Can I Buy Havana Club Rum In Usa

Can I Buy Havana Club Rum In Usa?

If you’re looking to try something new and exotic, then Havana Club Rum might just be the perfect spirit for you. This Cuban liquor is known for its intricate flavor profile and intensely smooth finish. But how can you get your hands on it? Is buying Havana Club Rum in USA even possible? In this blog post, we’ll explore different ways you can have a taste of this iconic Cuban drink without breaking any laws. So grab yourself a glass and dive into learning more about Havana Club!

Can I Buy Havana Club Rum In Usa
Can I Buy Havana Club Rum In Usa?

José Arechabala founded Havana Club International in 1878, and the company has been producing high-quality rum ever since. The signature Havana Club rum is made with sugarcane juice and aged in oak barrels to give it a unique flavor profile.

This popular rum can be found around the world and is used to make classic cocktails like daiquiris and mojitos. Numerous sizes and styles are available, making it a versatile spirit for any occasion. Whether you’re mixing up a classic cocktail or just sipping it neat, Havana Club rum is an excellent choice for any rum lover.

Havana Club rum is a world-renowned spirit that can be found in 120 countries. It has become the best-selling rum in Cuba and is exported to over 120 countries. The United States is one of the largest markets for Havana Club rum, with many Americans enjoying its smooth, sweet flavor in cocktails and mixed drinks.

With its growing popularity, Havana Club rum can now be found in a variety of retailers throughout the country. Whether it’s for an elegant evening or a casual get together, Havana Club rum is sure to make any occasion more memorable. With 120 countries enjoying this unique spirit, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a Havana Club rum cocktail.

Havana Club 15 A*OS is a real game-changer in rum, combining both Cuban and English spices. It is made entirely from locally grown molasses in Cuba, and aged 15 years in oak barrels, allowing it to develop its unique fruity complexity. After 15 years of aging in warm and humid climates such as Cuba, this rum matures into the 15 A*OS edition, with a flavor and aroma that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Enjoy Havana Club 15 A*OS alongside a fine Cuban cigar for an unforgettable experience in rum tasting. This is a true testament to the craftsmanship of Cuban distillers, as 15 years of aging creates a spirit that is truly unforgettable. Havana Club Unin, a first in Cuba, has been specially designed to perfectly accentuate the flavor and aroma of premium rum when enjoyed alongside a Cuban cigar. Enjoy classic flavors with a modern twist when you sip on this exquisite Cuban rum.

The current restrictions on the importation of Cuban cigars and rum into the United States means that those wishing to enjoy these iconic Cuban products must travel abroad in order to purchase them.

Fortunately, there are still several countries in which Cuban cigars and rum can be purchased legally, including Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and other Caribbean countries. Before traveling to purchase Cuban cigars and rum, it is important to check with your destination’s customs regulations to ensure that you can legally transport these items into the country in order to avoid any problems at the border.

The Cuban rum available in Freeport offers the perfect opportunity to explore different tastes and styles. Whether you are looking for something light, sweet and fruity or something that packs a punch with bold flavors, Havana Club Rum is sure to have exactly what you need.

For those who want a more traditional Cuban flavor, there’s Ron Ricardo and Casa Bacardi, which offers a range of mixtures and blends. For those wanting something more modern, Bacardi 8 and Bacardi RL are both available and provide an interesting mix of flavors. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be something for everyone in Freeport’s selection of Cuban rum!

The Havana Club is the world’s leading pharmaceutical with 4 million cases per year in over 120 countries. However, it lacks access to the US market due to legal issues concerning its Cuban origin and ownership. The rum is made from a blend of molasses that has been aged for three years in oak barrels, creating a unique flavor profile.

In spite of its reputation as the most popular rum in the world, it is not available to the public in the US. The Cuban embargo prohibits any import or sale of Cuban-made products in US markets, making Havana Club off limits for American consumers. Despite the legal restrictions, many people still find ways to enjoy this world-famous rum.

Can I Buy Havana Club Rum In The Usa?

Havana Club rum is a great choice for those looking to experience Cuban culture. Its smooth flavor and rich aroma come from the sugarcane harvested in Cuba and its aging process in oak barrels. It’s available for purchase in the USA and can be used in a variety of cocktails, such as mojitos, daiquiris, and cuba libres. For a truly authentic experience, try drinking it neat or on the rocks. Havana Club rum is an excellent way to bring a taste of Cuba into your home.

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Despite having a long and storied history, Havana Club dark rum failed to match expectations. Its flavor was dull and uninspiring, with little complexity or character. Furthermore, it was not particularly expensive despite its pedigree; the price tag felt too low for the quality of the rum.

We ultimately found ourselves disappointed with Havana Club dark rum and can’t recommend it to others. If you’re looking for a quality dark rum, we suggest looking elsewhere. There are plenty of other options that offer superior flavor and complexity at competitive prices. Trust us; you won’t be sorry.

