes The Kraken Rum a great choice for those looking to enjoy an adult beverage in moderation or as part of a balanced diet. Its rich flavor, smooth texture and unique design make it the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you’re sipping neat or using it in a cocktail, The Kraken Rum is sure to bring something special to your glass.

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Is There Sugar In Kraken?

Kraken Rum was released in 2010, featuring the finest molasses made from local sugar cane grown in Trinidad. The rum is renowned for its intense flavors and smooth finish, making it a favorite among spirit connoisseurs. Whether as an ingredient for a classic cocktail or enjoyed on its own, Kraken Rum has become a staple of many liquor collections. From its unique bottle shape to its smooth flavor, Kraken Rum is sure to please any palate and make a memorable impression.

Does Kraken Spiced Rum Have Sugar?

100 grams of The Kraken Rum Spiced contains no carbohydrates, sugar, or sodium. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, as there are no unhealthy ingredients in the rum. Furthermore, 100 grams of The Kraken Rum Spiced won’t add any extra calories to your daily intake, helping you stay on track with your weight loss goals. With its unique spiced flavor, The Kraken Rum Spiced is perfect for those looking to enjoy a delicious and nutritious drink without worrying about their dietary needs.

Is Kraken Sugar Free?

Kraken Spiced Dark Rum is a popular liquor, and it is also known for being low in calories. One serving of Kraken Spiced Dark Rum (5 oz) contains 105 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugar. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy the flavor of rum while keeping their calorie intake down. Additionally, Kraken Spiced Dark Rum contains no added sugar, making it a great option for those who are looking to cut back on their added sugar intake.

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Is Kraken Rum Sweetened?

Angostura Aromatic Bitters is a unique mixture of 11 spices, distilled from naturally sweet molasses and aged one to two years in Trinidad and Tobago. This special blend of 11 ingredients including cinnamon, clove, cardamom and ginger gives Angostura Aromatic Bitters its distinct aroma and flavor. Whether used for a classic cocktail or to enhance the flavor of food, Angostura Aromatic Bitters is an essential ingredient for any kitchen. Add it to recipes in place of salt and pepper, or use the 11 spices to give your favorite dishes a unique twist.

Is Kraken Sweetened?

The Kraken Rum is a dark spiced Caribbean rum that has a deep mahogany color. It is made with molasses and blended with 11 spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. The taste of The Kraken is quite unique; it has an intense sweetness to it, almost like a liquefied brown sugar. There are also notes of anise, dried fruits, and a slightly smoky finish.

When mixed with other ingredients or in cocktails, The Kraken Rum’s intense sweetness is toned down and its spicy flavor comes through more clearly. It works wonderfully in fruity drinks and tiki style cocktails, bringing a Caribbean flair to the drink. For those looking to add a bit of sweetness and complexity to their libation, The Kraken Rum is an excellent choice.

Is There Sugar In Black Spiced Rum?

Although distilled rum has very few carbohydrates or sugar, it can have added sweeteners to give it a sweeter taste. These additives could include honey, molasses, and/or other sweeteners that are often used in flavored rums. Because of these added sugars, distilled rum may contain more calories than bourbon or some of the lighter spirits on its own. However, when mixed with other ingredients to make a cocktail such as a mojito or Piña Colada, the overall calorie count of the drink will be lower due to the mixers added to it.

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What Is Kraken Rum Made Of?

Kraken Rum is a high-quality, molasses-based spirit that is aged for 12 to 24 months in charred oak barrels. This aging process ensures that the rum has a robust and flavorful taste, with hints of sweet spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and clove. The signature dark hue of Kraken Rum is achieved through a special infusion of select spices. With its alluring flavor profile, Kraken Rum is an excellent choice for sipping neat or for mixing in a variety of classic and contemporary cocktails.

Does Kraken Rum Have Squid Ink In It?

