How To Make Non Alcoholic Rum

How To Make Non Alcoholic Rum?

Are you uninterested in the usual drinks so much of your peers seem to enjoy? Do you want an alternative that still tastes great and offers a unique flavor, but isn’t alcoholic? Well, you’re in luck! With this blog post, we’ll be teaching you how to make non-alcoholic rum. You’ve likely heard of and may even have had alcoholic rum before, but here is a unique twist: with just some simple ingredients found at most grocery stores or online shops, you can easily create a delicious non-alcoholic version. From spiced rums to white rums – and everything in between – if it’s completely sans alcohol that you’re looking for, then read on!

How To Make Non Alcoholic Rum
How To Make Non Alcoholic Rum

The process of making non-alcoholic rum is simple and can be done in a few easy steps. First, mix together equal parts water and molasses or syrup. This mixture will form the base of your drink. Then, add spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves to the mix for extra flavor.

Weiss Hill’s non-alcoholic rum was distinguished in 2022, when it received a gold medal at the LA Spirits Awards. Biscane Rum is a special product that stands out from other non-alcoholic rums due to its rich flavor and full body. Not only will you enjoy the taste of this remarkable beverage, but you’ll also experience all the fun and relaxation of an island vacation without worrying about a hangover.

This rum is perfect for making delicious mocktails or cocktails. When making a cocktail with this rum, the flavor notes of caramel, black raspberries, and passionfruit add an extra special touch to your drink. With its smooth finish, it’s just as enjoyable when enjoyed alcohol-free. Check out our list of favorite rum mocktail recipes, or experiment with creating your own.

The original recipe for Hurricane was created by Ramon “Monchito” Marrero in 1954. It was a combination of rum, orange juice, and pineapple juice that formed the basis of what is now known as Pina Colada. This cocktail has been around since the 1600s, when it is believed the Caribbean natives were creating rum as a tonic. During WWII, certain ingredients were rationed, so Marrero chose the few available to him and created the Hurricane.

The Dark n’ Stormy has been a popular beverage since its creation by Gosling in the 1800s. This rum-based concoction is created using Gosling Black Seal Rum, ginger beer and a lime wedge. Its popularity has not waned over time and it is still enjoyed today around the world. While alcohol consumption has dropped to its lowest level in 20 years, non-alcoholic drinks are growing in popularity.

When using rum substitutes for cocktails, it is important to consider the flavor profiles of each. Brandy is a good substitution for light and dark rums, with notes of fruit and spices. Bourbon has sweeter vanilla-like flavors that can work well with drinks that call for spiced or aged rums. Cognac has more complex flavors of honey, dried fruit, and oak that can often be a great replacement for aged rums or cocktails with a lot of mixers.

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How Is Non-alcoholic Rum Made?

Non-alcoholic rum is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy the unique flavor of rum without necessarily wanting to consume alcohol. This form of rum typically contains less than 0.5% alcohol and is flavoured with natural spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, as well as other fruit extracts. Non-alcoholic rums can be used in a variety of cocktails and recipes, just like regular rum.

How Do You Make Rum Flavor Without Alcohol?

Rum extract and rum flavoring are both popular methods of making a delicious non-alcoholic version of rum. They each have unique advantages that make them ideal for different uses in cooking or drinks.

A mojito is the perfect summertime drink! It’s easy to make and doesn’t take long. All you need to do is muddle mint leaves, add lime juice and white rum, stir in some simple syrup or sugar, then top it off with club soda or sparkling water. You can also infuse your mojitos with other flavors like strawberry or pineapple.

Create Your Own Rum Flavo

Once the ingredients have been mixed together, 3 tablespoons of rum or season to taste with 1 teaspoon of rum extract should be added. Allow the flavors to meld for at least one hour, and then strain the mixture if it does not contain dark rum or rum extract. After this step is complete, you can enjoy your homemade rum flavor and avoid purchasing pre-made versions. Making your own rum flavor is an enjoyable and simple process that will make a delicious drink every time.

What Is A Non-alcoholic Substitute For Rum?

Grape juice is a great substitute for rum in many recipes. It can be used to replace beef, chicken, or mushroom stock as an alcohol-free alternative. When using grape juice in place of rum, it’s important to remember not to add sugar; instead, opt for an original flavor so that the dish isn’t too sweet. To substitute 3 tablespoons of rum, use 1 teaspoon of seasonings to taste. Grape juice can also be used as a replacement for white grape juice; simply mix half a teacup or one cup of tea with the same amount of grape juice and you’ll get the desired flavor.

Cocktails often require a combination of spirits, juices, and other ingredients to create the perfect blend. Brandy is one of those versatile spirits that can be used in many cocktails for a rich flavor profile. A popular use of brandy is to deglaze and flambé it with other ingredients such as orange juice, white grape juice, apple cider vinegar, amaretto-almond extract and pineapple juice.

