Who Makes Bumbu Rum

Who Makes Bumbu Rum?

Have you ever been curious about the background behind your favorite Bumbu Rum? Well, so have we! While these bottles may boast Caribbean rum infused with local spices, it’s the people behind-the-scenes that make their delicious product possible. Dive into this blog post as we peel back the layers and get to know each individual who makes Bumbu Rum a reality. From select flavors to unbeatable quality, this is one journey through history you don’t want to miss out on. Grab yourself a glass of Bumbu Rum and let’s find out more about those who bring us such an exceptional spirit!

Who Makes Bumbu Rum
Who Makes Bumbu Rum

Who Makes Bumbu Rum?

Bumbu Rum is created by a team of passionate artisans who have been in the spirits industry for many years. The master blenders at Bumbu are dedicated to producing world-class rum, using only natural ingredients and following traditional production methods. Every bottle of Bumbu is handcrafted with care and delivers an unforgettable experience. Bumbu Rum’s team of experts select the finest sugar cane from Barbados, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands for their rums.

The Company That Makes Bumbu Rum

Bumbu rum was created in 2011 by Americans Sean Frederick and Brent Hocking with the aim of producing a high-quality, natural rum. The company uses a blend of molasses and sugarcane juice to create its rum, which is aged in oak barrels for at least one year to develop its flavor. Bumbu’s all-natural ingredients and processes result in a unique flavor that sets it apart from other rums on the market. Bumbu rum is now available in several countries around the world, offering an authentic taste of Barbados to those who enjoy its distinctive flavor.

Bumbu XO is an ultra-premium rum that has won two straight International Wine and Spirits Competition Best of Category awards. This premium spirit is aged up to 18 years in bourbon barrels, followed by a finishing process in white oak sherry barrels from Spain.

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Since 2018, when Bumbu released its first marketing campaigns dubbing its rum the G.O.A.T (Great Of All Time), Bumbu XO has become one of the fastest-growing ultra-premium rum brands in terms of sales. The family-owned and operated New York City based wine and spirits company is committed to producing a premium rum that will stand out from the rest and has continued to stay true to its mission since 2018.

Bumbu Original Rum has a 400-year history of being carefully crafted and distilled to perfection. The all-natural spices remain unchanged throughout the years, giving this rum its distinctively complex flavor profile. During the process of distillation, each batch is blended by hand in order to recreate the same incomparable flavor. This meticulous care and attention to every detail is what makes Bumbu Original Rum a timeless classic, and an icon of traditional Caribbean rum distillation.

This premium Panamanian rum is distilled with locally sourced spring water and aged for 18 years in American white oak bourbon barrels before being finished in sherry casks from Spain. The distillation process of this unique brand takes place in a 120-year-old distillery, ensuring that every sip has been crafted according to traditional methods and the highest quality standards.

Añejo rum is an aged spirit, usually made from a blend of molasses or sugarcane juice. This type of rum is traditionally matured in oak barrels for at least one year, resulting in its signature golden hue and smoky flavor. The aging process brings out the subtle notes of dried fruits, vanilla, toffee and spices, and the medium-bodied rum typically has a smooth, velvety finish.

Bumbu Crme is a unique blend of Caribbean and Latin American rums, infused with natural flavors like vanilla, cola nut, orange peel and more to create a smooth and flavorful spirit. The distillation process begins with the carefully selected Bumbu rums from across the Caribbean, which are then blended together in small batches for optimal flavor and character.

Is Bumbu Owned By Rick Ross?

Bumbu is a premium rum crafted from eight different countries and aged for up to 15 years in American oak barrels that were once used for bourbon. This aging process gives Bumbu its distinct flavor profile, rich in notes of oak, vanilla and spice. The rum has a smooth finish that lasts long after the initial sip, making it perfect for sipping neat or as the base of your favorite cocktail. Bumbu is owned by Brett Berish and Sovereign Brands, who are also the owners of Rick Ross’ beloved Belaire and Jay-Z’s Ace of Spades champagne.

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The 35 proof rum in Bumbu’s new campaign is sourced from eight different countries and is aged in American oak barrels, which were previously used for aging bourbon. This aging process takes up to 15 years, ensuring that the rum has a smooth flavor with notes of vanilla, toffee, and caramel. DUsse Cognac was created as a joint venture between Jay-Z and Bacardi, and is also aged for 15 years in French oak barrels. The result is a smooth flavor containing hints of vanilla, honey, and dried fruit.

Since 1999, Bumbu Rum has become a worldwide phenomenon. It is crafted using the same recipe that West Indies sailors developed in the 17th centuries. Because of its small-batch and limited-production nature, demand for this rum has greatly exceeded supply. It was Lil Wayne who first took notice and became an early supporter of this unique spirit. Each bottle of Bumbu Rum is a testament to the history and craftsmanship that has gone into its production. connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

The 50% stake that Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, Diddy, and Sean Combs purchased in premium tequila brand DeLen is just one of their many investments in the spirits industry. The four have also been involved in DUsse Cognac, a joint venture between Jay-Z and Bacardi – which has recently seen Ludacris create a unique blend for Conjure Cognac, which he co-owned.

