Does Lifesavers Still Make Butter Rum Flavored Candy

Does Lifesavers Still Make Butter Rum Flavored Candy?

Butter rum has been a beloved flavor throughout the years, perhaps no more so than when it’s come in the form of everyone’s favorite candy – Lifesavers! But what happened to that incredibly popular butter rum flavored lifesaver? Did they stop making it, or can you still find this delicious treat somewhere? We’ll explore the history and answer these questions and more as we dive deep into the story behind Lifesavers butter rum candy. So pull up a chair and bring your sweet tooth cravings – let’s get started!

Does Lifesavers Still Make Butter Rum Flavored Candy
Does Lifesavers Still Make Butter Rum Flavored Candy?

In 2003, the flavors of Skittles were changed up with five new varieties introduced: cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple. Nowadays, these are the five primary flavors that make up this iconic candy brand. With a mix of sweet and tart flavors in every pack, it’s no wonder why Skittles has become one of the most popular and beloved candies in the world. Whether you’re a fan of classic cherry, or curious to try out the newest addition of pineapple, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Skittles.

There are even special limited-edition flavors available from time to time, so you can always find something fun and exciting to try. Let the rainbow of flavors transport you into a world of deliciousness with Skittles!

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Is Butter Rum Candy The Same As Butterscotch?

While butterscotch and butter rum have many similarities, there is one practical difference between them: Life Savers does not make a butterscotch-flavored Life Saver. With its rich flavor of butterscotch and a hint of spice, butter rum provides an exciting taste experience that stands out from traditional butterscotch flavors. Whether you prefer the intense sweetness of butterscotch or the more subtle flavor of butter rum, Life Savers has a wide range of flavors to satisfy your craving.

Do They Make Sugar Free Butter Rum Life Savers?

LifeSavers Butter Toffee offers 25 less calories than the most popular hard candy. That means you can indulge in this creamy, delicious treat without feeling guilty! With individually wrapped pieces, it’s easy to bring along for a pick-me-up throughout your day.

Whether you need a sweet snack during your lunch break or want to keep a candy dish full for visitors, LifeSavers Butter Toffee is the perfect choice. Enjoy this sugar-free candy guilt free – and with 25 less calories than regular hard candy!  LifeSavers Butter Toffee brings a rich flavor that you’re sure to love. Have some today and start savoring the sweet rewards!  ​

What Are The 5 Original Flavors Of Life Savers?

One of the most iconic treats in the United States is the classic “Five Flavor” roll. First introduced in 1935, these rolls have consistently been a favorite among people of all ages for many generations. Each roll features a different flavor – pineapple, lime, orange, cherry and lemon – making them perfect for those who are looking for something a little bit different than the ordinary. The perfect balance of sweet and tart, these rolls are a classic that will never go out of style. Even after all these years, they still remain one of America’s favorite treats!

Are Life Savers Discontinued?

Life Savers have become an iconic candy favorite around the world since the original Pep-O-Mint flavor was introduced in 1912. It has been beloved for generations, offering a unique flavor experience that is both familiar and refreshed. Today, Life Savers are available in a variety of flavors to suit every taste. From classic favorites like Wild Cherry, Lemon, and Orange to newer flavors like Wint-O-Green and Pineapple, there’s something for everyone. In 1992, Gummi Savers were introduced, followed by Life Saver Minis in 1996.

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Creme Savers debuted in 1998, and Life Saver Fusions appeared on the scene in 2001. Although some of the unique flavors—like Fruit Juicers, Holes, Life Saver Lollipops, and Squeezit—have been discontinued, the classic Life Savers remain a favorite for candy lovers of all ages. Currently owned by Mars, Inc., Life Savers continues to be a top choice for people looking for a sweet treat.

Do They Still Make Fancy Fruit Life Savers?

Life Savers candy has been around since 1912 and has a long history of providing sweet refreshment to generations. They were originally created in Cleveland, Ohio by Clarence Crane but are now manufactured overseas. Despite this change, they still have close ties to Port Chester, New York where Life Saver production was moved in the mid-1950s and continues today. Life Savers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors.