To get the most out of your expensive rum, it is important to not cook it for too long. When cooking with rum, a general rule of thumb is to keep the heat low and never bring it to a boil. This will help preserve the flavor and aroma of your liquor without compromising its quality. For example, when making a classic Mojito, use a spoonful of sugar and just a splash of rum. The sugar will help bring out the flavor of the rum while also helping to sweeten the drink.

For a mocktail recipe, you can use one to two spoons of sherry liquor and grape juice to replace the one regular rum spoon. Apple juice is also a great alternative to alcohol in mocktails. To make White Grape Juice, start by combining green-skinned grapes with sugar and chill them in the refrigerator. The distinct flavor of Niagara grapes makes them a great choice for mocktails. In addition to the sherry liquor and grape juice, you can also substitute rum with beef, chicken or mushroom broth or stock.

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Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient in many recipes, however it does not mix well and has an acidic taste. If a recipe calls for rum, there are several substitutes that can be used. Orange flower water and orange-flavored liqueur can be combined to make a quick substitute for rum. Alternatively, malt whisky or grain whiskey from Scotland can be used as a substitute for rum. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar can also be used to make two small spoons of regular rum if the recipe calls for a very small amount to deglaze a dish after it has been cooked.

To make pineapple juice, you will need to begin with your pineapple. Make sure that it is ripe and ready for juicing. Peel the skin off and cut into small chunks. Place the chunks in a blender or food processor and add some water. Blend until it becomes liquid, then strain through a strainer into a pitcher or bowl. If desired, add a few drops of concentrated rum extract and/or whiskey for an extra kick of flavor.

Ritual Zero-Proof is an excellent choice for those looking to avoid ritual crimes and opt for a less toxic beverage. In addition, the nonalcoholic option has some tasty benefits associated with it that make it stand out from other alcoholic beverages on the market. The light and refreshing flavor is created using Agave nectar and water, while the tart and acidic flavor of apple cider vinegar helps to balance out the sweetness of tequila.

Can Rum Be Non-alcoholic?

Cale*o Dark and Spicy Non-Alcoholic Rum is a unique spin on a classic spirit. With the taste of pineapple, coconut, ginger, black cardamom, vanilla, kola nut, lime and more it’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. This alcohol-free rum has all the flavor without any of the buzz.

For those of us who like a good tipple, rum is one of the most popular spirits. Perhaps it’s because it has a flavor that can please any palate. Whether you prefer light and fruity varieties or dark and smoky ones, there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy.

Rum is a type of distilled spirit made from sugarcane. It must have an alcohol content of 37.5% or higher to be considered rum, and can come in various styles such as light, dark, spiced and flavored varieties. Non-alcoholic rums are often labeled differently to differentiate them from their alcoholic cousins and indicate that they are suitable for drinking like any other rum.

Why You Don’t Need To Mix Rum With A Mixe?

When mixing rum with a mixer, there are several things to consider. First and foremost, it’s important to choose the right amount of rum for the mix. Too much will overpower the other ingredients and will taste overly boozy. On the flip side, too little won’t add enough flavor to make a difference in your cocktail.

How To Make Non Alcoholic White Rum?

Once you have all the ingredients, it’s time to start making your non alcoholic white rum. Begin by pouring in a bottle of white rum extract and one gallon of distilled water into a large bowl. Stir together until completely combined.

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Non Alcoholic Substitute For Rum In Baking

For a light cocktail, switch rum for white grape juice or pineapple juice. To make a dark cocktail, replace the rum with a dark syrup made from almond extract. For an apple-based drink, use either apple cider or apple juice to achieve the desired color. Alternatively, adding food coloring can be used to adjust the color of any drink. If using food coloring, use it sparingly to avoid affecting the flavor.

Vermouth is an excellent alternative to rum. It adds a unique flavor to any recipe and can be used as a base in cocktails or added to sparkling wines for a unique twist. Vermouth is usually made from fortified wine, herbs, and spices. It has less sugar than regular wine, making it great for adding complexity to sauces like steak, chicken, and fish.

Tequila can add an extra level of flavor to a Christmas cake or pudding. Adding the spirit to your favorite recipe will bring out notes of light sweetness, making it the perfect accompaniment for any holiday dessert. Apples also pair well with tequila, as their mild sweetness makes them an ideal ingredient for both sweet sauces and baking recipes.

Brandy is a versatile spirit that can be used in multiple recipes. It can be served neat or mixed with other beverages to create delicious cocktails. Brandy is also an excellent addition to desserts, such as trifle, or sauces for savory dishes like seafood or poultry. When using brandy in cooking, there are many ways to adjust the flavor. Adding a few drops of simple syrup can enhance the sweetness, while adding a bit of orange or lemon zest will give it an acidic, citrusy flavor. Brandy also pairs well with snacks like cheese, nuts, and dried fruits.