Havana Club: Cuba’s Top Rum

In 1962, the United States placed an embargo on Cuban products. This embargo has been in place ever since and has resulted in Cuban rum not being available for sale within the United States. However, travelers visiting the United States are allowed to bring in Cuban cigars and rum as gifts or personal items. When traveling with these Cuban products, it is important to remember that the items must be for personal use only and cannot be sold or given away.

Can You Buy Cuban Rum In The United States?

Cuban rum is a unique and flavorful spirit that adds an exotic flair to any cocktail. It has a smooth and sweet taste, making it perfect for cocktails like daiquiris or mojitos. Its complex flavor also makes it great for sipping straight or on the rocks. Whether you’re looking for a fruity mix of mango and ginger or something smokier and spicier, Cuban rum has something for everyone.

The 50-year embargo on Cuban products has been lifted, allowing American residents to buy and bring back Cuban rum and cigars from their travels. Although it is now possible to purchase such products in Cuba, there are still customs controls and limits that must be followed when returning them to the United States.

It is important that travelers understand these restrictions before leaving for their trip so that they can make sure to stay within the rules. By doing this, travelers can now experience Cuban culture and take home a unique souvenir from their travels.

The 50 countries represented at the Festival del Habano represent a variety of locations from all over the world. At this international cigar fair, visitors can sample some of the finest Cuban cigars and learn about their storied heritage. The event also features lectures on cigar rolling techniques, informative tobacco tastings, and exclusive private dinners with celebrities and industry experts.

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It is a great way to not only learn about the Cuban culture, but also get a glimpse into its local economy and what makes cigars from this region so special. While attending the Festival del Habano, visitors can expect to see 50 countries coming together in celebration of Havana’s proud cigar-making tradition. From here, they can gain valuable insight into the local economy, and experience firsthand what makes Cuban cigars so sought-after around the world.

Havana Club is the most popular rum in Cuba, and for good reason. The brand’s nine expressions offer something for every taste and budget, from an affordable entry-level expression to the ultra-premium aged rums. This rum is now widely available in Canada and the European Union, allowing many more people to experience its unique flavor.

On September 24, 2020, travelers to and from Cuba will no longer be able to bring back alcoholic beverages or tobacco products as personal use baggage due to a new rule issued by the U.S government. This applies to both U.S citizens and foreign nationals alike, so those looking to return with a bottle of Havana Club rum should do so before then

Can You Buy Havana Club Rum In Canada?

Havana Club rum is a popular Cuban-style rum that is available in Canada. It has a smooth, mellow taste that makes it ideal for sipping or mixing into cocktails. The original version of the Havana Club Rum was launched in 1934 and since then they have released several different varieties including Anejo Especial, 3 Anos and 7 Anos.

All of these varieties have their own unique flavor and can be enjoyed either by themselves or as part of a mixed drink. Havana Club Rum is definitely a must-have for anyone looking to enjoy the flavors of Cuba at home.

Havana Club 7 A*os is a spirit of distinction, made with the finest ingredients from Cuba and aged to perfection in white oak barrels. The distillation process results in a smooth, flavorful rum that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. For those looking for something extra special, this dark rum also pairs well with classic cocktails such as a mojito or daiquiri.

It’s aged for seven years to bring out its distinct Cuban flavors, making it the perfect choice for any rum connoisseur. Whether you’re sipping it neat or mixing it in your favorite cocktail, Havana Club 7 A*os is sure to be a hit at any gathering.

Havana Club Puerto Rican Rum

Havana Club Puerto Rican Rum is a premium rum with a distinct, smooth flavor. The aging process of three years in oak barrels creates an incredibly complex, yet easy-to-drink taste that is perfect for any occasion. Its balance between sweetness and smokiness make it an ideal spirit to pair with other ingredients or enjoy as a sipping rum. The rum is also perfect for cocktails, whether shaken or stirred. Its rich flavor and smooth texture make it an essential ingredient in any bar.

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Havana Club Cuban Spiced is an expertly blended rum that captures the unique flavors and aromas of Cuba. Our double aging process gives it a deep, smooth taste with a hint of sweet vanilla and ripe tropical fruits. The combination of spices and exotic ingredients creates an aroma reminiscent of guava, coconut, and pineapple.

This delicious spiced rum is perfect for adding a touch of the Caribbean to your favorite cocktails. Whether you’re relaxing with friends or creating something special, Havana Club Cuban Spiced is sure to bring a unique and delicious flavor to any occasion. Make every moment memorable with Havana Club Cuban Spiced!

Arechabala’s family business dates back to 1976 when Cubaexport took over the brand and began international marketing. However, it wasn’t until 1993 that Pernod Ricard and Cuba Ron really pushed the product worldwide. Unfortunately, due to the US trade embargo, their efforts didn’t gain much traction in America.

Today, Arechabala is 48 and the director of a private school in Miami. He continues to honor his family’s legacy by keeping their business alive through education. His ambition and dedication lives on, inspiring generations of Cuban families as they strive for success.

Arechabala is also known for his involvement with the Cuban diaspora community, providing mentorship and support for those who are just starting out. He is passionate about helping others reach their potential and sharing his family story with the world. With 48 years of experience, Arechabala’s legacy lives on in his commitment to promoting Cuban culture, education, and entrepreneurship.