Their iconic circular shape is available in classic flavors like peppermint, wild cherry, and lemon-lime as well as newer varieties such as tropical punch and pina colada. The individually wrapped packages are perfect for snacking on the go while larger bags can be enjoyed at home or shared with friends. Life Savers also offers Gummi Savers which are gummy candy versions of your favorite flavors.

How Many Flavors Of Life Savers Are There?

LIFE SAVERS Original 5 Flavors Hard Candy is perfect for sharing with friends, family, or coworkers. The bright colors and delicious fruit flavors will be a hit with everyone! Each bag of candy contains enough pieces to share so that everyone can enjoy the classic treat. With cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple flavors, LIFE SAVERS Original 5 Flavors Hard Candy is sure to be a hit! Enjoy the classic taste of LIFE SAVERS Original 5 Flavors Hard Candy today.

What Is The Most Popular Life Saver Flavor?

Cherry is a flavor that has been loved by many for years. Its sweet and tart taste makes it the perfect option for any dessert or snack. The company’s data has also shown that cherry is the most popular flavor among their customers, reinforcing its position as a favorite among all flavors. With its unique and delicious taste, cherry will always remain a favorite among all of the flavor options available.

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No matter what the occasion, cherry is a flavor that can always be counted on to satisfy any sweet tooth. It’s an unbeatable combination of tartness and sweetness that make it the perfect choice for snacks or desserts. Whether it’s used in cakes, ice cream, cookies, or any other type of treat, cherry offers the perfect balance of flavors that make it a crowd-pleaser every time.

What Color Is Butterscotch Candy?

The process of making butterscotch candy begins with combining the butter, brown sugar, syrup, and vanilla in a saucepan. The ingredients are heated until they all combine into a thick syrup. This syrup is then poured onto a baking sheet and left to cool. Once cooled, it is cut into small cubes or strips and packaged for sale.

Butterscotch candy is known for its sweet buttery flavor, and can be enjoyed as a snack or treat. It’s also popularly used in baking recipes such as cakes, cookies, pies, and other desserts. With its delicious taste and versatility, butterscotch candy is sure to please any sweet tooth!

What Is Butter Rum Candy?

Our Butter Rum Flavor is perfect for baking and making homemade candies. It enhances the sweetness of your desserts with its unique, buttery flavor. Its complex blend of spices adds a subtle warmth to cakes and cookies, while also working well as an addition to chocolate or caramel-flavored treats. Best of all, it’s extremely versatile! You can use it in a variety of recipes, from cakes and cupcakes to fudge and truffles. With our Butter Rum Flavor, you’ll have the perfect ingredient for creating delectable homemade desserts.

What Flavor Is Butterscotch?

Butterscotch is made from a mixture of butter, sugar and cream. The ingredients are melted together over low heat until it forms a thick syrup. This syrup can then be used to create a variety of treats such as candy, desserts or baked goods. It can also be used as an ice cream topping or as a flavoring for coffee drinks. Butterscotch has become a popular flavor in recent years and can be found in many products.

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For example, it is often used as a flavoring for sweets, such as ice cream, cupcakes or cookies. It can also be used to make candy and sauces that are great with desserts. Butterscotch is also being used to flavor spirits and beer, giving them a unique sweetness.

What Does Butter Rum Taste Like?

When you take a sip of butter rum, you’ll experience the warm and inviting flavor of spiced rum with a luxurious hint of butter. It’s a unique combination that is surprisingly smooth and flavorful. Best enjoyed on cold winter nights, it can be savored slowly to fully appreciate its complex flavors.

The creamy richness of butter enhances the taste of the rum, making it a truly indulgent experience. Whether you enjoy it on its own or mixed into something special, butter rum is sure to be a hit. If you’re looking for an exciting twist on your favorite spirit, give butter rum a try; you won’t be disappointed!

Do They Still Make Sugar Free Life Savers?

Sugar Free 5 Flavor LifeSavers are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt! Each tasty morsel is loaded with flavor and only contains 5 calories per serving. Plus, these sugar-free treats are made with natural flavors and colors for an indulgent treat that’s free from artificial ingredients. Enjoy the delicious refreshment of LifeSavers candies with the added benefit of being sugar-free.