Grape juice is also a great addition to cakes and desserts, as it adds sweetness and complexity of flavor. It balances out the herbs and spices you may be using, while providing vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. Furthermore, grape juice can bring an interesting touch to your dishes with its unique tartness. You can use it in combination with orange juice or by itself, depending on the recipe.

Dark And Stormy Ginger Soda: The Perfect Fall Mocktail

Our Dark and Stormy Ginger Soda is the perfect drink to add some spice and warmth to your day. The allspice syrup gives it an extra kick, making it perfect for those cold days that leave you feeling like you need something special. This mocktail won’t break the bank either – so don’t worry about overspending on a fancy concoction. Whether you’re sipping on your own or treating a group of friends, this unique non-alcoholic drink is sure to please everyone.

Best Non Alcoholic Rum

When selecting the right non alcoholic rum for you, there are few things to consider. First, check the label and determine how much sugar is in each serving. Some brands may be higher in sugar than others. Also pay attention to the type of ingredients used; some are made from synthetic flavoring agents that may not taste as good as natural alternatives. Finally, consider the cost per bottle; some brands may be more expensive than others.

For those who are looking for something a little less boozy, there are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional rum drinks. From sugar-free spiced Rum and soda to Virgin Mojitos and other mocktails, there’s a drink out there that can satisfy any appetite. These alternatives still capture the flavor and spirit of traditional rum drinks, but without the effects of alcohol.

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White Cane Spirit is the perfect choice for a mojito, as its sugar cane flavor pairs perfectly with the mint and lime. The oak flavor complements the rum’s sweetness, while marzipan, orange, and coconut add further depth of flavor. Fluere Spiced Cane rum has an added richness to its taste, thanks to the dark coffee, chocolate and licorice notes. This unique combination of flavors makes it an ideal rum for adding a special twist to any mojito.

Non Alcoholic Rum And Coke

Non alcoholic rum and coke is a great way to enjoy an adult beverage without the worry of alcohol consumption. It’s easy to make, just add cola or another soda of your choice to a glass with ice and a shot of non-alcoholic rum. Stir it all together and you have yourself an instant party!

Rum is one of the most versatile spirits available, and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. For summer sippers who prefer not to use caramelly soda, rum can be enjoyed on its own or with other mixers. For example, it can be served over ice with a splash of lime juice for a refreshing twist on the classic Cuba Libre. It can also be mixed with other juices, like pineapple juice and cranberry juice, to create a delicious island-inspired concoction.

This is a fun and easy way to enjoy a wintertime treat. Start by heating up your favorite cup of cocoa or chocolate milk. Once it’s hot, add in your chosen spirit—it could be rum, vodka, or whiskey. Then mix in the ginger beer for a little zing! If you’d like to go the extra mile, melt in some unsalted butter pecan for a sweet and nutty flavor. To make it even more special, add a scoop of ube ice cream for a gorgeous purple hue and exotic taste.

The Kitchen Non Alcoholic Rum

Non alcoholic rum is a great addition to any kitchen, and it can easily be used in many different recipes. For example, you can add some non-alcoholic rum to your favorite cake batter for an extra hint of flavor. You can also use non-alcoholic rum as a marinade or sauce when preparing meat dishes such as pork or chicken. Non-alcoholic rum can also be added to desserts such as cheesecakes and ice cream for a unique flavor.

This non-alcoholic version of the classic hot buttered rum combines all the delicious flavors you know and love with an easier, healthier approach. To make this drink even more guilt-free, replace half of the sugar with Monk Fruit In The Raw for a low calorie option that still packs plenty of flavor. All you need is cocoa powder, sugar, and milk to bring this festive beverage to life.

Crockpot Cocoa is a delicious and warming treat when your crew returns from the cold outdoors. It’s easy to make in large batches, perfect for entertaining a crowd! All you need are some simple ingredients such as cocoa powder, sugar, milk and butter. Simply mix the ingredients together in a slow cooker and let it do its magic!

Once the 2 weeks of refrigeration have passed, the buttered spice mixture is ready to be used for baking! The buttery goodness and spiced flavors will add a delicious aroma and taste to your holiday cookies. Not only will they smell amazing, but your guests will be sure to love them too – with this recipe you’re guaranteed to have a hit on your hands! Enjoy the festive flavors of these cookies, without the worry of having too much rum.

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Ronsin: The Perfect Non-alcoholic Rum Substitute

RONSIN is an excellent choice for those looking for a delicious non-alcoholic rum substitute with similar flavor and aroma. This natural fermentation process gives the drink a sweet taste that does not rely on added sugar for sweetness, making it a much healthier option than most other spirits. However, this fermented beverage is quite delicate and can spoil quickly if exposed to too much heat or light.