Bumbu Rum And Grammy-winning Rapper Lil Wayne Team Up For Limited Edition Rum

The limited edition rum “Bumbu Tha Carter V” is a collaboration between Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne and Bumbu Rum that celebrates the original craft spirit recipe from centuries ago. The Bumbu blend was created with Caribbean flavors and inspired by the West Indies sailors who blended local ingredients into rum for a unique flavor. The limited edition spirit is one of the many award-winning rums that Bumbu Rum has produced such as Bumbu Original Rum, Bumbu White Rum, Bumbu Black Rum and Bumbu Spiced Rum.

As one of the world’s most popular musicians, with 250 million records sold worldwide, Lil Wayne is a music industry titan. His success and influence have earned him the opportunity to collaborate with Sovereign Brands on its Bumbu rum. The two companies share a passion for creating unique products that reflect an individual’s unique style and perspective. With this collaboration, Lil Wayne has the chance to bring his creative vision to the high-quality rum that Bumbu is known for.

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Bumbu Rum is a unique and flavorful spirit that has something for everyone. With its wide range of rums, you can explore various flavor profiles as you journey through the Caribbean. Whether you’re looking for something light and sweet like Bumbu Original Rum or something with more depth and complexity like Bumbu White Rum or Bumbu Black Rum, Bumbu has the perfect rum for you.

Who Distills Bumbu Rum?

Bumbu Rum Company proudly carries on 400 years of Barbadian rum-making tradition with its flagship product. Crafted and blended in Barbados – the birthplace of rum – Bumbu Rum is a testament to our centuries-old culture, where the spirit was first created. Working closely with artisans, we dedicate ourselves to perfecting the rum craft, so that each sip is a unique experience.

Bumbu Rum is one of the most unique rums on the market. This rum is made with a blend of up to 15-year aged pot still and column still Caribbean Rums, combined with natural spices and flavorings like vanilla, clove, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg & orange peel. As you taste it, you’ll find that its taste is quite different from any other rum you’ve ever had.

Bumbu Rum is a unique blend of Caribbean rums aged up to 15 years in bourbon barrels and combined with spices, fruits, and herbs that can be traced back to the original 16th-century recipe. It has a smooth, complex flavor profile that lends itself to many different cocktails.

Mojito has become a go-to summer drink for many, and it’s easy to understand why. The refreshing combination of mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, club soda, and white rum offers a sweet and tart taste that’s perfect for the hot weather.

This traditional mixer has been around for centuries, originating in Latin America and perfected over time. It consists of specially-selected cane sugar from many different places in Latin America, which is then distilled in Barbados. To top it off, the mixer is spiced to bring out its unique flavor profile that pairs perfectly with cola.

Bumbu Rum: The Original Craft Spirit

Bumbu Rum, manufactured by Sovereign Brands, has been taking the international spirits market by storm. This rum is based on an original recipe created by Caribbean sailors in the 16th and 17th centuries, where native Caribbean ingredients were blended into rum. In order to elevate this traditional beverage to a new level, Sovereign Brands collaborated with Lil Wayne to create Tha Carter V – a rum that pays homage to the 16th and 17th century Caribbean sailors’ inventive spirit.

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Who Makes Bumbu Xo Rum?

Bumbu The Original is a premium spiced rum crafted from the same recipe that was developed centuries ago by Caribbean pirates and merchants. It uses all natural ingredients, including a base spirit derived from WIRD (West Indies Rum Distillery).

Bumbu XO Rum is an 18-year-old rum that has been crafted and distilled in Panama since 1893. This unique spirit was aged in ex-bourbon barrels to give it a depth of flavor and complexity. Bumbu The Original has a 40% ABV, making it ideal for sipping neat or on the rocks. It is bottled for approximately 37% of its intended use, making it a truly special rum that should be enjoyed responsibly.

Bumbu XO is a good option if you are looking for a smooth, slightly sweet rum. It has a light, subtle flavor that is not too overpowering or strong. You can definitely taste the marmalade and cinnamon notes in this rum, which makes it enjoyable to sip on its own or in cocktails. The finish is clean and smooth, and it’s not too boozy. For someone who doesn’t usually drink spirits, this could be a good entry-level rum to try.

Bumbu XO Rum is a great choice for any rum connoisseur. It is aged in oak barrels for over five years and has a distinct cognac-like character. The flavor is characterized by smooth vanilla notes combined with slight citrus undertones, making it a great choice if you’re looking for an enjoyable rum to sip on. The finish is smooth and crisp, leaving you with a pleasant aftertaste that lingers on the palate. Bumbu XO Rum can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails such as a daiquiri or mojito.