Havana Club Alcohol Percentage

Havana Club rum is a premium Cuban spirit with 40% and 43% alcohol content, depending on the product. Havana Club Añejo Especial has 40% alcohol content while Havana Club Reserva has 43%. This makes it ideal for mixing with other ingredients to create delicious cocktails. Whether you’re a fan of classic mojitos or a more contemporary concoction, Havana Club rum is guaranteed to add a unique Cuban flavor and flair.

Havana Club is a world-renowned producer of rum and other alcoholic beverages. Founded in November 1993, Havana Club has become one of the most popular brands of Cuban rum in the world. Their unique aging process gives their rums complex and nuanced flavors that are highly sought after by connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

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The company also produces an array of other alcoholic beverages, including white and gold rums, cachaça, and flavored liqueurs. Havana Club products are distributed and enjoyed in over 120 countries worldwide. The brand is owned by Cuba Ron SA, and their co-ownership with the French group Pernod Ricard makes Havana Club the third largest rum brand in the world, trailing only two other international brands.

The Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum is the crème de la crème of aged rums and a testament to Cuba’s rich rum-making history. The Rum Masters have devoted their time, knowledge and skill in blending five unique varieties of Cuban aged rums to create this singular masterpiece. Each bottle has been blended with care and precision, resulting in an extraordinarily complex and full-bodied taste like no other.

With such a limited availability of only 1,000 bottles made per year, the Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum is an exclusive opportunity for connoisseurs and aficionados of Cuban rum to experience a truly special encounter with the character of Santiago. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks, or explore the possibilities of cocktails with its striking and unique flavor profile. No matter how you choose to savor it, the Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum is an unforgettable experience.

Havana Club Rum: A Cuban Original

Havana Club Rum is a Cuban sugarcane distillate that undergoes a unique process to achieve its flavor. To create the Havana Club 3 (HC3) rum, 37.5% alcohol by volume (abv) of 40% alcohol is converted into 57% abv with the help of a special technology called ALIC.

This rum is then blended with water, Cuban cane sugar, and a caramel color to obtain its distinct flavor. The brand was established by José Arechabala’s family in C*rdenas, Cuba during the 1930s before it was nationalized after the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Thus, Havana Club Rum cannot be classified as a whisky due to its origin, but is instead a premium rum.

Havana Club Rum is a Cuban rum distilled from sugar cane distillate, water and caramel color. It has an ABV of 37.5% and is available in 100 ml glass bottles. This is a relatively new product by Pernod Ricard-owned and it stands out due to its unique smoky flavor which comes from ageing in Scotch whisky barrels from the island’s native distillery, Islay.

This stands in contrast to other rums which are not aged in whisky barrels and therefore do not possess such smoky characteristics. As a result of its unique flavor, Havana Club Rum is classified as both a whiskey and rum, allowing it to take advantage of being part of two different spirit categories. In addition, the combination of Cuba Club rum and Scotch whisky barrels make it a unique product on the market.

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Can I Buy Havana Club Rum In Usa?

The Havana Club rum brand is not available in the United States. The rights to distribute and sell the brand are owned by Bacardi, who acquired the rights when it purchased Cuba’s former state-run spirits maker, Cuban Rum SA, in 1994. This acquisition was made after Cuba gave up its exclusive rights to sell Havana Club rum in the U.S., a move taken as part of Cuba’s efforts to normalize relations with America.

Although Bacardi holds the rights for Havana Club rum within the US, due to US laws that prohibit trade with Cuba, it is still unable to market or sell this popular spirit. As a result, anyone wishing to enjoy a bottle of authentic Havana Club must purchase it from another country where trading with Cuba is not prohibited.

However, there are a few American companies selling Havana Club-style rum in the US. These rums are made using Cuban-style recipes but contain ingredients from other countries outside of Cuba due to the embargo restrictions. Therefore, while these brands may provide an approximation of authentic Cuban flavor and aroma, they are not genuine Havana Club rum and should be labeled as such.

A good example of this is Flor de Cana’s 4-year-old grand reserve rum, which can be purchased within the US. This dark amber colored spirit contains hints of sweet caramel, dried fruit and spices that follow through on the palate with a smooth finish. It offers a great substitute for Havana Club rum for those unable to acquire the genuine Cuban product.

Ultimately, due to US laws prohibiting trade with Cuba, it is not possible to buy authentic Havana Club rum in the United States. However, there are American companies producing rum that offers a similar flavor profile and can be purchased within the country. Furthermore, genuine Havana Club rum can still be acquired from other countries where trading with Cuba is allowed. Regardless of what type of Cuban-style rum one chooses, these delicious spirits offer an enjoyable way for Americans to experience Cuban culture and taste.


There are a few ways that you can get your hands on Havana Club rum in the USA. By working with a alcohol import company, buying from an authorized retailer, or taking a trip to Cuba, you’ll be able to enjoy this iconic Cuban drink. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next rum-filled adventure today!


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