How To Make Non Alcoholic Whiskey?

The next step is to bottle the non-alcoholic whiskey. You will need to use a bottle with a tight lid, such as a mason jar. If you are planning on aging your whiskey, you should use one that has been sterilized in order to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from entering the mix. Fill up the bottle with your mixture and close the lid tightly. Store your whiskey in a cool, dark place for anywhere from one to three months.

Mashville is a revolutionary journey for whiskey connoisseurs to discover the best in non-alcoholic spirits. With their innovative process, each bottle of Mashville Rie Hill Whiskey has been crafted with only the finest ingredients and aged to perfection. Unlike other non-alcoholic whiskeys on the market, Mashville’s Rie Hill Whiskey is made from a mash of real oak and barley, allowing for an authentic whiskey flavor.

The Man O’ War cocktail is a classic and delicious drink that dates back to 1882. It is inspired by the racehorse of the same name, which was popular in the early twentieth century. This cocktail is made with bourbon whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Angostura bitters. As with all classic cocktails, it is best when combined with a favorite mocktail recipe.

The 17th-century was an important time for the Giro d’Italia. This is when the infamous Scottish outlaw, who the drink is named after, became associated with the mocktail. The Toddy recipe dates back centuries to India, where it was enjoyed by British occupiers. The classic blend of Whiskey and a sharp bite really bring out the flavors in the drink. The addition of Citrus, Plums, and Sage to the mixture created a unique flavor profile that is still popular today.

Mashville products allows you to enjoy the party without having to worry about any extra calories or sugar. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a healthier alternative to alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, Mashville is gluten-free, so even people with gluten sensitivities can indulge in the drinks without worrying about triggering any symptoms. The Toddy, one of Mashville’s most popular drinks, is also known to have some health benefits.

How To Make Non-alcoholic Spirits?

Non-alcoholic drinks can also be made without using any alcohol. These are often called mocktails and they can be created by substituting the traditional spirits with non-alcoholic ingredients, such as fruit juice or soft drinks. Mocktails are gaining in popularity due to their unique flavors and lack of alcohol content.

Kentucky 74 is an example of a non-alcoholic bourbon produced through our proprietary reverse distillation method. This process involves soaking the desired flavors in a cold liquid, allowing them to mature before extracting them using either alcohol or steam. Kentucky 74 has a smooth taste and is often enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, or mixed with other drinks. It is a great choice for those who are looking for an alcohol-free option without sacrificing flavor.

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Rum Alternative

For those who don’t want to drink alcohol but still want a flavorful and refreshing drink, there are many non-alcoholic alternatives to rum. Fruit juices, such as orange or pineapple juice, mixed with soda water can make for a delicious and light summer beverage. Or why not try some herbal teas? A mix of lemon verbena and hibiscus tea with honey can make for a sweet and refreshing drink.

Non-alcoholic rum is the perfect 1:1 1:1 substitute to satisfy your cravings without consuming any alcohol. This beverage received an incredible 88/100 Silver rating from the Beverage Testing Institute, making it one of the highest-rated rum alternatives to date. It’s a great drink for any lifestyle and is perfect for people looking to abstain from alcohol entirely. With its sweet and sophisticated taste, this rum is great for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying a night in with friends, my gingery spiced rum makes a great addition to your beverages menu.

My gingery spiced rum is the perfect addition to a variety of drinks, from classic cocktails to modern-day favorites. It is especially tasty in tropical tiki drinks like the Mai Tai or a Pina Colada. I also love using it in my daily “mocktail” recipes, such as cranberry ginger or an apple cider spiced rum. The combination of sweetness and spice makes these drinks both delicious and refreshing.

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How To Make Non Alcoholic Rum?

Non alcoholic rum is a great alternative for those looking to enjoy the flavor of rum without consuming any alcohol. In order to make non alcoholic rum, you will need several ingredients which include but are not limited to water, vanilla extract, brown sugar, molasses, and spices/herbs such as allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Start by heating 2 cups of water in a pot on medium heat. Add 1 ½ tablespoons of dark or light molasses or a combination of both and stir until dissolved. Next add ¼ cup of brown sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Then turn off the heat and add ¼ teaspoon each of allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg with 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.

Stir everything together. Let the mixture cool off before straining into a glass jar or bottle for storage. Serve your homemade non alcoholic rum on the rocks, mix with club soda, or use in recipes such as cakes, cookies and pies for added flavor and sweetness.


We hope you enjoyed learning about how to make non-alcoholic rum. This tasty beverage is perfect for those who are looking for a delicious and unique drink, without the alcohol. With just a few simple ingredients that can be found at most stores, you can easily create your own non-alcoholic rum. From spiced to white rums – and everything in between – if it’s a completely alcohol-free drink that you’re after, then this recipe is for you! Try out this recipe and let us know how it turned out in the comments below.


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