Bumbu Xo: A Dry, Flavorful Rum From Barbados

Bumbu XO is an extraordinary blend of rum that has been distilled and aged for 15 years in first-fill bourbon barrels, giving it the oldest age of any whiskey on the market. With 35% ABV, this dry and flavorful rum is perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in cocktails.

Bumbu XO is a unique blend of aged rums from Panama, the United States and Barbados. It features notes of dried fruits, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla, toffee and oak. The rum has an amber hue and its nose has a deep aroma with hints of vanilla and caramel. On the palate, you can taste the flavors of dried dates, tobacco, nutmeg and coffee. The finish is lengthy with a hint of oak and peppercorn.

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Bumbu Original Rum

Bumbu Original Rum is a top-shelf spirit that stands out from the crowd. It starts with only the finest sugarcane, which is then distilled in copper pot stills to create a smooth and rich flavor. Every sip of Bumbu Original brings notes of vanilla, honey, and spice for an unforgettable experience. Perfect for sipping neat or for your favorite cocktail, Bumbu Original Rum is sure to elevate any gathering.

Bumbu Rum is a revival of 16th and 17th century Caribbean history. This original recipe was crafted by West Indies sailors, utilizing all-natural native spices combined with natural cane sugar and a meticulous distilling process to produce an incredible taste. No artificial colors or flavors are used – just the finest ingredients that create an unparalleled flavor profile unique to the Caribbean.

Gold rum is aged for much less time than dark rum, resulting in a lighter color and flavor. It is generally made from molasses or other sugar cane byproducts and typically contains caramel coloring to give it its characteristic golden hue. The taste of gold rum is light and sweet with notes of vanilla, coconut, banana, and tropical fruits like pineapple and mango.

Bumbu Rum Is The Perfect Summer Drink

Bumbu rum is a rare find among sipping rums, and its quality is something to be celebrated. This premium-aged rum boasts 15 years of aging in select small batches, allowing the flavors of vanilla, caramel, oak and spices to fully develop into a complex blend. The result is an all-natural rum that offers notes of cinnamon, roasted nuts, and allspice that subtly sweeten the flavor profile.

Bumbu Rum Banana

Bumbu rum banana is a unique and flavorful choice for those looking to add a hint of sweetness to their favorite drinks. It has an almost creamy texture that makes it perfect for mixing in cocktails or simply enjoying on its own. The rum has notes of ripe banana, brown sugar, and vanilla, which combine together to create an unforgettable flavor.

Our Banana Daiquiri recipe is the perfect summertime treat. The smooth, full flavor of Bumbu’s Original Rum combined with the sweetness of banana and tart lime juice create a flavorful cocktail that will keep you coming back for more. Add in a hint of cocoa powder for an added richness that takes your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Bumbu Rum: A Spiced Rum Unlike Any Othe

Bumbu Rum is a truly unique spirit that stands out amongst other spiced rums. The recipe for this festive rum was created by the founders of Bumbu, inspired by Caribbean rum recipes from centuries past. They combined spices and flavors such as cinnamon, allspice, clove, nutmeg, orange peel and others to produce a smooth and flavorful spirit.

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Bumbu Rum Alcohol Percentage

Bumbu rum is a 40% ABV spiced rum that originated in Barbados. Its complex flavor comes from the blend of spices, which include cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Enjoy Bumbu neat or on the rocks, or mix it into your favorite cocktails for a unique twist! Whether you’re looking for something to sip slowly or to spice up your next happy hour, Bumbu is sure to bring your drinks to a whole new level.

Is Bumbu Rum A Sipping Rum?

Bumbu The Original Rum is a must-have for any rum connoisseur. It has been awarded numerous accolades, and its flavor and smoothness have made it stand out among other rums. With the perfect blend of rich spices, this rum creates an incredibly flavorful experience to savor.

Bumbu Rum: A High Quality, Uniquely Flavored Rum

Bumbu rum has been around for centuries and is known for its high-quality taste. The rum is distilled in Barbados, which is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest rums. After distillation, Bumbu blends several different types of rum together to create a distinctively smooth flavor profile. The beverage is available in a clear bottle with a metal X on the front, and it has an alcohol content of 37 percent.

Bumbu XO differs from other rums in that it is bottled at 37% alcohol by volume and has a cork stopper. This makes it higher in strength than other types of rum, which are usually bottled at 27%. The bottle itself is dark brown with an ‘X’ on the front to distinguish it from the rest. The unique flavor of Bumbu XO makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a high-quality rum. With its unique character and strength, Bumbu XO is sure to be a hit with the more discerning rum drinkers.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the people behind your favorite Bumbu Rum! Be sure to stay tuned for more blog posts like this in the future. We’ll be diving into different topics, stories, and history surrounding Bumbu Rum – so there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. In the meantime, grab a bottle of our world-famous rum and raise a glass to those who make it all possible! Thank you for supporting us and cheers to another enjoyable read.


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