Get your sugar fix without all the calories, and savor the sweet delight of sugar free 5 Flavor LifeSavers! Experience the delicious taste of LifeSavers that you know and love while still enjoying a guilt-free treat! Sugar Free 5 Flavor LifeSavers have all the flavor and refreshment you crave, minus the guilt. Each piece is sugar-free, low in calories and made with natural flavors so you can indulge without compromising on your sweet tooth cravings.

Are Butter Rum Life Savers Dairy Free?

Lifesavers has been a favorite candy for generations of Americans. From the original five-flavor rings to the iconic hard candies, Lifesavers are known for their bright colors and unique flavors. However, what many don’t know is that none of the Lifesavers products contain any dairy ingredients! This makes them a great option for those with a dairy allergy or intolerance, as well as vegans and people who follow a dairy-free diet.

With such a variety of flavors to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone in the Lifesavers family! So if you’re looking for a delicious treat that won’t trigger any dietary restrictions, look no further than Lifesavers.

What Was The First Flavor Of Life Savers?

While Pep-O-Mint was the original flavor of Life Savers®, over the years other flavors were added. In 1935, a new fruit flavor called Five Flavor was released. This popular mix included orange, lemon, lime, raspberry and grapefruit flavors.

The popularity of Five Flavor led to the creation of additional Life Savers® products such as the Life Savers® Gummies and Life Savers® Hard Candies. The introduction of these new products ensured that Life Savers® would continue to remain a popular treat for generations to come. Today, Life Saver’s classic flavors are still enjoyed by candy lovers across the globe.

Why Did Lifesavers Change Their Flavors?

Wrigley’s, the current owner of LifeSavers, has heard your outcry and is now offering consumers the chance to make their opinions known. The website allows voters to choose from a selection of new flavors that they believe should become part of the long-standing candy roll. Be sure to cast your vote today and help decide which flavors will become part of the LifeSavers legacy! From sweet and tart to savory, the possibilities are endless.

So don’t miss this opportunity to have your say in what flavors should be included in the next roll of LifeSavers! Vote now and make sure your favorite flavor makes it into the mix! With a few clicks, you can help make LifeSavers even more enjoyable for yourself and others.

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How Many Flavors Of Life Savers Are There?

This assortment of ten delicious flavors is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the sweet and juicy taste of Watermelon, Pineapple, Mango Melon, Wild Cherry, Fruit Punch, Green Apple, Grape, Tangerine, Strawberry, and Raspberry all in one package. You are sure to find something everyone will love with this variety pack. Enjoy the deliciousness of these ten tantalizing flavors and find your favorite today!

What Were The First Four Flavors Of Lifesavers?

From 1935 to 1950, Life Savers maintained the same iconic five-flavor roll. The quintessential combination of lemon, lime, orange, cherry and pineapple became a staple for candy lovers everywhere. After almost seven decades of keeping the same flavor combinations, in 2003 Life Savers introduced two new flavors – raspberry and watermelon – as replacements for lemon and lime.

This move has been a sweet success, with the new five-flavor roll now one of the most popular flavors in Life Savers’ history. It’s a testament to Life Saver’s commitment to staying up-to-date and providing customers with exciting new flavor combinations they can enjoy every day.

Watch Does Lifesavers Still Make Butter Rum Flavored Candy Video:

Do you remember those delicious, butter rum flavored Lifesavers candies from your childhood? If that delicious flavor brings back fond memories of lazy summer days, then this is the blog post for you! We’re watching a fun and nostalgic video about whether or not Lifesavers still makes their beloved Butter Rum candy. So, let’s dive in and take a trip down memory lane–trust us; it will make all those flavorsome treats taste even sweeter.


The rich flavor of butter rum has been a favorite among candy lovers for generations, and there’s no doubt that the little lifesaver shaped candies have been a fan favorite as well. Though the original company who created these delicious morsels is no longer around, you can still find variations of the flavor made by other companies. So if you’re ever in the mood for a sweet treat with a bit of an island flair, be sure to check your local grocery store for some butter rum flavored candy!


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