This mysterious incident first occurred in the spring of 1875, when a shipment of rum barrels was being delivered to a local tavern by ship. On deck, one of the barrels suddenly filled with an ink-like substance, prompting crew members to investigate its source. To their surprise, they discovered a large squid had been trapped inside the barrel and released its ink in an attempt to free itself. The barrel was destroyed, but the incident remained with sailors who began calling it “the Kraken Rum” due to its opaque and ink-like color.

How Much Is A Bottle Of Kraken Rum?

Type Size Price
Kraken Black Spiced Rum 375ml $10.99 – $16.99
750ml $18.99 – $19.99
1.75L $26.99 – $29.99

What’S In Kraken Spiced Rum?

Trinidad’s rum is crafted from a mixture of 11 spices, including cinnamon, ginger, and clove. The naturally sweet molasses made from sugar cane grown locally gives the base for this specialty beverage. After aging for 1–2 years in oak barrels, the rum takes on an even more complex flavor profile that is beloved by many. Each bottle of this unique rum is crafted with a special blend of spices and aged to perfection, giving it a flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. Try Trinidad’s rum today to experience the taste of an award-winning spirit!

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Can You Drink Kraken On Keto?

Alcohol consumption does not prevent you from entering a state of ketosis. However, alcohol consumption can slow down the rate at which your body enters ketosis as it will prioritize dealing with the alcohol over producing ketones. It is important to keep in mind that when consuming alcoholic beverages while on a ketogenic diet, you should also ensure that you are meeting your daily macro and micro-nutrient needs to remain in ketosis. Moreover, alcohol consumption can also pose other health risks, such as increased blood pressure and impairment of judgement.

Why Does Kraken Taste So Bad?

The Kraken is a far cry from the traditional styles of rum that have been enjoyed for centuries. The overwhelming burnt caramel and charred wood flavors completely overpower any hint of spices, which can be difficult to detect. It’s not surprising that some rum purists view this as an affront to their beloved spirit, with its marketing campaign adding further insult to injury. For those looking for something different, The Kraken can be a great choice – just don’t expect an authentic rum experience.

Does Kraken Rum Have Cinnamon?

The Kraken Rum is aged for 12 to 24 months in charred oak barrels, allowing the molasses-based rum to absorb the flavor of the wood. During this aging process spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and clove are added to the liquor creating a unique and flavorful spirit that has gained popularity around the world. After 12 to 24 months of careful aging, The Kraken is bottled and ready to be enjoyed. With every sip of this rum, you will experience the bold flavor that 12 to 24 months of aging provides. Whether it’s sipped neat or mixed in a cocktail, The Kraken Rum is sure to please.

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What Should I Mix With Kraken Rum?

  • This is a basic Rum Punch which you will need: 50ml orange juice. 50ml pineapple juice.
  • You’ll need 50ml Kraken to make this classic black mojito.
  • You’ll need: 25ml Kraken, The Trendy One, and a perfect storm.
  • Kraken and Cocaine (25ml Kraken, 75ml Cocaine) The No-Fuss One
  • The Seasonal One is a rum hot toddy that calls for 25ml Kraken.

Watch Does Kraken Rum Have Sugar Video:

Do you want to know if Kraken Rum has any sugar in it? Are you already familiar with Kraken, the spiced rum that celebrates its Caribbean origins—but curious about what else goes into this unique spirit? Now is your chance to find out more! We watched a video on Kraken Rum and discovered some surprising information that might just change how you think about this popular drink. From the ingredients used to make it all the way down to its finished flavor profile, read on for everything we’ve uncovered in our quest to answer: Does Kraken Rum have sugar?


After learning a bit more about the Kraken Rum and what goes into its unique flavor profile, it’s safe to say that sugar isn’t one of its main ingredients. This dark spirit is perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional white or golden rum, as it offers a much bolder and richer flavor. So if you’re someone who enjoys a good rum drink but doesn’t want all of the sweetness that comes along with it, then Kraken is definitely the way to go.


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